Chapter 30
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Zhan Long Chapter 30

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In the chilling wind, a bloody dagger extends from the darkness and goes straight towards General Ba Qi’s throat. The level 26 berserker goes pale, knowing that he’s the target of a sneak attack. In front of him is a beautiful assassin wearing shining leather armor and holding a Bloody Dagger. Its Yue Qing Qian, the deputy chief of Prague’s guild!

Her leather shoes tap the ground and her strike instantly stuns General Ba Qi. After using her beautiful eyes to scan around for threats, she prepares a skill. The dagger starts to glow red and begins to charge. After holding it for about 1 second, the skill finishes charging and it activates——[Bleed] LV-3!



After striking, General Ba Qi suddenly wakes up from the stun and quickly runs backwards, hoping to reach safety. But right after, he turned around, Qing Qian activates another skill, level 3 [Backstab]: Raises damage dealt by 30%. Ba Qi’s body sprays forward and a damage of 289 pops over his head. He had died!


“Crap, Ba Qi died!”

Not too far away, General Wang Jian runs over with his sword. He unleashes a straight stab. The attack is very simple, but Qing Qian isn’t able to dodge or parry it, so she takes the strike.



That strike almost killed her and Qing Qian quickly retreats away. But Wang Jian’s attacks followed her like shadows. A sharp pitch comes from the sword and two golden hexagrams appear on the sword! It’s the beginning of a level 3 combo!

“Damn it, heal me quickly!”

Qing Qian takes her dagger and quickly runs away. Two level 3 [Hemostasis]s were casted on her and she recovers 300 HP, her health is full!

General Wang Jian is a young man, about 20 years old. His face is impassive, while he pursues Qing Qian, his sword is dragged along the ground. He rushes, determined that he will kill Qing Qian at any cost. Under the moonlight, Qing Qian’s cloak floated like the wind and under the leather armor, a pair of legs as white as snow were running frantically. Although she was being chased, she was not panicking and continuously gave glances in the direction of General Wang Jian, trying to predict his next move.


Yelling out, Wang sees a chance and suddenly dashes to the bushes in front of Qing Qian. Raising his sharp sword, he activates a skill, [Heavy Strike]. With his attack damage, Qing Qian, might not survive this.


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