Chapter 25 - Yan Zhao Warrior
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Zhan Long Chapter 25 - Yan Zhao Warrior

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Chapter 25 – Yan Zhao Warrior

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Bang! Snap!

The edge of my sword cut through the killer bee’s wings, as I attacked the bee directly!

A stream of golden light fell on us, which meant that me and Bobo leveled up. Bobo flapped his wings, and happily fluttered around. He circled around me joyfully, while following  my attack pattern. He was quite vicious!

(EC: Bobo is bipolar or psycho. thaddpole and cheese agree on this matter)

Both me and Bobo put all of our 10 stat points into strength. After an hour or so, Bobo’s level was already 15, with all 150 points put into strength. I opened my pet window, and I was quite surprised. Wow, he was only level 15 but his attack damage had already surpassed mine!

[Baby Bobo] (Bee Overlord)

Level: 15

Attack: 192-291

Defense: 101

HP: 305

Magic Power: 173

Ability: [Combo (LV-1)], [Sting (LV-1)]


This attack damage was quite seductive. It was equivalent to a level 15 swordsman who put all his points into strength, and he still had a hidden trump card. Bobo’s attack and defense were both fairly good. He was going to be ready for battle soon!

Changing pet status: Battle State!

I looked towards a Killer Bee that was far away, and I aimed with my sword, “Sic ‘Em!”


Darting forward, Bobo shot off like a bullet. Wow! With 4.5 stars in agility he was so swift… Also that 97% excellence was beyond godly. This pet would absolutely be a nightmare to any enemy player. Thank god I owned it!

Bobo quickly reached the Killer Bee. He raised his stinger, and with a golden hexagram on the stinger, he delivered a one two punch, and two damage numbers popped up. Then, without warning, he struck again, and plunged his stinger straight into the bee, and the third damage number also popped up——


Poor killer bee, it died without any chance of retaliation!

I looked on with my mouth wide open. Bobo was certainly godly; it killed a level 24 monster when he himself was only level 15!

Bobo happily flew back, and

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Novel Notes

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