Chapter 35 - The Ageless Beauty
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Zhan Long Chapter 35 - The Ageless Beauty

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Chapter 35 – The Ageless Beauty

Liu Ying! Even before I saw him, I heard him cursing at me. Of course, I would never let him near Ling Wan Er. She knows what he’s like and she’s disgusted by it, so even if he tried to win her over with his handsome looks or monstrous wealth, like he did with the other 7 top 10 girls, she’ll still reject him. After all she doesn’t need any money with her dad the chairman of Tian Xin group.


I frowned as I stood on the stairwell to the third floor, this could be a huge problem if Liu Ying had brought a massive amount of players. Especially since they had the sole goal of trying to kill me, while I had a quest to complete.

Well, I had no other choice but to continue downwards and hope for the best.

When I came down to the third floor, the lamps automatically lit up. But it was unnecessary because the entire map was filled with balls of fire! I found them! The Fire Skeletons!

The fire skeletons weren’t covered in clothing, instead its entire body was actually covered in a dim flame. When I looked at its status, I saw that it was a level 31 monster, and since it was of the fire attributes its offensive definitely wouldn’t be low. Taking a look at my own status, I was at level 24 with 99% experience, and Baby Bobo was level 23. Baby Bobo’s level would be at most be equal to my own, since pets cannot outlevel their owners.


Raising my spear, I sweep and stab towards a fire skeletons weak point, its neck.


My attack is somewhat forced, but thankfully baby bobo takes charge and hammers away, quickly wiping out 600 health points from the skeleton. Which causes the fire skeleton to rush towards me and punch me in the chest. I was sure if this was reality, my ribs would have been broken.


Damn, it hits really hard. As a healer I have less than 150 points of defense, which is really dangerous in close quarter combating.

I retreat two steps and makes Baby Bobo hold aggro on the skeleton. After around 20 seconds, the fire skeleton emitted a low death roar befor

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Novel Notes

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