Chapter 33 - Death’s Medicine
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Zhan Long Chapter 33 - Death’s Medicine

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Chapter 33 – Death’s Medicine

Dinner was simple. It consisted of some random Italian cuisine and a cup of tea.

Holding a cup of hot tea, Ling Wan Er sits to the opposite of me quietly. The street lights rush in from the window, illuminating her pale cheek and… her breathtaking breasts. Today, she is wearing a revealing low cut blouse, which causes the boys at the next table to take frequent peeks at her.

“Li Xiao Yao?” Lin Wan Er suddenly asked.

I quickly take my eyes off of her chest, but I fail to control my accelerated heartbeat and say, “Yeah?”

“There doesn’t seem to be many high level players in Ba Huang City.” Lin Wan Er blinks and asks: “Is the Prague’s Guildmaster, Yan Zhao Warrior, the player with highest level? What is his level?”

“Hmm,” I nod: “Yan Zhao Warrior was level 28, but after getting killed by The Generals it dropped down to 27.”

“Oh, The Generals? I’ve never heard of it…… ”

I smile: “They have a handful of high level players, but not enough to go against Prague. So for the time being, they are not well known.”

Lin Wan Er’s eyes glow beautifully with a little laugh: “Oh really? However even with them, Ba Huang City is a lot less competitive than other cities. In addition only a few large guilds such as the Flying Dragon and Prague are in Ba Huang City. Even then, they aren’t the top three guilds, so Ba Huang City’s competition shouldn’t be too rough, you’re so lucky!.”

“Well, that’s not true, since Player Killing(PK) outside the city is very common occurrence here.”

“Ah?” Lin Wan Er looks at me with contempt and says, “Are you afraid of PKing?”

On one side, Dong Cheng Yue taps Lin Wan Er’s shoulder and laughs: “Don’t say that Wan Er, did you forget his class? Healer has low offense and can only heal. How can he PK, what can he do? Does he use his handsome face to hit another player?…… ”

Lin Wan Er purses her red lips: “Which part of him is handsome?”

Dong Cheng Yue narrows her eyes and says: “But I really think he is a handsome and warm person … …”

Lin Wan Er: “……”

I cough to ease the

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Novel Notes

Hi all that's the end of Zhan Long. Thanks for all the support!
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