Chapter 1283- Wait until Chrysanthenum withers
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Zhan Long Chapter 1283- Wait until Chrysanthenum withers

I hurriedly went offline and went to sleep after eating. The five of us spent over ten hours in the tomb and no one went offline, it was time to have a good rest.


I lay on the bed and tried to relax. I spread my senses and any energy fluctuation would be picked up by me. Although Busters was wiped out and the Artificials were in hiding, but I knew that wouldn’t stop. Wang Ze Cheng was a wanted man by the chinese police and Sun Xiang had sent out special forces to find him. At such a time, I had to be even warier.

“Oi, Li Xiao Yao?”

“En, that’s me! Who are you?”



“Scram!” Her voice was sweet but also filled with rage, “Li Xiao Yao, you spent so much time with girls in school that you forgot about your old colleagues?”

I was shocked and smiled, “Oh I know, Shen Bing!”

“Hehe you finally know it is me?”

This was the first time we talked in years!

Shen Bing was dressed in police uniform, her legs were very attractive. Her twin peaks pushed out against the uniform and made it hard for one to focus. She smiled and walked at me while pouting to act cute, “I am so lonely here, Captain Wang and you haven’t contacted me, scoff!”

“Sister Shen…” I stood rooted and couldn’t move at all. I reached out and wanted to touch her but saw her walk further and further, she didn’t even want to turn back to look at me.

“Sister Shen, don’t go…” My heart felt like it was being sliced up by blades and shouted, “Don’t go, you… You didn’t even say a single thing to me…”

Only then did Shen Bing turn around and looked at me with beautiful eyes, “Live well, help me to live well…”


I suddenly woke up, it was a dream.

I sat up and my chest felt really pained. I curled up in the blanket and I couldn’t feel the strength of the Blazing Sun, instead, I felt the powerlessness of losing Shen Bing. How could I protect those important to me? My body was burning and thoughts filled my mind. Blazing Sun energy seeped out of my body and started to burn the blanket.

“Ah ah ah…”

I couldn’t control the power in my body. In a blink of an eye, the blanket was lit up and the fire alarm started to ring. Water started to rain down but they evaporated when it landed on my body. Water couldn’t do anything against real fire.

“Du du…”

The phone on the window started to ring. I sucked in a deep breath and said out, “Pick up.”

The old man’s anxious voice spread through from the other end, “Li Xiao Yao what happened? Control your mind, your aura is really messy and chaotic, if this continues you will destroy yourself. Calm down!”

The old man should be in Hangzhou if not he shouldn’t be able to sense my power fluctuation.

In the end, with him scolding me, I woke up from guilt and self blame. The flames returned to my body and returned back to the slumber and warm state. My bed was a mess.

Even the iron on the bed was melted. My Blazing Sun Power’s temperature was just too high. Fortunately, the carpet wasn’t affected. The water mist on the ceiling continue to spit out to put out the flames.

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“Are you okay?” The old man asked.

I nodded, “En, I am okay, I controlled it, thank you Master.”

The old man sighed, “You brat… You still couldn’t handle your relationships. I know that Shen Bing’s death messed up your mind but that is a path we cultivators have to go through. Just cultivate, don’t let your mind get affected, after all, you have more important people by your side.”

Right, I had Wan Er and Dong Cheng. I also had Meng Yao, Song Han and Fox. How could I give up on myself?

I replied to the old man and he stopped nagging. He just said that he would find time to find me and then he hung up.

I lowered my head and smiled bitterly. I noticed how bad a state I was in, my clothes were all burnt. Just now my Blazing Sun Powers weren’t controlled and it was a few thousand degrees. I was totally naked now and only a few burnt pieces of cloth were hanging on me.

“Dong dong dong!”

Someone knocked and Lin Wan Er’s voice spread out, “Piggy what happened, why did the fire alarm get triggered? I am opening the door…”

The door was pushed open. Since staying with them, I never locked the door before.


I wasn’t able to shout and Lin Wan Er walked in. What was worse was that Dong Cheng Yue walked in too. Wan Er’s face flushed red as she looked at me, “You… What happened…”

Wan Er’s face flushed red, she had never seen me like this before, “Dummy, go wear your clothes, what is this!”

Dong Cheng Yue’s face flushed red but she still glanced a few more times and her face turned even redder, “Wow, this fellow’s body is so nice…”

Wan Er, “...”

I, “...”

After a few seconds, I said awkwardly, “Dong Cheng go out, Wan Er bring me a set of clothes, let me bathe and then we will head out.”


Dong Cheng Yue turned around to leave and she didn’t forget to turn her head to glance once more. Although she looked quite dumb but it seemed like she would only behave like that towards me. I couldn’t blame her. Let her see then anyways there was no harm.


When I was bathing I heard Lin Wan Er calling for someone to send a new bed and bedsheets over. The current bed couldn’t be used at all.

When I was done, I wore a set of new clothes and it was close to six. We were probably going to be late.

“Quick, mocha called, they are there already.”

“En, right away!”

I shoved my phone into my pocket and held Wan Er’s hand before heading out. I turned around when I was heading out and kissed her on the lips. I smiled. She looked at me and smiled sweetly too.

Outside, Dong Cheng wore a very nice autumn wear and waited for us. She wore a student skirt inside and a coat outside. Along with her soft hair, she seemed like a balance of cute and mature. No wonder she was the only girl that could compare to Wan Er in the university. Coincidentally they were both by my side. Each time I went to class numerous people stared at me like they wanted to kill me, such that I couldn’t go to class nowadays.


I drove the A4 over. It was the peak period and the traffic was really bad. A 5 minute journey took 40 minutes. I heard Wan Er say that during the morning peak period, it would take 5 hours. What an annoying city that we loved!

We arrived close to 7. When we entered, Old K said, “We waited until our butts are about to wither…”

Song Han and Fox’s faces were expressionless.

Mocha pouted, “Only Old K, we know the traffic is bad.”

I sat down and glanced. Apart from Zhan Long’s Old K, Song Han, Fox and Mocha, there was also Furious Milk. She was the guild leader of Six Palance Pink. I laughed, “Today is Zhan Long’s internal meeting, it seems like… Mo Yan is planning on joining?”

Mo Yan smiled, “Right, last night the four of them voted. Without you, I have already been added to Zhan Long Studio.”

Mocha said, “Boss, now we have expanded to five people.”

“En, okay.”

Song Han said, “Waiter send the dishes, we can eat and talk at the same time.”

The waiter who was 1.49 meters tall with buck tooth nodded his head warmly. “Okay wait a while, the dishes are coming!”

“Brother Xiao Yao do you want some wine?” Song Han asked.

Actually my heart was in a mess too. Shen Bing’s death was huge to me and when I was alone I would blame myself. I nodded, “En, two bottles of Sky Blue!”



A few seconds later the dishes were served. They were really quick and just in minutes the table was filled. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue knew that I was in a bad mood so they found a valet. Today we will drink to our fill.

After a round, I said, “Let’s talk about the main thing. Since the two Wan Er design beauties are here, Wolf say what you all want. Don’t hold back, we are all on the same side.”

Song Han said, “En, let Sister Mocha say it, she is more experienced.”

Mocha smiled and said humbly, “Actually this is the first time I am talking about such a thing but I often come into contact so I know a little. Factories and permits can basically get settled, I contacted a few sources and we only lack designs. So we hope for Wan Er design to provide us with a design team.”

Lin Wan Er nodded and smiled, “No problem, our design teams are top in the industry.”

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