Chapter 45 - Silver Locked Battle Boots
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Zhan Long Chapter 45 - Silver Locked Battle Boots

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Chapter 45 – Silver Locked Battle Boots

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“Come with me, I’ll show you the way! ”

Captain Frost said coldly to me after Luo Lin finished writing his letter and gave it to me.

With the sheepskin letter in hand, I followed and observed Frost from behind. Her long hair draped over her elaborate shoulder armor, showing her tender side. But, she held a white jade sword with snow-white armor. Her slender white legs fell on a pair of battle boots, leaving small footprints behind.

Once outside, I looked up into the snowing sky. Meanwhile, Frost scrunched her eyebrows slightly and said, “The winter’s early this year. Food hasn’t been stocked and firewood hasn’t been prepared. While the beasts are all around us in the forest, our warriors are low in numbers. I don’t know if we can get through this winter…”

Beast Trainer Dalin came over with his chains and smiled: “Captain Frost, there’s no need to worry. I will hunt for more beasts to ensure that everyone in Dragon City has enough to eat for the winter… Although the seven empires have many talented warriors, their warriors are too pampered to come and help Dragon City. After all, nobody wants to be here without food…… ”

Frost brushed the snow from her eyelashes and said with a sense of importance: “No, we must acquire more people of talent. I can feel an evil power to the north of Dragon City. Dragon City was established in this mountain to block these evil spirits from invading our homelands. We need more people to help defend the city and its inhabitants! ”

Dalin smiled: “I know, Captain Frost, I’ll try to hunt for experienced men in General Pei’s army and make them work for Dragon City! ”

Captain Frost frowned: “If they don’t volunteer to support Dragon City, then what’s the point in bringing them? They’ll just desert the army, and besides, Dragon City’s warriors are blessed with talent and each of them are equal to 10 men. I don’t want to have cowards. They will only make us even more vulnerable … …”

Dalin, frustrated, questioned: “What do you want? ”

Captain Frost hesitantly replied: “I do not know … …”


I stood on the sidelines listening silently. Eventually, I gathered my courage and holding my staff, I said, “I…In fact, I am more than willing to join Dragon City. But, I don’t know if you would like to receive me? ”

“Oh, really? ”

Dalin looked at me, and then threw his head up, laughing, causing the nearby wall to tremble. He then looked at me once more before wiping away his tears and said: “Wow, haha, you’re an interesting one … but … A delicate healer like you wants to join Dragon City? Please, you’re killing me! Can you even kill a Wild Beast? Can you kill a Cyclops? If not, Dragon City does not need anyone to feed its horses!”

I clenched my teeth and glared at the Beast Trainer without saying a word.

Captain Frost walked towards us and observed me with her eyes. Suddenly, her white hand pressed down on my shoulders and she lightly smiled: “Your talent is quite high, unfortunately you don’t have the right class. You were born to be a warrior rather than a healer. Do you sincerely want to join the Dragon City? ”

I nodded: “Yes, very much so! ”

Captain Frost laughed: “But you are from Ba Huang City, an adventurer under Duke Luo Lei! Why do you want to give up Ba Huang City’s honor to join the Dragon City, where it is cold and there’s not enough food; a place where evil beasts rampage. Tell me, why would you leave Ba Huang City? ”

I made a fist and answered without hesitation: “That’s because I have some slight issues with other people in Ba Huang City!”

Frost snorted a quick laugh and her cold face from before became much more human, “Oh, hopefully what you said is true……”

I was speechless, it was real! I was at odds with [Wrath of the Heroes] in Ba Huang City. Liu Ying had invested a lot of money into this game to recruit and make his guild stronger day by day, so I’d probably get killed and killed over and over again. Even if I had courage, I still lacked the manpower to go against his guild. Thus, if I joined Dragon City, I’d be happy and free instead of worrying for my life every day!

Dalin pleaded: “Captain, you must remain calm. This kid probably can’t even kill a chicken. If he joins Dragon City, our average standards will go down! You must be careful with this guy, don’t accept just because he’s handsome… … ”

Frost, slightly stunned, turned on Dalin, her eyes revealing a killing intent: “What are you saying?”

Dalin trembled with fear and immediately fell to his knees: “This subordinate talks foolishly and should be punished to death!”

Frost didn’t respond to the Beast Trainer, but instead, looked at me and said: “Young healer, I’ve decided. But if you want to join Dragon City, then you must be approved by King Luo Lin. Therefore, you need to get a letter of introduction from Duke Luo Lei. Only then can you join the Dragon City and be one of us!”

I took a deep breath and nodded: “Ok, I will not let you down! ”

After that, I pulled out a portal scroll and used it.


After returning to Ba Huang City, I headed straight to the city hall with my staff. Inside the city hall, Duke Luo Lei was still sitting on his throne. When I came upon him, he immediately got up. His wrinkled face turned into a huge smile and asked: “Young man, what news do you bring me? ”

I took out Luo Lin’s letter and said, “I found Luo Lin in the cold and barren lands, here is his reply! ”


Luo Lei became extremely excited while holding the letter, repeating, “My son is not dead, he is not dead … …”

He finished reading the letter and, several seconds later, said, “I know that his establishment, Dragon City needs resources. But the Frozen Wasteland is a restricted area for me, so, I can only send a hundred soldiers to escort supplies and resources to Dragon City. This is already in violation of the Empire’s pact, but I hope my son does not blame me.”

I nodded: “He will definitely be grateful towards you! ”

Luo Lei smiled and looked at me: “Young man, I am really thankful for helping me accomplish my wish. Here, this is your reward! ”



System Notification: Congratulations! You have completed the AA main quest [The Letter]. As a reward, you will receive experience +29000, gold +200, charm +7, and get the quest reward item: [Silver Locked Battle Boots]!



A golden light fell, and I leveled up to 29. AA-level Main Quests’ rewards were extremely useful and were no joke. I opened my inventory and found a new pair of silver boots lying in there quietly. I took it out and looked at the attributes-

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[Silver Locked Battle Boots] (Silver Tier)

Type: Armor

Defense: 75

Strength: +25

Endurance: +21

Additional: Increases attack damage by 0.7%

Required level: 30


Damn, the properties of these level 30 silver boots were really good. It helped with two stats and they both gained 20+ points. In addition, there was the 0.7% damage bonus. This was the perfect equipment for players at this stage! However, I was just a Healer and it wasn’t useful for me at all … … Wait, Captain Frost said that if I joined Dragon City, I could change classes. That meant, I might be able to use these boots after all, so I put them back in the parcel!

I looked at Luo Lei once more: “Duke, I have one more request … …”

“What is it?” “Luo Lei looked at me in surprise.

“The evil beasts are rampaging around Dragon City, which creates a dangerous situation for warriors stationed in the city. So, as an adventurer from Ba Huang City, I would like to contribute to Dragon City. I hope that you can write a letter of introduction for me to give to Luo Lin, so that I can become a member of Dragon City. However, my heart will always belong to Ba Huang City….”

Luo Lei thought about it for a long time and finally nodded: “Yes, you are my benefactor who has reunited my son and I. I will write one for you!”

After a few seconds, I headed out with the letter of recommendation!


I repaired my equipment and resupplied my potions/pills and portal scrolls before heading out!

But at the northern gate, a group of players were blocking the way and creating a lot of noise. Many of them were from Prague!

“No, how can you make such a decision. Qing Qian has helped develop our guild so much. How can you give her such a heavy punishment for something so small?!”

“Yes, Uncle, please reconsider…”


In the crowd, Yan Zhao Warrior stood there dressed in a glowing armor with his cold eyes. He raised his sword and yelled: “Quiet! ”

The hundreds of players from Prague immediately went silent.

Yan Zhao Warrior swept his eyes around and in a low voice said: “Qing Qian is a daughter of my friend, so I certainly don’t want to mistreat her. But, since we are a big guild, Prague must abide by its rules. I repeatedly said that in the early stages of this game, Prague will give priority to leveling and killing bosses. We will not involve ourselves with intentional PKs. Moreover, we shouldn’t go and provoke other guilds. But because of one person, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Qing Qian took members from Prague to provoke [Wrath of the Heroes]. She must be punished, so she will be kicked out of Prague for a week, I’ll add her back in afterwards!”

The group of people stood there silently.

Qing Qian took out her blood dagger and looked at the people. She then said: “I know all of you mean well, but I … … it’s ok, you don’t have to say anything. I’ll gladly accept Uncle’s punishment and will leave… … but, [Prague] isn’t an official guild in game, so I don’t know how to quit…… ”

Qing Qian grinned while Yan Zhao Warrior’s face turned green.


Sha sha!

I dragged my staff and moved forward, separating the crowd. Step by step, I headed towards Yan Zhao Warrior and said, “Uncle Yan Zhao, it’s all my fault, so please don’t take it out on Qing Qian. Rather, I’ll take responsibility!”

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