Chapter 32 - The Level 30 Lin Wan Er
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Zhan Long Chapter 32 - The Level 30 Lin Wan Er

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Chapter 32 – The Level 30 Lin Wan Er

Yue Qing Qian gracefully advances and hands over the two batches of Chilling Wind Herbs, pouting: “I wanted to keep these batches as a souvenir.”

“For what?…. I’ll make you a Chilling Wind Pill, it’ll also be a souvenir.”

“Assassins don’t use mana, they only use energy”.

“Well, whatever. I’ll return to the city to produce the pills, are you coming with me? Level 4 chilling wind pills restore 300 mana! Is Prague interested in them?

“Of course!”

Yue Qing Qian winks: “Just now during the boss fight, several of our mages ran out of mana, and became sitting ducks. That was the main reason the Generals defeated us!”

I nodded: “Alright, let’s use a return scroll to return to Ba Huang. “



Shua shua!

Two rays of light emerge at the desolate teleportation gate of Ba Huang city. Yep, when it comes to return scrolls, 1 gold a pop is still a luxury for casual players, it can only be afforded by the top guilds and players. which is why it’s so desolate here.

I went into a general shop to buy batches of Refined Waters and Alchemy Furnaces. After opening the alchemy interface, I enter the materials, so I could start synthesizing the pills. Shortly afterwards, the first Chilling Wind Pill popped in my hands.


System Notification: Congratulations, since you are the first player to produce the level 4【Chilling Wind Pill】you get an reward: Charm +1.


I still have no idea what the charm stat does, but what player in their right mind would dislike having an additional stat? Surely it would come in handy at some point, since it’s so scarcely distributed to players. (TL: Charm not equal to Fame)

Yue Qing Qian stood quietly and watched me synthesize the pills.

I glanced towards her and said :” Yue Qing Qian, how much are you going to pay for the level 4 pills?”

Yue Qing Qian thought for a moment before saying: “I have to discuss it with Yan Zhao, it’s not my decision to make.”

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She quickly made a call and responded: “Yan Zhao said that last time we gave 4 silver per level 3 pill, as for the level 4 pill which are 50% more effective, we would offer an 50% increase in pricing. This would mean 6 silver per pill. “
(TL: Yes, it was 5 Silver last time, Yan Zhao is trying to take advantage of Xiao Yao)

My face went pale by their offer: “What! I’m being ripped off here! Is the Prague guild declaring bankruptcy soon? I want at least 10 silvers per level 4 pill. Heck, several other guilds would easily offer 20 or maybe even 30 silvers per pill. As my regulars I’m putting a good offer for ya, but your leader is such a miser!”

Yue Qing Qian makes a faint smile : “Alright alright, the price is 10 silver coins… At least be a little more relaxed, Xiao Yao.”

I purse up my lips : “I only make friends to earn more money, nothing more…”



I quickly create a stall where we could sit while waiting for synthesizing process to be finished, in the meantime we chatted.

“Xiao Yao, did you know that General Li Mu thinks very highly of you? He says that you are the number one healer of Ba Huang City and in addition that you have the highest individual battle potential? What do you think?”

“Lies,” Touching my nose, I bitterly said: “If you looked at the individually abilities of General Wang Jian, Li Mu or almost any other top tier player, they would be capable of killing me instantly in a duel. Even against you you, I wouldn’t stand a chance. “

Yue Qing Qian leans closer and smiles :”You are being way too modest, you should remember that your class only wears cloth, and can’t use armour. Other healers would immediately die in a melee situation, yet you were able to kill Wang Jian. Moreover, the timing of your healing is truly outstanding. I have been playing for a long time, and yet at most I’ve only seen 10 with your skills.”

I looked doubtfully at her: “For how long have you been playing?”

Yue Qing Qian proudly pushed out her chest, which was close to a C size, said: “I am 19 years old, and have been playing 3 years. You? “

I smiled :”Hmm… After I retired from the military in 2012, I’ve played for 5 years. I have played <>, <> and similar games in the transition period from 3D to VR. So I have a lot more experience than you…..”


She looks at me with an astonished look: “Xiao Yao, you retired? You were a soldier?”

I quickly dodge the question and change the topic “Are you and Wei Liang actually sister by blood? Because you look identical, are you guys twins?”

Yue Qing Qian chuckles slightly, but does not pry any deeper “Yes, Wei Liang is my younger twin sister, we play together.”

“Hmm, very well, how did you get to know Yan Zhao then?”

“That’s…” Yue Qing Qian thinks before she says: “He is one of my father’s friends, and a huge fan of VR games. He was one of the founders of Prague and decided to become one of the pioneers in <>. I and my sister started the game together with him, and got a managing position easily…. Xiao Yao, I’ve always thought you were just like a riddle, mysterious.”

I said faintly: “What can I say, I am a complicated person, you know?”




After a long time, I was finally done synthesizing the level 4 Chilling Wind Pills. It was a pity that the Chilling Wind Herbs were spread so far apart, so I had only collected enough to create a little over 900 pills. But, this was enough to increase my proficiency in [Alchemy] to the 49% in level 4. Once I get to level 5, no alchemist in the entire game will be able to stand up to me…

I traded 800 Wind Chilling Pills for 80 gold, according to our price of 10 silver a pill. Afterwards I went to the auction site and discovered that gold exchange range had dropped to 20 RMB, so I immediately offered 100 gold for 1900 RMB before the price of gold would drop any further.

Several minutes later someone bought them, this meant I had more than 12000 RMB on my bank account. I’m getting rich!

Yue Qing Qian was happily walking away with the mana pills, when I stopped her by calling her name: “Qing Qian!”


“I have two pets for sale, would Prague be interested?”

“What pet is it?”

I immediately take out the descriptions for the two Green Rock Skeletons with Excellences of 75% and 49%



Yue Qing Qian squinted her eyes together:”That is one super defensive pet, it’s perfect for tanking…“

I nod: “Your guild’s killing a lot of bosses right? This would definitely be able to substitute for some of your knights or monks and by its default high defense and health it would be invincible, don’t you agree?”

I could see the desire sparkling in Yue Qing Qian eyes, she definitely wanted it.

I looked at her: “Do you not have enough money?”


She nods and says: “Yeah, I really want a pet for tanking, but I can’t use the guild’s funds to buy a pet for myself and my own funds are insufficient. I only have a little more than 20 gold.

I thought for a moment before I said :”Hmmm…. It should be alright to sell this Green Rock Skeleton with a superiority of 75% to you for 20 gold, after all you are the one who buys all of my pills, is that alright?”

“Really?” She was excited.

I nodded: “Yes, really, why would I lie to you?


There wasn’t any patience left in her, she immediately opened the trade interface and entered 20 gold. The business of selling pets sure was lucrative. At this moment, many players were camping around the Poisonous Grassland looking for level 1 bees to seal, but they clearly had a smaller chance to succeed because of how many people were there. The pioneers were lucky, being the first in new areas meant that one was able to solo hunt for pets.”


I gaze after Yue Qing Qian as she leaves, before I continue onwards to the market square. Surprisingly, the place is completely filled, the eastern side is where pets of all sorts are being sold. But those prices…a killer bee with a superiority of 37% is going for 100 gold, really, that’s a lil too expensive, right?

With some difficulty I found a gap within the seller and settle there before I shouts :” Selling a Black Iron tier sword and a level 1 Green Rock Skeleton pet with 5 stars in defense and 4,5 star in health. It’s a perfect tank pet. I need to go eat so the highest bid within 20 minutes gets it, bid quickly !”

Soon after I was surrounded with people bidding, the thorn sword was quickly sold for 3 gold. The Green Rock Skeleton however, was very popular because of its superiority of 49%, the price kept rising.

A barbarian carrying a battle axe growled: “I want that Green Rock Skeleton! Sell it to me for 10 gold! Or else don’t you even dare to exit the city afterwards – I’ll kill you everytime I see you!”

A beautiful lady mage approached: “Hello handsome, would you sell it to me for 11 golds?”

A hunched over assassin approached and said : “Young fellow, I’ll offer you 13 gold for the Green Rock Skeleton, if you don’t sell it to me, I’ll make you feel the pain of being stabed in the back and bleeding to death! Hehe…”


Looking at the vicious mob of people, I sought to escape by pointing to a mage “Hey you! I’ll sell it to you for 19 gold, trade me.”

Completing the transaction, I earned another 19 gold!

Suddenly the phone rang, it was the gorgeous Lin Wan Er requesting I’d accompany her for a midnight snack.

I quickly disconnect from server, and went offline.


Beneath the girl’s dorm, the two attractive beauties were waiting impatiently, I walked towards them and said:“Good evening beautiful ladies”

Dong Cheng Yue giggles before saying:“Xiao Yao, you’re looking good as well”


Miss Lin Wan Er laughs, and says :” Alright stop saying useless things! Let’s go eat and come back, with two hours of leveling. I’ll be able level up!”

I said :” There is no need to be in such a hurry right? Why are you trying to raise your level so quickly?”

“I want to raise my level tonight, to become the top player of Fan Shu City”

“What level are you?”

“I’m borderline Level 30……”

“……”I took a deep breath, shocked.

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