Chapter 34 - First Come First Serve
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Zhan Long Chapter 34 - First Come First Serve

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Chapter 34 – First Come First Serve

“You sure are a brave boy!” Qian Lin looked at me, not with praise, but rather with some arrogance as if he was saying, “little boy, I knew that you would accept when I said that.”

In addition, for a lone player to complete a quest of B difficulty, especially if that player was a healer, would be slightly *cough, very* hard.

But, a promise is a promise, and since I’ve already promised to get that medicine/potion, I must find a way to get it.

I raised my Ancient shining spear and advanced.


To the north, the entire map was blood-red. That is definitely where the laboratory is, but I have to find the entrance to it first.

Sha sha…..

As I move forward, my white shoes step on the black pliable grass. The entire area around me is filled with bones and the stench of death. The air is filled with flies, and the corpses sometimes even twitch, but I don’t worry since none of the corpses show signs of reincarnation. Even if it does, I would have an advantage, since it would be newly reincarnated.


Looking at the minimap, a small blue dot had disappeared. I knew this was a sign of another player, so I was not alone. There were several reasons for it to suddenly disappear: death or stealth. Of course, a player could also recall back to the city or suddenly go offline, but the chances were slim…

I kept moving forward. At the same time, I sneaked glances behind me. As predicted, invisible footsteps appeared on the delicate grass. Here he comes!

I quickly turned around and swung my spear in a wide arc.


The blow of the spear heavily clashed with a green dagger, diverting it and knocking its owner back. The assassination attempt had clearly failed. The assassin who appeared was approximately around 20 years old and carried high level expensive equipment.

ID: Wind Chaser
Class: Assassin


Wind Chaser saw that his attack had been diverted. and he immediately prepared for round 2. With his dagger, he used【Gouge】, a skill unique to assassins used to stu

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Novel Notes

Hi all that's the end of Zhan Long. Thanks for all the support!
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