Chapter 16 - Mortal’s Scroll
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Zhan Long Chapter 16 - Mortal’s Scroll

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Chapter 16 – Mortal’s Scroll

“What the hell? 20 Gold Coins?!” The Tyrant of Western Chu was obviously angry, but he didn’t do anything to me. It seemed like he really wanted this Silver Feathered Bird.

On the side, Piggy whispered: “Ying Brother (common name for friends in chinese), we must buy it. You said it before, if we want to stand at the top of Ba Huang City, we need to be one step ahead of others. Look, the number of people under us, our equipment and our levels are quite impressive, but we don’t own a pet. This is the first pet to appear within Ba Huang City, so if we buy this Silver Feathered Bird, we would be the first ones to own a pet in Ba Huang City.”

The Western Tyrant gnashed his teeth, saying: “But…But 20 gold coins is too expensive, this guy is clearly trying to take advantage of us!”

Piggy gave a small laughter: “Brother, with your position and status, do you really care about 20 Gold Coins? Hmpf, I’ll take care of this…”

Tyrant of Western Chu pursed his lips and nodded: “Mm.”


Piggy quickly spun around, looked towards me and smiled: “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, we will accept your price, 20 Gold Coins, for this Silver Feathered Bird. But, give us 10 minutes to gather the money. As you know, everyone at most carries a few silver coins, and 20 Gold Coins is no small amount.”

I nodded, “Alright, I’ll wait for 10 minutes, go!”


At the same time, my phone rang. Like before, it was forwarded into <Destiny>. Looking at the number, it was Wan Er’s…

“Li Xiao Yao. I’m hungry you know…”

“Currently I can’t leave the game, give me 10 minutes okay? I’ll come to the girl’s dorm in 10 minutes. Wait for me, okay?”

“Hurry up!”

Ending the call, I continued to wait. Before the 10 minutes were up, Piggy came running back. We exchanged goods, 20 Gold Coins for me, 1 Silver Feathered Bird for him. Waa, the dazzling sparkle that the Gold Coins gave off was really gorgeous. Taking advantage of others whenever I could, d*mn, that was a vicious deal.

With the trade complete, I no longer had anything to do.


After the Tyrant of Western Chu got his pet, he wanted to kill me. But since this was a city safe zone, no matter how little IQ he had it couldn’t be that low. So he glared at me with killing intent before picking up his sword and bitterly walking away. He was probably going to level up his new Silver Feathered Bird pet, because a pet without levels was undoubtedly weak.

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