Chapter 1284- His Majesty showing his hand
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Zhan Long Chapter 1284- His Majesty showing his hand

I didn’t expect Mocha to pick out a pile of paper and she smiled, “I prepared everything, this is a contract with Wan Er Design. Come come come, take a look, if there are no problems then sign it.”

I was a little speechless and said to Wan Er, “Look carefully, don’t get conned by Mocha…”


She stomped her feet and laughed, “Boss you are from Zhan Long Studio, how can you help them out? Moreover, you are going to invest in the company!”

“Oh? Invest? How much…”

“Around 80%!”

“80%?” I facepalmed, “No, all of you have no experience at all, you are all conning my money, it is so hard for me to earn that money.”

Fox said, “Stop bragging, you earn at least 50 million a month from the game!”

Indeed it was around that amount.

I ate a piece of meat and then asked, “Let’s talk about the exact situation, Mocha?”

“En.” She nodded, “We want to make a male brand so we need to invest large amounts of funds including factory, materials, workers, design and supply chain etc. The initial investment should be around 30 million. Wolf, Fox, Old K and I pooled our money and we can get around 10 million, boss, you look…”

I took out a card, “This is what the old man gave me, there is a few hundred million… But don’t spend too much, and you must ensure that you earn money. I will send Mocha 25 million for my 80% share.”

Mocha was delighted, “Boss is just so direct, good good good, boss will be our CEO. Then I will be acting CEO how about that?”

Song Han nodded, “Okay, no objections.”

I asked, “Since we are making a male brand, have you thought of the brand name?”

“We are just thinking about it but we haven’t concluded. So we think that Boss should discuss with us now and then we can each come out with our own ideas. It has to be a name that hasn’t been registered, and also say the meaning behind the name.” Mocha said.

Song Han placed down his chopsticks and smiled, “I suggest the name Handsome God, after all, guys love to be handsome and we are targeting 25-35 year old guys.”

I, “...”

Lin Wan Er, “...”

Old K squinted his eyes and said, “I suggest the name Male God, it is even more exact. Although it sounds a little weird but think about our marketing strategy. It is about visuals and hearing explosions. If we use the name and have you as the spokesperson, you are a male god, so fitting…”

I rolled my eyes, “Do you have classy names, this name sound so off, it can’t be pushed out at all.”

Fox said, “I suggest calling it Wind Moon, you know, guys this age should have styles similar.”

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