Chapter 13 - Grass Fruits
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Zhan Long Chapter 13 - Grass Fruits

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Chapter 13 – Grass Fruits

With the aid of the system help menu, I found the Alchemist Instructor to have been located at a small forest, which was just outside of Ba Huang City.

With my Bramble Thorn Sword, I jogged to the location of the Alchemist Instructor, but when I got there, what should have been a small forest was only an empty field.

What was going on here? I pulled up the online forum for <Destiny> and searched for posts regarding Alchemy. Soon, I found a post that was tailored to my need –

[Question]: Where is the Alchemist Instructor? Why can’t I find him?
[Answer]: Motherf*cker, I searched for the Alchemist Instructor for an entire morning and found out that the Alchemist Instructor isn’t at the place where the system guides you. Instead, the Alchemist Instructor is in the forest, outside to the northern gate of Ba Huang City. There are at least 11 spots where the instructor can be found and every 15 minutes the instructor goes to a different spot. Ridiculous!

So that was why I couldn’t find him.

I went around to the small forest, and searched there. It took about 10 minutes before I finally found the instructor napping under a Ginkgo Tree. The name displayed on top of his head was [Alchemist Mi Fu].

I walked up to him and respectfully bowed, saying: “Hello there. I would like to become an Alchemist!”

But after I bowed, he didn’t reply to me. Trying to stay respectful, I decided to keep my eyes to the ground and keep bowing. After all, I didn’t want to displease the instructor. But after quite a while, he still hadn’t replied. Confused, I looked up. What the hell? He had left.

I had thoughts of quitting Alchemy, but reason won, and so I kept on searching for the instructor. After another 10 minutes, I found the Alchemist under another tree. I walked up, and this time with a bit of force, I said: “Hi. I would like to become an Alchemist!”

Mi Fu looked up and glanced at me before saying: “Kid, do you really want to become an Alchemist?”


“Okay!” Mi Fu smiled: “In order to become a grea

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Novel Notes

Hi all that's the end of Zhan Long. Thanks for all the support!
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