Chapter 39 - Dispute over the Fire Skeleton
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Zhan Long Chapter 39 - Dispute over the Fire Skeleton

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Chapter 39 – Dispute over the Fire Skeleton

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I sat next to the dorm windows after lunch, sipping a glass of water to replenish my energy. Time to go online!


I reappeared in the [Tower of Repent]. I opened up my bag just to make sure that all my equipment was still here, I relaxed after I seeing my [Jade City Sword] and pet [Fire Skeleton]. Mm, last night’s painful work wasn’t wasted. Looking at today when Liu Ying and Xu Yue came to our class to make a huge fuss about it, they must be extremely, extremely angry. Last night I spent 5 hours in soul form observing and waiting for them, Liu Ying must not have thought that someone would have this much patience.

Of course, that was nothing to me. In order to find the perfect moment, I could even wait for 24 hours!


Looking at the time I still had 74 minutes until the [Tower of Repent] got rid of all my sin points, so I continued trying to make a new combo custom skill!

Rustle rustle…

I stepped on the stone floor, and suddenly stabbed the air. The sword went straight, and it left a ripple through the air. I flicked my wrist, and slashed horizontally. I then hacked and rammed, then slashed horizontally again. A 5 strike combo, a bit similar to Yan Zhao’s [Peerless Strike], but I couldn’t seem to activate the custom skill creator from the system.

I could easily use this type of attacking in reality. Of course, that was only when I was stronger than my opponent so that my rams were effective, or else it wouldn’t work. But, if I got this combo working, then my attack damage output would increase exponentially.


An hour passed in a flash, and my red name had disappeared. I took my Ancient Spear and walked out of the [Tower of Repent]. I was out of city return scrolls, so it couldn’t be helped. I would turn in my quest first, and grab some experience points from it. I would return to the city after. Luckily, the distance betwee

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Novel Notes

Hi all that's the end of Zhan Long. Thanks for all the support!
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