Chapter 14 - Let the Blood Spill over Ba Huang
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Zhan Long Chapter 14 - Let the Blood Spill over Ba Huang

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Chapter 14 – Let the Blood Spill over Ba Huang

Shout out to Freespot who helped me translate this chapter! Also, sorry if the writing’s a bit rough in this chapter, it’s late at night and I’m super tired.

There were countless players around and in Ba Huang City. Outside in the forests, there were thousands if not tens of thousands of players fighting Vampire Bats and other monsters. Inside the city, there were countless players selling items.

A level 10 White trash-tier coat was selling for 5 Silver coins! I didn’t think anyone was going to buy that. After all, a coat with 5 defense really didn’t have many uses or retained its value, and money was so precious right now that one would’ve been better off buying some potions and raising one’s level.

There were quite a few people in front of the Pharmacies, Blacksmith Forges and Training Halls, but there wasn’t anyone on their way to the meet the lord of the city, other than me. It looked like everyone was busy trying gain an advantage over one another and weren’t planning to pay their respects to the lord.


The blood red path to the city hall was guarded by soldiers wearing black armor that didn’t shine under sunlight. Inside the city hall was a sword-wielding general, the feudal lord of Ba Huang City. The Chinese server of <Destiny> only had three secondary cities and one main city, which meant he was one of the highest ranking officials in the Chinese sever.

I walked forward and courteously said: “My lord, I would like to become an adventurer for Ba Huang City…”

The lord who had a huge beard, with his hand on his sword, swept his eyes over me: “Young man, do you really want to become a member of Ba Huang? Are you willing to defend this city to your last breath?”

I nodded: “Yes”

“Good, come over here, you will now become a member of Ba Huang City.”

Paa. The lord’s hand, covered with a gauntlet, patted my shoulder. The strength that the hand used was far greater than my imagination. Under his pat, I winced at the pain in my shoulders but at the same time

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Novel Notes

Hi all that's the end of Zhan Long. Thanks for all the support!
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