Chapter 17 - Seven-Star Herbs
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Zhan Long Chapter 17 - Seven-Star Herbs

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Chapter 17 – Seven-Star Herbs

In Ba Huang City, on the crowded eastern exit of the plaza, I carried my newly repaired Bramble Thorn Sword and parted through the crowd. I had decided that I had to reach level 18 soon, preferably by the end of this morning, and reach level 20 as quickly as possible so that I could be recognized in my occupation.

After a player was recognized for his occupation, he could use new skills specific to his occupation. For example, as a trainee healer, the skills available were limited to [Hemostasis] and [Encourage]. After graduating from a trainee though, they could also learn new skills like [Heal] and [Therapy], etc. The good thing about [Heal] was, at level 1 it recovered 150 HP, at level 2 it recovered 300 HP. It was triple the effect that Hemostasis had!

So I walked out the city gate and took a look at the mini-map. I couldn’t raise my level by wandering mindlessly. I also needed to pick level 3 herbs to make level 3 pills. The level 3 potions created from [Alchemy] by a player could recover 200 MP, while the level 3 pills sold by the NPCs could only recover 150 MP, and they sold for 5 silver coins. So, it was quite worth it to buy the potions created by a player This was quite a rare business chance! According to Yue Qing Qian, it seemed like no one in Ba Huang City had reached level 3 in [Alchemy], so it seemed I was the only one. Yep, this was a one in a lifetime chance!


【Seven-Star Pill】: Recovers 200 MP, Seven-Star Herb x3, Refined Water x3, Alchemy Furnace x1

The main ingredient for level 3 pills were Seven-Star Herbs. They usually grew deep within Clear Rainforest. In addition, within the rainforest, there was a valley called the Seven-Star Valley. Unsurprisingly, the majority of the Seven-Star Herbs could be found within that valley, and the distance from the city to the valley was about 30 minutes. Usually, players were unwilling to go that far just to fight monsters, and even if they did go, they found a group to party with since there were many high leveled m

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Novel Notes

Hi all that's the end of Zhan Long. Thanks for all the support!
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