Chapter 27 - A Gentleman’s Revenge
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Zhan Long Chapter 27 - A Gentleman’s Revenge

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Chapter 27 – A Gentleman’s Revenge
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My body tensed up. How did he know my ID? Who was he? Focusing on him, I quickly realized the pampered prince wearing a Vacheron Constantin watch, was none other than the man I had defeated several times in Ba Huang City, Tyrant of Western Chu!

I calmed down quickly, and lightly asked: “Do I know you?”

Liu Ying coldly glared at me: “You may not recognize me, but I surely recognize you! How’s that Bramble Thorn Sword working out for you? In Seven-Star Valley, you killed our entire group. How impressive!“

I showed a calm smile: “It wasn’t much, I was just punishing evil.”

“Get out of my face!”

Seeing Lin Wan Er behind me, Liu Ying calmed down before continuing, “Look, because Lin Wan Er knows you, I won’t continue this quarrel… I’ll give you 3 seconds to get out of my face, a worthless dog should know its place.”

I stood still: “Lin Wan Er has had too many drinks, I’ll toast with you in her place.”

“Who the hell do you think you are?”

Liu Ying’s face became red. The white wine in his glass splashed into at my face. The spicy smell of an aged thirty year old bottle of 53 degree Maotai, worth 25000 yuan (4100 dollars) surged into my nose. Ah… What a waste.

“Xiao Yao!” Glasses suddenly stood up.

Liu Ying glared at Glasses with killing intent, defeating Glasses’ courage. He faltered and sat back down slowly, without speaking another word.


I stood still, staring blankly at Liu Ying. I had over 20 methods available to kill him instantly, but I restrained myself. I was the last line of defense against any threats towards Lin Wan Er so I could not reveal my identity by showing off my skills for such a trivial matter. I must remain under the radar, because my usefulness would be at its end as soon as I acted.

“What? Aren’t you going to fight back?

Liu Ying continued to edge me on: “What’s wrong? Are you a coward outside the game?”

I stared at him coldly, emitting killing intent.


Liu Ying unconsciously took two steps back. It seemed like he felt the killing intent in the air, but he probably didn’t realize exactly what he had just experienced.

Lin Wan Er stood up slowly, holding in her hand, a glass of red wine, and said: “That’s enough, I will drink it!”.

She took a large sip of wine. Afterwards, she picked up a napkin and wiped the liquor off my cheeks.

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