Chapter 1285- Blissful Morning
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Zhan Long Chapter 1285- Blissful Morning

I woke up and it was already the morning of the next day. Sun shone from the gaps in the curtain onto the bed. I rubbed my lazy eyes and noticed that I was hugging a soft body. I lowered my head and saw a beautiful face buried by my neck. Her lips were pouting and she was sound asleep, the only thing she didn't do was drool.

In that instance, my heartbeat was about to stop. It was just so blissful being able to see such things early in the morning.

Lin Wan Er wore a thin skirt and I could even feel that she didn’t wear anything under. Her bouncy chest pressed against me. She was hugging me. Probably after I fell asleep she had fun touching me all over.

En, since that is the case, I will have to return the favor.

I carefully moved my arms. My right arm held her waist and my left hand grabbed her round butt. I hugged her tightly and my mouth curled up. I closed my eyes to enjoy this rare morning. At that moment, Lin Wan Er moaned too and she was awake. She moved her head to look up and me and then she giggled before snuggling close to me.

The strong touch made me a little gazed especially since my lower body was pincered between her legs and was touching some place soft. Even if I had never touched girls I knew what that place was. My body started to heat up. Wan Er’s face flushed red but she didn’t leave. She hugged me and smiled, “Idiot, you think too much, I am wearing underwear…”

I actually felt a little disappointed but my body couldn’t help itself. The old man’s teachings were tossed aside and a part of my body couldn’t help but stand up, pushing between her legs.


Lin Wan Er felt that too and she opened her eyes wide. She was embarrassed and angry, “What do you want to do… Dong Cheng is here… Stop, I…”

I lowered my head and kissed her lips. How was I going to stop.

Wan Er moaned and didn’t say anything. Her small tongue stirred up with mine. Her body also started to heat up. She kissed while moving her body. She definitely found it hard to withstand. If she wasn’t a relatively conservative person, something definitely would happen.

At this point, to do or not to do was a problem. My heart was in a mess but my hands continued to move along her alluring body. Her breathing got more and more hurried and her face flushed red. A layer of water covered her eyes, finished, she was getting emotional…

We glanced deep into each other’s eyes and I could see her love and dependence on me. Of course, I loved her too. The two of us kissed once again. I pushed her cheeks up and he pressed her palms on my chest like she wanted to stand up. She stopped her movement and just froze there.

I felt like thunder had struck me and my body felt numb. While Wan Er wanted to sit up, she was sitting on a part of mine such that it pressed against the part between her legs. She froze. I raised my head and looked at her. She told me that she didn’t wear anything at all.

Time stopped at this seemingly romantic and emotional moment. If Lin Wan Er sat down… All you readers will be happy.


However, at that moment, the phone rang. It was Lin Wan Er’s 9am alarm.

Dong Cheng Yue flipped around and rubbed her eyes, “What time it is, such a good sleep!”

Dong Cheng had sat up so how would Wan Er dare to continue at that exciting position. She leaped off and I hugged her in my arms.

“I… I didn’t interrupt right?” Dong Cheng Yue suddenly asked.

Wan Er’s face flushed red, “No… Of course not!”

Dong Cheng Yue giggled, “Scoff.”

No, I couldn’t let Dong Cheng Yue win this, I had to do something. I moved the pillow high and sat up with Wan Er, “Dong Cheng, you actually wore clothes to sleep, I thought you were used to sleeping naked.”

She giggled, “No choice, the sadness of not having a boyfriend, I want to be naked but who will see…”

She then looked towards us, “Eh… Did something happen when I was asleep? Why are your faces red, did you do something bad?”

Wan Er retorted, “No, even if we did something it won’t be bad. It should be something that should happen.”

But, this retort was so weak?

Dong Cheng Yue giggled, “What do you mean should happen? We are students, if you stay with other guys in school… Scoff, what happened to your moral education!”

Dong Cheng Yue was right and Wan Er couldn’t reply, she just cuddled up with me like a small cat.

This morning was just so exciting that I didn’t want to wake up at all. Wan Er and Dong Cheng didn’t look like they wanted to. Wan Er fell asleep and I took out my phone and went to read the forums to see if anything interesting happened.

Dong Cheng Yue was using her phone too and the blanket covered her waist to reveal her sleeping clothes. I looked from afar and my face flushed red. She didn’t wear anything and her pajamas wrapped around her chest. C cup and it actually didn’t droop at all.

Dong Cheng Yue turned toward me and noticed that I was looking at her. Her face flushed red and she still stuck out her tongue at me. She even used her hands to push up her chest. In the next moment, she probably felt like she was behaving like a bad girl so she pulled her blanket up. I lowered my head right away and just kissed Wan Er on the forehead.


Dong Cheng Yue finally became a little serious, “Last night five people ascended, Qing Qian and Wei Liang along with Soaring Dragon, Quick Thunder Swift Wind and Xuan Feng Han.”

Wan Er blinked, “Oh, Wei Qian and Wei Liang both ascended? What divinity?”

“Low grade divinities. Players who entered Earth Realm to challenge the God Kings all basically failed so not many people dared and rather ascend with low grade divinities. They will wait for a month before challenging.”

I said, “Are the two of you planning to enter and challenge?”

Wan Er smiled, “If you accompany us, sure, then we have a chance of winning.”

I thought about it and said, “En, my Butterfly is now a Supreme Country Weapon and its attack is much higher. I can be the tank and damage. Along with God Form, I can solo God Emperors but I would need to wait a month. Who knows whether or not there will be any left.”

“Don’t worry.” Dong Cheng Yue smiled, “Those that have the confidence to kill God Emperors all ascended. Sky Rose, Demon Mountain, Clear Black Eyes, Fang Ge Que’s CD is similar to us. Let’s see who is luckier then.”

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I said, “Send people to make a map, if not it would be hard for us to meet in the map.”

“En, it has been done. The various guilds are making maps but the god world is too big,

Players can only remember the relative direction. Especially Earth Realm, it is so huge.”

“THat is okay, take it slow. Speaking of which, are you two not planning to wake up?”

“If we can lay down then why sit, maybe lunch…” Dong Cheng Yue lazily laid down and started playing flappy bird.


I continued to scroll the forums to look at the new rules and tools. After all, to gain the upper hand in the game one had to understand various details. For example, when I went back to Heaven Realm, I used the cards and pills, all these concerned many areas and all of them were important.

Thinking about the difference between God Emperors, players had to have life steal if not they wouldn’t be able to last long. This was why Simple and Jian Feng Han wasn’t the match of God Emperors.

A while later, Dong Cheng cried out.

“What happened? You want to wake up?” I asked.

“En.” Her face flushed red, “I want to pee…”

“Then go…”

She got up carefully. I couldn’t just stare so I continued to hug Wan Er while Dong Cheng Yue dashed to pee.


At 11, there was a knock on the door and it was Qin Wen, “Wan Er are you not awake? Xiao Yao and Dong Cheng aren’t in their rooms, what happened?”

Lin Wan Er looked at me nervously, “How?”

“Just reply her.” I thought about it and said, “Dong Cheng open the door for her.”

I wore a shirt and sat up. Wan Er didn’t have time to find a bra so she could just continue to lay there.

Dong Cheng Yue went to open the door and Qin Wen was in a work dress. She looked at us in shock, “Wa, such scenes and only be seen in films, what did all of you do yesterday…”

She looked at Wan Er and smiled, “Our Wan Er has grown up, she actually dares to sleep with a guy! Scoff, aren’t you afraid I tell uncle?”

Lin Wan Er acted like a queen, “I am not afraid of you, moreover, didn’t you stay with your boyfriend yesterday?”

Qin Wen scolded, “You brat, what do you know! Okay, wake up. Uncle said that he is coming over for lunch so you guys better speed up, if not. Hehe, I am not sure what he will do if he finds out someone slept with his daughter.”

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