Chapter 1286- 2 against 1
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Zhan Long Chapter 1286- 2 against 1

Lin Tiannan was coming so Wan Er and I didn’t dare to do anything at all. We sent Qin Wen out. I panicked and wore my clothes while Wan Er and Dong Cheng changed. Due to my presence they couldn’t dress up so I was sent out back to my room. My bed was new and the dirt was cleaned.


Lin Tiannan arrived at 12 and our chef prepared a very big meal.

Lin Tiannan’s face color didn’t look good and he was protected by four bodyguards, one of which was a peak energy controlling realm expert that was around 40. His gaze was light lightning but when he saw me, he showed me some respect. This was the gap in cultivators, my aura filled him with fear.

“Li Xiao Yao, let me introduce, this is Zhou Yang.” Lin Tiannan introduced him to me.

I shook hands with him, “Seems like your relationship with Uncle Lin is not bad, his safety depends on you. Thank you Zhou Yang.”

He nodded, “Don’t worry, with me by his side, no one can hurt him. Don’t worry!”

Lin Wan Er held Lin Tiannan’s hand and smiled, “Dad why are all of you serious? Sit, I am so hungry. There are so many nice dishes and also the celery with fried beans that you love!”

Lin Tiannan’s gaze became really gentle the moment he saw her, it was as if he wasn’t a powerful Tianjin Corporation CEO but just a nice father. Tianjin Corporation was a spinoff from an overseas cooperation and focused on high grade weapons manufacturing. One could imagine the problems and struggles they had to go through. Lin Tiannan became an iron man from all of them, however, Wan Er was his softest spot.

Qin Wen smiled at me like she wanted to snitch on me. Actually I didn’t even eat her, but I was just being blamed for it.

Fortunately she didn’t say anything. Not long later Tang Qi walked out of his room. He saw Lin Tiannan and Zhou Yang and was shocked, “Damn, so many people, I… Should I hide?”

“If you don’t want to eat.” I said.

Tang Qi’s face was really thick, “since Brother Xiao Yao wants me to eat with you then I will respectfully accept. Hello uncle Lin, this is?”

Zhou Yang smiled, “My name is Zho

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