Chapter 24 - Baby Bobo
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Zhan Long Chapter 24 - Baby Bobo


Chapter 24 – Baby Bobo

Circling the dense forest, I stayed out the Poisonous Grassland. Along the way, I saw many different types of flying insects such as the deadly wasp I had seen before. I went in closer and read the information about the monster——

[Bumble Bee] (Normal Monster)
Level: 22
Attack: 79-114
Defense: 40
HP: 600
Ability: [Combo (LV-3)]

Description: The lords of the Poisonous Grassland, these wasps are the most vicious of the grassland. Even a mighty beast, such as a tiger, can’t do anything about them.


“Bumble Bees huh….” I squinted my eyes, “Like Bumble Bee from Transformers…”


I drew my sword, emitting a gust of air. [Turmoil Sword]’s effect immediately took place, raising my attack by 10%. My attack damage should be 165 now. I was sure I could break through the 40 points of defense that the Bumble Bee had, but before I could plan my attack, the Bumble Bee noticed me and quickly rushed towards me, stinger first. There was no golden hexagon, the first attack was definitely a normal attack!


Ow… The instant the Bumble Bee’s stinger connected with my arm, I sent my Bramble Thorn Sword forward attempting the stab, slash, and hack combo. But, once the Bumble Bee took my first strike, it activated Combo (LV-3). The stinger started to glow and it attacked me with a three strike combo!


That scared the hell out of me, but luckily, I was still alive. In the short amount of time between the attacks of the combo, I used [Heal] on myself. The level 3 [Heal] recovered 450 HP, which almost returned me to full health. I added [Hemostasis] after the combo finished, and my health recovered to around 50%. I went completely pale. Damn! No wonder that 7-man team got annihilated; the attacks of the Bumble Bee were powerful.


I slashed at the Bumble Bee angrily and sliced the Bumble Bee 8 times. It died with a jiji sound, and its body fell down, giving me a fair bit of experience points and 11 copper coins. Copper Coins were always a good thing.

I opened up the map, and at the deepest point within Poisonous Grassland, the green grassland became a dark shade of crimson. Yep, the high level monsters should be in that area. All I needed to do was waddle in there. As long as I carefully healed myself between the combo attacks of the Bumble Bees, they wouldn’t be able to instantly kill me. And being a healer, as long as I was not dead, I could recover my health.


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