Chapter 1286- 2 against 1
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Zhan Long Chapter 1286- 2 against 1

Lin Tiannan was coming so Wan Er and I didn’t dare to do anything at all. We sent Qin Wen out. I panicked and wore my clothes while Wan Er and Dong Cheng changed. Due to my presence, they couldn’t dress up so I was sent back to my room. My bed was new and the dirt was cleaned.


Lin Tiannan arrived at 12 and our chef prepared a very big meal.

Lin Tiannan’s face color didn’t look good and he was protected by four bodyguards, one of which was a peak energy controlling realm expert that was around 40. His gaze was light lightning but when he saw me, he showed me some respect. This was the gap in cultivators, my aura filled him with fear.

“Li Xiao Yao, let me introduce, this is Zhou Yang.” Lin Tiannan introduced him to me.

I shook hands with him, “Seems like your relationship with Uncle Lin is not bad, his safety depends on you. Thank you Zhou Yang.”

He nodded, “Don’t worry, with me by his side, no one can hurt him. Don’t worry!”

Lin Wan Er held Lin Tiannan’s hand and smiled, “Dad why are all of you serious? Sit, I am so hungry. There are so many nice dishes and also the celery with fried beans that you love!”

Lin Tiannan’s gaze became really gentle the moment he saw her, it was as if he wasn’t a powerful Tianjin Corporation CEO but just a nice father. Tianjin Corporation was a spinoff from overseas cooperation and focused on high grade weapons manufacturing. One could imagine the problems and struggles they had to go through. Lin Tiannan became an iron man from all of them, however, Wan Er was his softest spot.

Qin Wen smiled at me like she wanted to snitch on me. Actually, I didn’t even eat her, but I was just being blamed for it.

Fortunately, she didn’t say anything. Not long later Tang Qi walked out of his room. He saw Lin Tiannan and Zhou Yang and was shocked, “Damn, so many people, I… Should I hide?”

“If you don’t want to eat.” I said.

Tang Qi’s face was really thick, “since Brother Xiao Yao wants me to eat with you then I will respectfully accept. Hello uncle Lin, this is?”

Zhou Yang smiled, “My name is Zhou Yang, the department of safety arranged for me to be in charge of Mr Lin’s safety, you are Tang Qi? What a familiar name.”

“I am Tang Hao’s son. I have heard of your name, when I was ten you came to my house.”

“Ah? Tang Hao’s son?” Zhou Yang smiled, “I didn’t expect you to be so big now. Tsk tsk, how unexpected to meet the son of someone I know.”

Zhou Yang squinted his eyes at Tang Qi, “Your energy is quite strong, how high is your cultivation?”

“Energy controlling peak!” Tang Qi said.



“Do you want to spar after eating? Didn’t expect you to have such cultivation at such a young age, how rare!”

“Sure!” Tang Qi stretched and smiled, “But in terms of cultivation, who can be as sick as Li Xiao Yao, he is 25 and has mid Blazing Sun Realm cultivation. He is probably the top in two thousand years.”

Zhou Yang laughed, “He is a genius… You should be more respectful to him. After all, in terms of cultivation, you can never climb up to him.”

Tang Qi smiled, “Uncle Zhou, you are too polite, there is no need to do so. Li Xiao Yao is very casual and is not that introverted, or rather… After eating, you can spar with him and let him teach you?

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Zhou Yang looked excited. I knew that he loved martial arts so I said, “Sure, then let’s spar. But let’s eat first, I am hungry now and don’t have much energy.”

“That’s great.” Zhou Yang was so excited.

Lin Tiannan laughed, “Old Zhou, you really are a kid, sparring makes you so excited.”

Zhou Yang said, “Eh… Mr Lin you might not understand my feelings. I broke into mid energy controlling at 31 years old, until now, 10 years passed and I still am unable to reach blazing sun realm. It is the dream of cultivators so to be able to see a living Blazing Sun Realm expert, that feeling can’t be described.”

“Okay then.” He laughed, “Then you can spar with him after eating. Li Xiao Yao hold back, don’t injure him.”

I laughed, “Don’t worry Uncle Lin, I know.”

Qin Wen placed a plate of dishes on the table, “You are still calling him uncle lim? Aren’t you going to change that soon?”

I felt a little awkward and Lin Tiannan just smiled. Lin Wan Er’s face flushed red. Actually this was a little early, Wan Er was just 20 and was not at the age to talk about marriage. That was good, we had a few more years to fool around and enjoy life.


The lunch was really nice and it was a five star restaurant standard. To hire these chefs Lin Tianan spent a large sum of money so that his daughter could eat well.

Tang Qi ate while bragging. He had ascended, although it was just a low grade god but at this day and age, people who could ascend were skilled. After all, to use God Form to pick up chicks made you so much more successful. After ascending, even a low grade divinity would increase growth stats by 50%. Tang Qi’s magic attack increased by 30-40% overall so his damage was now different. God Form also increased defence and attack stats.

More importantly, players that ascended could continue to level if not they would just be stuck at level 235 and get bullied. So although the price to ascend was big but many players were chasing for it. Everyone knew that high and mid grade divinities were rare so most people just tried to get kills in human realm or on the surface.


After lunch, it was already 1pm and it was time for entertainment.

After drinking a cup of tea, I changed into a more casual attire. I waved my arm and energy surged around them, “Okay I am ready, let’s go spar?”

Zhou Yang was excited, “Sure!”

He took off his suit to reveal the shirt inside and just wore leather shoes into the courtyard with me.

Lin Wan Er was a little worried, “Piggy be careful.”

Tang Qi couldn’t take it, “Wan Er, Xiao Yao’s one finger can defeat Uncle Zhou, he is much stronger. How are you worried about Xiao Yao and not Uncle Zhou…”

She laughed, “I am worried for him, so?”

Lin Tiannan laughed, “My girl is going to leave me…”

I wasn’t planning to hurt Uncle Zhou so I didn’t use Blazing Sun Power. I just pushed my energy to Blazing Sun strength and was just using pure energy control to spar with him.

“I am coming!”

Zhou Yang probed with a punch.

I raised my left arm to block and it shattered the fist wind. I used my leg to block his and broke his center of gravity. I then elbowed which forced him back onto the wall of the garden.


He exclaimed and then laughed, “Such strong energy, which sect did you learn from?”

“Wudang Energy Sect.” I smiled.

“I see.”

He waved his arms to gather energy once more, “This isn’t fun enough. Brother Xiao Yao, use Blazing Sun Energy, I want to witness your strength.”

I was shocked, “I am afraid…”

“No need to be afraid!” He smacked his chest, “If you can really hurt me, that means I am not strong enough. Moreover, to be able to witness Blazing Sun Energy personally, I can die without regrets!”

“Okay then!”

I held up a palm and spread out my fingers. Instantly flames surged on my palm. I didn’t use fire armor and just gathered flames on my fists. I used around 20% of my strength and the temperature was suppressed. Like that, I wouldn’t injure him too much. Actually, if I went all out, I could kill him in one second.


Zhou Yang laughed and jumped up. He kicked with his left leg which I easily blocked. He then kicked out multiple times which made me impressed. Nice kicks, this guy was definitely a kicking master.

“Peng peng peng…”

My fists shook his leg and the moment he kicked for the 4th time, I punched. He could only use his arms to block and he was forced back. The clothes on his arms were instantly scorched.

“So strong…”

Zhou Yang stood on the spot and his arms shook.

Tang Qi couldn’t take it anymore and took off his jacket. He clenched his fist, “I want to spar. Uncle Zhou let’s beat him up together okay?”


Zhou Yang was pumped up. They attacked from both sides and Lin Wan Er hurriedly said, “Two versus one, no shame!”

I laughed, “It is fine Wan Er!”

I roughly understood the gap in strength. I punched Zhou Yang’s leg away while I kneed to block Tang Qi. While forcing both of them back my speed increased and I punched them.

“Good fellow!”

Tang Qi shouted and his arms were covered in energy spirals and he attacked thrice in a row. I was even faster and blocked all of them. Behind me, Zhou Yang kicked once more.


I sunk down to avoid their attacks while appearing behind Zhou Yang. My right fist was covered in flames and I shouted, “Be careful!”

I increased my strength to 40%!

Zhou Yang and Tang Qi were on one line and that was my idea, to settle them at the same time.


Tang Qi’s reaction was quicker, pushing Zhou Yang while he dodged too.


The sound of the fist wind was really sharp and this fist could have changed directions to hit them but I was afraid that they couldn’t handle it so I just smashed into the iron railing!


A huge hole appeared and two thick rods were burnt. The point was totally red.  



Zhou Yang was filled with fear, “How terrifying…”  

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