Chapter 1282- God Absolute and Star Explosure
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Zhan Long Chapter 1282- God Absolute and Star Explosure

Not speaking about other things, but when Butterfly was being crafted, it would definitely be majestic that was for sure.

Palace Spirit focused on making the blade while Fox waited impatiently on the side.

Different from Fox, I was filled with more anticipation. A Supreme Country Weapon, this Butterfly was about to become a Supreme Country Weapon, I had seen Dancing Forest’s bow so naturally, I was looking forward to my own blade.


The process lasted for half an hour and during this period I called Wang Jian over and handed the Dragonhorse Blade, Armor and helmet to him. I told him that we got all these from the trip and it was really suitable for him. Wang Jian was really smart and naturally knew what he should do. He took out 4 million RMB and told me to split it with the others.

I also knew that the general family’s money was hard earned so naturally, I couldn’t take too much. I refunded half of it and split the rest with the others. I didn’t take it myself and transferred the 500 thousand to each of their accounts.

Wang Jian dragged Li Mu and the others to go fight bosses as with the set equipment, he could trigger the other parts to drop. So Wang Jian’s current goal was to find four star and above bosses to challenge. Only then could he get the other parts of the set. The third country war was about to begin so Wang Jian hoped that he could complete the set and shine in the country war.


Half an hour later, light surged from the furnace. All the players were shocked at what was happening that a huge group gathered outside.

Excitement flashed on Palace Spirit’s face. Butterfly shone bright and a shockwave spread around it. From the map, a golden light was spreading with the first workshop at its core and it even reached Sea of no Return and Tian Ling City. The birth of this weapon was just so overbearing.

It hung in mid air and even the sword body had some changes. As compared to the previous Butterfly it was less exquisite and it gave off more of an emperor vibe. At the same time, a bell rang in the sky to announce the appearance of the second country weapon--


System Notification: Congratulations player Palace Spirit for upgrading Butterfly +7 to Butterfly +7 (Supreme Country Weapon), player skill familiarity broke through limit and completed Ancestor Grade achievement, skill upgraded to Weaponsmithing (Lv-God 1), player Palace Spirit obtained rewards: Level +5, charm +200!


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