Chapter 31 - Daily Meetings
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Zhan Long Chapter 31 - Daily Meetings

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Chapter 31 – Daily Meetings

General Wang Jian’s fighting skills were like heaven and earth compared to Liu Ying’s. His attacks are lightning fast, leaving no room for other players to dodge them. Not only that, his level 3 combo ability attacks from 3 different angles! Such aggression! This is how you completely overwhelm your opponent!

At the same time, his killer bee also comes flying over, I’m finished!

I scan over my skills, and I see [Heal] and [Hemostasis] are still in cooldown. There’s no way for me to stick in a recovery skill between Wang Jian’s attacks to save my life. Wang Jian’s level 3 combo attack combined with the attacks of his killer bee, would instantly drop my health to nothing. Ok, fine. A life for a life. I’ll hide my Bee Overlord, and when Wang Jian kills me, Bobo must kill him as well!


General Wang Jian clenches his teeth, “You little healer, die!”

The sword slashes towards my shoulder, and I feel waves of pain accompanied with 3 damage numbers.





Actually, Wang Jian’s first two attacks had already killed me. This is the difference between our levels, my opponent has a very high growth in strength to attack, while I’m stuck with a crappy growth rate but at least I can heal myself instead of chugging health potion constantly. In pain, my whole body falls backwards, but the moment before I die, I call my Bee Overlord, and it uses a 3-strike combo aimed straight at Wang Jian’s chest!

“What the hell is this…?!”

Staring at the adorable, yet aggressive Baby Bobo,General Wang Jian is dumbfounded at the 3 damage numbers that appear in front of his chest——





Oh my God, even though I died, it was worth it! Bobo’s last strike was a critical hit! Ah, this feels good. Even if Wang Jian had two lives he still wouldn’t have survived that. If I knew this would have happened, I would have sent Bobo to attack as soon as Wang Jian came near me, it only takes Bobo a single combo to destroy Wang Jian!


I was forced into my soul form, appearing within the cemetery.

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Novel Notes

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