Chapter 35 - The Ageless Beauty
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Zhan Long Chapter 35 - The Ageless Beauty

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Chapter 35 – The Ageless Beauty

Liu Ying! Even before I saw him, I heard him cursing at me. Of course, I would never let him near Ling Wan Er. She knows what he’s like and she’s disgusted by it, so even if he tried to win her over with his handsome looks or monstrous wealth, like he did with the other 7 top 10 girls, she’ll still reject him. After all she doesn’t need any money with her dad the chairman of Tian Xin group.


I frowned as I stood on the stairwell to the third floor, this could be a huge problem if Liu Ying had brought a massive amount of players. Especially since they had the sole goal of trying to kill me, while I had a quest to complete.

Well, I had no other choice but to continue downwards and hope for the best.

When I came down to the third floor, the lamps automatically lit up. But it was unnecessary because the entire map was filled with balls of fire! I found them! The Fire Skeletons!

The fire skeletons weren’t covered in clothing, instead its entire body was actually covered in a dim flame. When I looked at its status, I saw that it was a level 31 monster, and since it was of the fire attributes its offensive definitely wouldn’t be low. Taking a look at my own status, I was at level 24 with 99% experience, and Baby Bobo was level 23. Baby Bobo’s level would be at most be equal to my own, since pets cannot outlevel their owners.


Raising my spear, I sweep and stab towards a fire skeletons weak point, its neck.


My attack is somewhat forced, but thankfully baby bobo takes charge and hammers away, quickly wiping out 600 health points from the skeleton. Which causes the fire skeleton to rush towards me and punch me in the chest. I was sure if this was reality, my ribs would have been broken.


Damn, it hits really hard. As a healer I have less than 150 points of defense, which is really dangerous in close quarter combating.

I retreat two steps and makes Baby Bobo hold aggro on the skeleton. After around 20 seconds, the fire skeleton emitted a low death roar before collapsing.


A golden light emerges and I rose to level 25 with 2% experience. The experience give by these skeletons is very generous. At the same time, baby bobo also reached level 24. This is good. I estimate by the time I kill another 30-40 fire skeletons, I will be at level 26!

With each step forward, me and baby bobo become more coordinated in battling. In less than 1 hour, two golden light emerge in succession. I roses to level 26 and Baby bobo rose to level 25.

[Baby Bobo] (Bee Overlord)
Level: 25
Attack: 369-492
Magic Power:246

Skills:【Combo LV-3】【Stinger LV-3】


492 attack points! That surpasses lvl 30 melee players unless they hold a divine weapon with 200 attack points. But at the current stage, weapons of 150 attack points are rarely seen. As for baby bobo’s defensive power, he has as much armor as a lvl 30 heavy armor player. This lvl 25 baby bobo can be considered a PK weapon!

I haven’t heard anything from Tyrant of Western Chu for the past hour, but I knew it would be too fortunate to assume he was gone. He and his group are probably stuck battling the spawned monsters. He would definitely be more than willing to use a lot of resources to get to me, and there was no way that the level 30+ monsters would delay him forever.

When I looked at the time it was already 1 AM, whatever, I’ll sleep in class tomorrow.

I killed endless amounts of skeletons, great experience, it took less than two hours to get to level 27 together with Baby Bobo. Pets had the blessing that they would automatically, as they rose to some levels, get significant increases in attributes, unlike players which heavily relied on items.

As I proceed forward, a huge circular room came into my view. It was densely packed with fire skeletons, and in the middle of skeletons was the stone stairs to the fourth floor. Damn, do I really have to kill all these skeletons? I can barely handle 3 skeletons at once, if there were more, I wouldn’t be able to sustain the health of me and my pet.

As I look over the fire skeletons, my eyes suddenly brighten. Looking closely, I see that very near the entrance to the fourth floor there is a smaller fire skeleton, when I look at its rank –

【Fire skeleton】(Ordinary monster)


Finally! A level 1 fire skeleton emerged! But I was still outside the sealing range. The sealing range was 40 yards, and I was more than 50 yards away, I knew I had to slowly kill my way forward before I would be able to seal it.

I commanded Baby Bobo to stay in place, as I slowly moved forward. As soon as I aggroed a skeleton, I would run back and me and baby bobo would finish it off. I kept repeating that.

Barely half an hour later I hear the faint sound of players reaching the third floor.

In the distance, I sees a familiar face, with light armor and a long sword, its Tyrant of Western Ch. As soon as he saw me, his eyes turned red with fury: “Xiao Yao you really are here, I’ve finally found you. This time, you won’t escape even if you grow wings!”

Thankfully there were many respawned fire skeletons between us. He couldn’t recklessly charge through them, especially since the fire skeletons had high attack power which meant that if two of them crit, he would be dead before any healer got to him.

Behind Tyrant of Western Chu, Piggy appeared together with Wind Chaser. Wind Chaser looked coldly at me while saying: “Boss, my report was right, wasn’t it? He has a quest in this zombie cave.”

Tyrant of Western Chu said :”Call everyone down here, so we can start clearing towards him. He has no chance of escaping this time”

After a while 5 mages, 3 healers, 2 musketeers, 3 archers, 7 knights and so on. A total of over 50 people had emerged in the Black Blood cave, Tyrant of Western Chu’s entire group. Did he really call so many simply to kill me? Aren’t they thinking way too highly of a healer?

Wind Chaser saw my level and said :” Boss, he’s at level 27, his level is even higher than yours.”

Tyrant of Western Chu chuckles: “So what? I’ll make sure he returns to level 26.”

Piggy carefully examines the circular room, before he said: “ Boss look!”


Piggy points towards one of the fire skeletons: “Look, that’s a level 1 fire skeleton. I received the illustration card for it a short while ago. “

“Great” Liu Ying’s eyes light up and he smiles: “Lets hurry up and clear the path through these fire skeletons and Xiao Yao, that level 1 fire skeleton is ours!”


Chils went down my back when I looked at their group, they had many long ranged players, one round of shots from the mages and musketeers would be my end. I must remain a fair distance from them or it would be the end.

However, I was completely unwilling to give up on the level 1 fire skeleton, especially after seeing its stats. Even if I die, I must succeed in sealing that pet.

I could hear the constant barrage of their long ranged attacks, in mere seconds they killed another level 31 fire skeletons. It would take them at most two minutes before they would be within range of me. I must destroy their rhythm, one way or another.

I thought about it for a moment before I gave up my progress towards the center and circled to the opposite side of the hall, as far away from them as possible.

“Boss, what is he doing?” Piggy asked.

Liu Ying growls: “He’s probably just scared, it doesn’t matter. Just focus on clearing the path, when we succeed he’ll die in seconds. “



I stood still, before I started controlling Baby Bobo.


Baby Bobo begins to move at an astonishing speed, rushing into the center area of a group of monsters, attracting nearly a hundred nearby fire skeletons hostility before. charging into Tyrant of Western Chu’s group like a lightning bolt, quite frightened!

“Sh*t, his pet!!!”Piggy face turn green.

“Hurry and kill his pet. Then the fire skeletons hostility will dissappear!” shouted Feng Zhe.

Unfortunately, their speed is too slow. By the time archers started aiming at baby bobo, the fire skeletons had already swarmed onto of them. This should teach them to not underestimate their enemy!


“Retreat, withdraw to second floor immediately!” Liu Ying’s ability to adapt isn’t bad.

However hundreds of fire skeletons had already closed in. Where can they run to? In a blink of an eye, more than half of the players fall. Such a tragic sight, approximately 40 dead bodies lying there, motionless.

“Curse you Xiao Yao Zi Zai. Just you wait, I will make you pay!”

I laugh and resummon Baby Bobo. Once again, we proceed onward clearing monsters. The distance between me and that level 1 fire skeleton is getting closer and closer.


Almost half hours has passed, but Liu Ying still hadn’t shown his face. Whatever, the level 1 fire skeleton was only about 42 yards away.

All I need to do is kill another two monsters before I would be in range, my heart is pumping with adrenaline.

Then at this moment, the third floor entrance bursts into noises and sounds. A figure tumbles down from the stairs, sobbing and shouting in pain. It was a female assassin with a extremely beautiful figure, her health’s at about 40%. She look very pale, behind her beautiful figure is Wind Chaser pursuing after her.

“Still want to run? Rotten bitch with no sense of shame, go to hell!”

Wind Chaser pulled out a dagger but the female assassin quickly struck his wrists and simultaneously raised her dagger. She then positioned herself behind Wind Chaser and activated the skill backstab.


Blood spurted out of Wind Chaser as he slowly fell to the ground, dead!

However, on the girl’s shoulder a scarlet flower blossoms. She was shot by a musketeer on Liu Ying’s group!


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Clenching my teeth, I pull out my spear and rush towards her!

From far away, I give a [Heal] to cure the assassin’s health while Baby Bobo quickly dashes toward the musketeer and kills him.

Dragging the girl’s arm, I whisper: “Run!”


Upon reaching the inner field, I stop. At this moment, she opens her pair of beautiful eyes and asks: “Your…… Your big bee is very powerful!”

I nodded: “I’m flattered.”

During the conversation, I notice her stats…

ID: [The Ageless Beauty] Level: 24
Race: Human
Class: Assassin

“How did you get Tyrant’s men chasing after you?” I ask.

The Ageless Beauty protrudes her small lips: “How should I know? Originally, I planned to come down here to level. On second floor, some random people ambushed me and killed my vampire bat! Hmph! It was given to me by my older brother and they ended up killing it. Therefore I tried to sneak through toward the third floor but they still discovered me!”

I pursed my lips: “Alright, come with me. I’ll get the monster’s agro and you will be in charge of killing it!”



I managed to draw over 3 fire skeletons while she relentlessly backstabbed them from behind, quickly killing them. Finally, I was near enough to seal, I smile at the assassin: “Ageless, I’m going seal that level 1 fire skeleton!”

“Ahh?” She open her mouth and immediately nodded: “Ok!”

The first seal flies out, MISS!
The second seal flies out, MISS!

I’m feeling somewhat anxious, beside me Ageless Beauty is even more anxious than I am, Her dagger seems to shine dimly.

When my third seal flies out, a blood red glow sweeps by. A stunned mark appears above Baby Bobo’s head, At the same time, The Ageless Beauty’s beautiful eyes lock onto me, her dagger goes straight through my waist.


Behind me, her bat also attacks, taking out 200+ health. Before I could heal myself, I was already out of health!


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