Chapter 36 - Lower Your Sword!
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Zhan Long Chapter 36 - Lower Your Sword!

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Chapter 36 – Lower Your Sword!

This chapter was sponsored by Jason Phonngavong – Chapter 26 didn’t count

I turned around and saw Ageless Beauty staring at me with a pair of cold eyes. At the moment of my death, I heard some cold words, “This is what you get for going against Tyrant of Western Chu.”


My body became limp, and I went into the soul status. I respawned in a nearby graveyard, which was near the NPC guard post that I encountered before. Going to the Black-Blooded cave should only take around 10 minutes, but, while ‘saving’ Ageless from danger, I killed a musketeer, and my name became red. Because of that, I dropped an extra level when I died, dropping from 27 straight down to 25. Sigh. What a huge loss!

I stood alone at the graveyard, and checked my item and equipment. I seemed to have dropped my white-tiered cloth wrist and leg guards, but luckily I didn’t drop my Ancient Shining Spear, or else that really would have made my heart break. Also, some other non-essential equipment from my bag also dropped. A red-named player’s item drop rate was really huge.

I clenched my first, and thought back. Ageless Beauty was definitely part of Liu Ying’s group. That guy, to make me take the bait, he used Ageless and Wind Chaser to create such a scene, and Wind Chaser even sacrificed 2 levels for Ageless to gain my trust and empathy. All in all, it was a betrayal, sigh…


Without any rage, I smiled slightly, and took my Ancient Spear. In my soul form, I headed towards the Black-Blooded cave. At the same time, I opened my pet window, and my mood switched instantly. Not towards anger, but towards ecstasy, because in my pet window, I had an extra pet, a Fire Skeleton with lingering flames around it!

I waved my hand over it, and the stats of the Fire Skeleton popped in front of my face, which made me even happier——

【Fire Skeleton】






Magic Power:★☆

Excellency Rating:100%


100% excellency!!!

The line of words floated in front of me, and I felt like my who

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