Chapter 28 - The Four Arts
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Zhan Long Chapter 28 - The Four Arts

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Chapter 28 – The Four Arts

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A turbulent night passed.

The next morning, the entire school was abuzz like one large frying pan. There were rumors circulating around. The gist was that last night “Handsome Liu”, the spoiled rich kid, was caught passing the night with a prostitute and arrested by cops. His actions had disgraced his entire family.

Even though I triggered  last night’s events, I didn’t speak a single word of what happened and kept a low profile. My revenge was carried out without a hitch, and no one could connect Liu Ying’s fall to me. Probably in the eyes of the Liu Hua University students, I, Li Xiao Yao, was a weakling who did not dare to raise a hand against the person who trampled over his dignity. But, that didn’t matter; how others looked at me was of no significance; rather, what concerned me was…. today, September 1st. Classes started today!


Looking at today’s class outline, I scratched my head. Why did I choose to enroll in the Chinese Department, I wondered?

The 2 classes in the morning required us to look over the [Complete Library of the Four Treasures] (The largest collection of books in Chinese history) and selections from Mencius. Reading these 2 books, it was all Greek for me; I couldn’t even finish a single page before my eyelids started to droop! How would I survive these classes? I hated Mencius now…

On a small path in the school garden, hauling a small mountain of books, I was walking next to Wan Er and Cheng Yue. A sweet fragrance of osmanthus flowers invaded my nose. The environment in the school garden was refreshing to say the least, and the amount of pretty girls in the university was as plentiful as the clouds. But then again, students who came to this university were usually very well off, so they would have the time and money for makeup, and would gener

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Novel Notes

Hi all that's the end of Zhan Long. Thanks for all the support!
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