Chapter 29 - Peerless Strike
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Zhan Long Chapter 29 - Peerless Strike

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Chapter 29 – Peerless Strike

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Surrounded by mounds of snow, I finally arrived at [Chilling Wind Forest]. In the distance, I spotted the level 4 herbs – Chilling Wind herbs, glowing against the pure white snow. This was gonna make me a fortune!

I carried my Bramble Thorn Sword, and pushed forward against the tough wind the treacherous snow. The arctic chills mercilessly lashed against me; I was shivering all over. After all, how was it possibly resist the cold with a thin white robe?

I wrapped my Silver Feathered Cloak tightly against me. It helped, to a certain extent, but it was still freezing! However, I would sacrifice my own well being for the glittering herbs that were waving in the wind, as if they were saying hello to me.


But before I could pluck the herbs from the ground, I heard a growl, monsters! On the minimap, at my right, was a large bright red dot. Looking over, I took a few steps back involuntarily. Hidden between the trees was an undead soldier with a broken steel sword. Its flesh had long since decomposed, revealing disgustingly green bones. The soldier’s helmet had obviously undergone many battles, broken off at parts and showing the soldier’s green skull.

[Green Rock Skeleton ] (Ordinary monster)

Level: 29

Attack:? ? ?

Defense:? ? ?

Health:? ? ?

Skills:? ? ?

Description: The Green Rock Skeletons are the guardians of Chilling Wind Forest. These powerful skeletons were once famous guardians of the kingdom, but because of evil spirits that were slowly corroding their spirits, they became blood thirsty, seeking blood from friend or foe. Before the skeletons died, they were trapped in a mountain and after “resting” with rocks within the mountain, they have rock-like defense and durability. Because of how tough they are, they have wandered Chilling Wind Forest for thousands of years and no one has been capable of thoroughly defeating them.


The skeletons obviously have an immense amount of defense, but thinking from another angle, the skeleton

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