Chapter 45 - Silver Locked Battle Boots
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Zhan Long Chapter 45 - Silver Locked Battle Boots

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Chapter 45 – Silver Locked Battle Boots

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“Come with me, I’ll show you the way! ”

Captain Frost said coldly to me after Luo Lin finished writing his letter and gave it to me.

With the sheepskin letter in hand, I followed and observed Frost from behind. Her long hair draped over her elaborate shoulder armor, showing her tender side. But, she held a white jade sword with snow-white armor. Her slender white legs fell on a pair of battle boots, leaving small footprints behind.

Once outside, I looked up into the snowing sky. Meanwhile, Frost scrunched her eyebrows slightly and said, “The winter’s early this year. Food hasn’t been stocked and firewood hasn’t been prepared. While the beasts are all around us in the forest, our warriors are low in numbers. I don’t know if we can get through this winter…”

Beast Trainer Dalin came over with his chains and smiled: “Captain Frost, there’s no need to worry. I will hunt for more beasts to ensure that everyone in Dragon City has enough to eat for the winter… Although the seven empires have many talented warriors, their warriors are too pampered to come and help Dragon City. After all, nobody wants to be here without food…… ”

Frost brushed the snow from her eyelashes and said with a sense of importance: “No, we must acquire more people of talent. I can feel an evil power to the north of Dragon City. Dragon City was established in this mountain to block these evil spirits from invading our homelands. We need more people to help defend the city and its inhabitants! ”

Dalin smiled: “I know, Captain Frost, I’ll try to hunt for experienced men in General Pei’s army and make them work for Dragon City! ”

Captain Frost frowned: “If they don’t volunteer to support Dragon City, then what’s the point in bringing them? They’ll just desert the army, and besides, Dragon City’s warriors are blessed with talent and each of them are equal to 10 men. I don’t want to have cowards. They will only make us even more vulnerable … …”

Dalin, frustrated, questioned: “What do you want? ”

Captain Frost hesitantly replied: “I do not know … …”


I stood on the sidelines listening silently. Eventually, I gathered my courage and holding my staff, I said, “I…In fact, I am more than willing to join Dragon City. But, I don’t know if you would like to receive me? ”

“Oh, really? ”

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