Chapter 26 - It’s You!
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Zhan Long Chapter 26 - It’s You!

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Chapter 26 – It’s You!

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Liu Hua University, Big Assembly Hall

The entrance was mobbed by a crowd, already many people had been waiting to go through. Several males dressed in black tuxes collected admission tickets from the crowd. But as freshmen, we only needed our student identity card to be able to go in.

“Uhhh… Don’t tell me you didn’t carry along the student identity card….” Dong Cheng Yue teased.

I extended my hand out of my pocket, pulled out a wrinkled student identity card and smiled: “Relax, I’m certainly not that forgetful, see?”

“Then hurry up!”

Lin Wan Er nodded, and grabbed onto Dong Cheng Yue’s hand. The two beauties resembled night elves that were known for their grace and beauty. I quickly followed behind and waved my student ID at the “guards”; they paused before saying: “Come on in…”


The moment I entered the hall, I stood still, shocked at the extravagance of the party. In the huge and spacious hall, huge feasts were arranged; there was enough to feed me for an entire year, no, probably two years. And the wine glasses were stacked on top of each other with red wine in them. Damn, what a waste of expensive wine, if someone even touched the stack, they would all go to waste! I wondered who was hosting and paying for today’s welcoming part. Did he have too much money to spend?

Looking up, countless bright chandeliers were embedded at the top of the ceiling, appearing similar to that of a starry night. The scene was indescribable, my best attempt would be, this was the pinnacle of luxury……

“Chinese department, class 1!”

Far away, several males wearing formal black attire extended their hands out with a courteous smile: “Isn’t that the freshmen Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue? We are here, Chinese department’s class 1 table is here!”

Lin Wan Er looked up in surprise but recovered almost immediately, leading me and Dong Cheng Yue over to that table. At the table, a male with black moles on his long chin stepped forward extending his hand: “Hello classmate Lin Wan Er, I’m the Chinese department’s student union president, fourth year student. My name is Jack, nice to meet you.”

But, Lin Wan Er didn’t shake hands with him. Instead, she simply lowered her head and said: “Hi, Senior!”

Flustered, Jack’s hand still stood in the air.

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