Chapter 37 - Jade City Sword
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Zhan Long Chapter 37 - Jade City Sword

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Chapter 37 – Jade City Sword

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A vortex of black flames consumed a group of players. Three wind spirit mages and a human musketeer fell at the same time. All of them had 500 points of damage dealt to them. Mage Bi Ke’s attack was far too strong!

“Careful!” Liu Ying shouted and activated his combo. “These black flames have a cooldown of 15 seconds, ranged people be careful!”

Before he even finished, Mage Bi Ke raiseed his staff high, and yelled, “I look upon the doors of eternal life. Guardian of hell, show your fierce fangs, and let the world know of it’s bite——
I, Bi Ke, summon【Hell Hound】!”


A black hexagram swirled, and a blood-red head poked out of it. Following the head came blood-red claws. A Hell Hound, about the size of a large lion. As soon as it appeared, it clawed at two of the monks from [Wrath of the Heroes]. Pupu. The strikes were extremely quick, and the monks fell without a sound.



The Hell Hound’s attack were very aggressive, the attacks were undoubtedly the bane of melee players!

Yan Suo went in, revealed her dagger, and when she successfully landed a stun, she yelled, “The Hell Hound only has 4000 HP, kill it quickly, or else everyone will die! Ranged attackers, change targets!”

Some wind magic started to stir up, and from afar, a few musketeers knelt down. A strong gunpowder smell spread, then many bang sounds could be heard. All the musketeers fired, and the HP of the Hell Hound quickly pummeled, and when another barrage came, it got killed!


The boss used his flame attack every 15 seconds, and summoned a Hell Hound every 60 seconds. After understanding this pattern, Liu Ying’s group had an easier time fighting him.

Slowly but surely, the Mage’s HP came under 20%. Liu Ying’s face also slowly became relaxed, and showed a smile, “Haha, if this goes on for a few more rotations, we can finish the boss off!”

Piggy aimed his gun, and said, “We should still be a bit more cautious. Our group has lost 50% of it’s origina

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