Chapter 15 - The Incredible Price for the Silver Feathered Bird
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Zhan Long Chapter 15 - The Incredible Price for the Silver Feathered Bird

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Chapter 15 – The Incredible Price for the Silver Feathered Bird

For a long time, I had thoughts of killing myself. A level 1 monster was very rare, or rather a player that had an illustration for a type of monster and found a level 1 monster of that type was very rare. Unfortunately, I only had the [Vampire Bat Illustration] and had yet to find the silver bird illustration… what could I do? AH!

Standing under the tree, I hesitated for a long time and finally, with much regret, I left.

No, no, no, I did not give up. Far from it, I decided that even if I had to wait till the seas were dry and rocks crumbled, I was going to subdue it. Until I got the [Silver Feathered Bird Illustration], I would hunt and hunt and hunt..


I randomly walked around in the rainforest collecting Silver Leaf Herbs and killing Silver Feathered Birds. Some would find this boring, to simply walk while doing repetitive tasks but I viewed it as an opportunity to sharpen my skills. This was nothing compared to the time when I waited for 36 hours in deserts, waiting for that rumored cross-border drug deal. During that time, I lied in wait without moving nor eating. Even when ghost crabs crawled over my arms, I did not dare to move. Compared to that, the difference between the two was like heaven and earth.

After 5 hours of slaughtering, it was 8pm. Only god knew how many Silver Feathered Birds I had killed. Either way, through this, I was able to raise my level to 15. In addition, during my hunt, 5 White Tiered items dropped and combining all the Copper Coins that dropped, my purse became 7 silver coins heavier. Unfortunately, my Bramble Thorn Sword only had 10% of it’s durability left. Looked like I would have to go back to Ba Huang before continuing to hunt.

Jie Jie.

Another Silver Feathered Bird rocketed towards me, hastening its death. The Silver Feathered Bird’s angry chirp still lingered in the air when my Bramble thorn sword slashed it twice, killing it instantly. The moment it died, my heart skipped a beat. It dropped 2 items

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Novel Notes

Hi all that's the end of Zhan Long. Thanks for all the support!
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