Chapter 38 - Meet Me at the Back Gate if You Dare!
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Zhan Long Chapter 38 - Meet Me at the Back Gate if You Dare!

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Chapter 38 – Meet Me at the Back Gate if You Dare!
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7:30 in the morning.

Underneath the girl’s dorm, I waited patiently for Wan Er and Yue Er. I hadn’t slept all night and my body was reflecting it. I was shivering as I waited there while holding a book. Today’s lesson was on——ehh, I forgot it. I just randomly brought some books!

After a few minutes, two beauties came out the girl’s dorm and they seemed to glow in front of my eyes~

Wan Er was holding her books, while wearing a pink and white jacket. She also revealed her snow-white shoulders, making me light headed.

“What’s up?”

Wan Er walked up to me, and smiled, “Your eyes are so red, did you not sleep all night to level up?”

I nodded, “Yep. Miss, your eyes are really red as well, so you didn’t sleep either right? What’s your level now?”

Wan Er smacked her lips, and with a slightly arrogant tone she said, “Level 31 assassin, pretty strong eh?”

“Yep, that is pretty strong…”

Before disconnecting, I checked the leaderboard. Ba Huang City’s #1 player was still Yan Zhao Warrior, level 29. No matter how fast he tried to level up, Wan Er was already way past him. Also, the assassins Qing Qian and Wei Liang were only level 27. The level difference between them was very apparent.

“Let’s go to class…We can sleep then…”



The 3 of us went to class shoulder to shoulder and this time we didn’t sit arrogantly in the first row, but instead chose the middle rows. Wan Er and Cheng Yue sat near the wall, while I sat in the open, near the walkway. I took my Chinese textbook, put it in front of my face, and immediately went to sleep. Behind us, a group of boys were staring at the two beauties Wan Er and Cheng Yue. They wanted to come closer, but were afraid to so. So they could only watch from afar, while their hearts pumped like crazy.

As I was sleeping, I heard the bell. I raised my head and while still half-asleep and asked, “Time for lunch?”

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