Chapter 37 - Jade City Sword
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Zhan Long Chapter 37 - Jade City Sword

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Chapter 37 – Jade City Sword

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A vortex of black flames consumed a group of players. Three wind spirit mages and a human musketeer fell at the same time. All of them had 500 points of damage dealt to them. Mage Bi Ke’s attack was far too strong!

“Careful!” Liu Ying shouted and activated his combo. “These black flames have a cooldown of 15 seconds, ranged people be careful!”

Before he even finished, Mage Bi Ke raiseed his staff high, and yelled, “I look upon the doors of eternal life. Guardian of hell, show your fierce fangs, and let the world know of it’s bite——
I, Bi Ke, summon【Hell Hound】!”


A black hexagram swirled, and a blood-red head poked out of it. Following the head came blood-red claws. A Hell Hound, about the size of a large lion. As soon as it appeared, it clawed at two of the monks from [Wrath of the Heroes]. Pupu. The strikes were extremely quick, and the monks fell without a sound.



The Hell Hound’s attack were very aggressive, the attacks were undoubtedly the bane of melee players!

Yan Suo went in, revealed her dagger, and when she successfully landed a stun, she yelled, “The Hell Hound only has 4000 HP, kill it quickly, or else everyone will die! Ranged attackers, change targets!”

Some wind magic started to stir up, and from afar, a few musketeers knelt down. A strong gunpowder smell spread, then many bang sounds could be heard. All the musketeers fired, and the HP of the Hell Hound quickly pummeled, and when another barrage came, it got killed!


The boss used his flame attack every 15 seconds, and summoned a Hell Hound every 60 seconds. After understanding this pattern, Liu Ying’s group had an easier time fighting him.

Slowly but surely, the Mage’s HP came under 20%. Liu Ying’s face also slowly became relaxed, and showed a smile, “Haha, if this goes on for a few more rotations, we can finish the boss off!”

Piggy aimed his gun, and said, “We should still be a bit more cautious. Our group has lost 50% of it’s original force, and two teams of 10 are almost wiped out…”

Liu Ying nodded to that, “Mm, we should be able to kill this boss after 2 minutes or so. Those who died come and quickly revive. Everyone be more serious and finish off this boss, it may even drop a gold-ranked equipment! At that time, us at [Wrath of the Heroes] will be supreme in Ba Huang City!”


I held my ancient spear, and looked from a distance in my soul form. I clenched my teeth. I couldn’t revive right now, do I just look at them while they successfully kill off that mage?

At this time, the tables suddenly turned.


A sad yell, one swordsman was killed by the Hell Hound. Liu Ying’s eyes go red, “Tch, how’d that happen?! Healers do your job! Use [Heal]! And…mages! Freeze the Hell Hounds, don’t let them get away!”

Behind him, a healer’s face went pale, “Boss, I’m already out of mana. Level 3 [Heal] uses 30 MP, I only have 20 now, and my pills are on cooldown!”

A few other mages also clenched their teeth, “Our mana pool is almost dry as well…”

“Tch!” Liu Ying seemed extremely angry, “Didn’t you guys say that you would be able to endure drawn out battles? Why can [Prague] kill gold-ranked bosses while we can’t? You’re all garbage!!”

On the side, Yan Suo says, “I hear that [Prague] uses level 4 [Chilling Wind Pills] to recover mana. We are using level 3 [Seven-Star Pills], there’s a difference of 33% in mana recovery…”

Liu Ying bellowed, “I don’t care about the casualties! We go all in! The HP of the boss is nearly in critical condition. Who cares if we all die? As long as we kill off the boss, it will be our victory! Tell the 3 people who are guarding outside, come in! ”

“We don’t need to guard over Xiao Yao’s corpse?” Piggy asked surprised.

Liu Ying laughed coldly, “It’s been 5 hours, why the hell are we still guarding him? This Li Xiao Yao bastard probably already went to bed. Why would he spend all that time in his soul form just looking at us?“

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“Yes boss!”


I held my ancient spear, and my heart was hammering inside my chest. I immediately ran up to the 3rd level, and when the 3 people from [Wrath of the Heroes] entered the 4th floor, I went and revived!


My real body appeared at the 3rd level, and at the same time I cast [Hemostasis] on myself to recover my HP, and I quickly swallowed a [Chilling Wind Pill] to get myself back to my best condition, or full mana. I called Baby Bobo out, readied my spear, and headed towards the 4th floor. Hehe, the time for revenge had come. Revenge cannot wait a single night, so before the sun came out, I would kill all of these guys off!

Entering the 4th floor, I saw that the predators had become the prey! Without the support of the ranged attacks, the 2 Hell Hounds that the mage summoned were not killed in time, rather the vicious Hell Hounds were going around and killing everyone else! The ranged and melee attackers of [Wrath of the Heroes] fell like the grass, the end of the battle was near!

I looked closely at the HP of the boss. It was almost at 3%, it was almost over!


Next to Liu Ying, only 4 members of [Wrath of the Heroes] remained, the rest were all dead!

The assassin Wind Chaser screamed, and became a pile of ashes after taking the flame attack by the mage. Yan Suo looked behind her, at the remains of Wind Chaser, and saw me! She yelled “Oh god!”

“What’s wrong?” Liu Ying turned around as well, and his face went completely green, “Damn! He…He’s still here!”

Piggy ran while holding his gun, “What do we do?”

“The boss only has around 3% HP left, so we need to dodge Xiao Yao’s attacks, and concentrate on the boss and finish him off. As long as we get the last hit, we will be victorious!” Liu Ying’s full attention is locked on the mage; smart but he’s underestimating me.

I took my ancient spear and stabbed at Piggy’s shoulders. A damage message of 189 popped up.


He quickly retreated, but my speed wasn’t slow. I swung my spear towards him from an awkward angle, and hit the retreating Piggy. His HP was nearly gone.

With my third attack, Piggy lowered the gun in his hands, and while dying he sighed, “Actually, we should have never angered this Xiao Yao person…”

In a flash of light, Piggy became a corpse, and only Liu Ying and Ageless were left on the battlefield. I was too lazy to kill them, so I waved my hand, and cast [Heal] on the boss!



After the flash of light, Liu Ying’s face became as purple as an eggplant, “You…Xiao Yao Zi Zai you bastard! There is no one in the world who is more shameless than you! Who in the world heals the boss…”

Before he got to finish his sentence, the mouth of a Hell Hound devoured Tyrant of Western Chu’s head!

On the other side, black flames came roaring down, and Ageless was forced to kneel on the ground. Her beautiful face got cooked to a crisp black, and while her head was smoking, she stares at me, and fell with a surprised face.


Bobo started attacking the boss, and landed a triple hit combo on the boss. I quickly reacted to the situation, and dodged the Hell Hound’s attack. The remaining HP on the boss was less than 500. Ha, I came in at the right time!


I stabbed with my ancient spear, and it shattered the heart of the mage!

Finally, the last thread of HP from boss disappeared.



A ray of golden light fell upon me, and I rose to level 26. The experience that this gold-ranked boss gave was quite plentiful!

Following the death of the mage, the two remaining Hell Hounds also disappeared with him. The thing that was most exciting though was the items that the mage dropped. Within the multiple equipment that the mage dropped, I saw a golden light enveloping a long sword. Nice. The sword reached my hand, and it was…a gold-rank equipment?! Was it?

I quickly rushed up and gathered all the drops in one swipe. At the same time, I heard a ding next to my ear——


System Notification: You have received the first gold-rank equipment——[Jade City Sword], would you like to reveal personal information?

I instantly chose the option that hid my name. Instantly, a ring could be heard throughout Ba Huang City’s skies——


System Notification: Player XXXX has received the first ever gold-ranked equipment ——[Jade City Sword]! As a reward, the player will gain +3 charm, +5000 experience points, and 100 gold coins!


Waa~ Gold coins, 100 pieces!

My mouth was unable to close from all the excitement, this reward was really good! <Destiny>’s company was indeed very generous, giving me free money!

I collected all the equipment, and also grabbed the death medicine behind the fallen mage. As I spun around, I noticed a few glows from far away. The players from [Wrath of the Heroes] were starting to revive!

Time to bail! I was a red-named player right now, if I died, I would drop equipment. I didn’t care if I dropped all my items, but I could drop my [Jade City Sword]!

I took out my city return scroll and started to use it, but I got a message: “You are a red-named player right now, so you cannot be send back to your main city currently. But, you can be transported to the nearby [Tower of Repent]. (Within the [Tower of Repent], every hour online will reduce your sin points by 30.)”

I confirmed, and I bailed!



In the amazed eyes of the [Wrath of the Heroes]’ members, I vanished before they could even start to move on me, and I left this cursed place. Suddenly, my view darkened before revealing a old brick wall. I was stuck in a jail cell on a medieval tower! I could only see past some iron bars. I saw forests and swamps, and also birds chirping, butterflies flying.What a good place to go, sadly I couldn’t leave.

Confirming that the area was a safe zone, I opened my bag to check my spoils. [Jade City Sword], the sword with the golden glow was in my hands. When I held it, a surge of strength entered my body. I waved my hand, and the stats of the long sword appeared in front of me. My lord, these stats. This was the godly equipment that I wanted~

【Jade City Sword】(Gold-rank equipment)





-Increases attack damage by 3%

-Ignores 1% of the target’s defense

Description: In ancient days, Jade City hanged in the horizon. Strong people from all over the continent came to Jade City and found a godly weapon in Jade City, and that is this Jade City Sword. According to rumors it contains godly powers that can split mountains and destroy boulders.

Level requirement: 30


Level 30 gold-rank equipment, the attack damage on this was… incredible!

I was extremely excited, but I put the sword back in my bag. I would put this away for now and wait until I reached level 30, I would use it then!

Then, I took out the remaining two pieces of equipment, both of which dropped from the gold-ranked boss. But the difference between these items and the sword was astonishing. There was one green-ranked leather wrist protector and one green-ranked leather helmet. I could use neither, so I put that aside as well, and when I returned to Ba Huang City to sell it off, I should get quite a bit of gold coins.


Looking at the time, it was 6 a.m. in the morning. Morning classes started at 8, so I woke up to prepare at 7. I would stay in the [Tower of Repent] for a while, and after I revert back to a white-name I would go and face the world with a smile!

But I didn’t just sit around doing nothing. Holding Jade City Sword (Doesn’t give any bonuses), I stabbed and slashed through the air. I continued to practice my new combo, which was a stab+slash+hack+ram+slash combo, 5 continuous strikes! I repeatedly practiced it. But sadly no custom skill was created. Whatever, it was no big deal, I could take it slowly, I had plenty of time!

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