Chapter 40 - The Letter
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Zhan Long Chapter 40 - The Letter

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Chapter 40 – The Letter

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I prepared my stuff and got ready to leave, but suddenly my steps went heavy and I didn’t go anywhere. I collected my thoughts, and thought for a while. Ah, I remembered. I hadn’t been to the city master of Ba Huang City recently, so I should check that place out. A lot of high level missions were given by those big shots, so there was no harm in checking him out!

With my Ancient Spear, I ran to the hall of the City Master. Unlike the first time I came here, this time, there were many players hanging around, all hoping for a quest and talking to every NPC in the city hall, they even talked to the servants sweeping the floor!

I went up to Ba Huang City’s Master – Duke Luo Lei.


With a bushy jet-black beard, Luo Lei looked at me and laughed. His heavy arm pushed against my shoulder while saying, “Young healer, its quite rare to find someone as young as you with such talent. Alright, since its like this, I have a very important mission for you.


System Notification: Because you have more than 15 charm, you have activated a main quest. Would you like to accept the quest [A Letter]? (Difficulty: AA)


A Letter? Difficulty AA?

My eyes widened, this AA quest must be very savage. For a B level quest, I died a few times, so this AA quest would probably kill me over and over again?! But, the quest was right in front of me, how could I give it up? Even if I died over and over again, I would finish this.

I pressed confirm!


System Notification: You accepted AA difficulty quest [A Letter!]

Quest Description: With Duke Luo Lei’s letter, you must go to the Phoenix Valley to find General Pei stationed there. Give this letter to him, and he will give you your new quest!


With a pop, the lambskin letter went into my bag. It emitted a golden glow, indicating that it was a quest item. After giving me the letter, Duke Luo Lei crossed his arms. At a height of 2.5 meters, he looked like a barbarian rather than a Duke. He stared at me and said, “Young man. I haven’t seen that little brat since that faraway expedition 7 years ago. Whether he gets the letter or not depends on you!”

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