Chapter 1281- Continue to evolve
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Zhan Long Chapter 1281- Continue to evolve

Apart from Dragonhorse Helmet, Beiqi seemed really stingy and only dropped a silver blade that was a level 240 Demon Harvest Blade. Since the number of Demon Harvest equipment limit increased past 9999, their value started to drop. They were much weaker than 1star god weapons and deity tier weapons. Although they were better than other items but there was a bunch of them in the auction house.

One Demon Harvest weapon and two Divine Tier Weapons, the 4th level Boss’s drop rate was so pitiful.

But I still kept my eyes on that skillbook. I grabbed it and my arm shook. Its introduction shone in the night sky and the few girl’s mouths were agape. No one expected the most shocking skill book to get dropped. This made up for the loss of drop rate in equipment.

Underworld Breaking Sword (4 star Star Region Technique): Use sword intent to attack, form a sword energy strike covering 120 yards, sword intent is like a world scroll that spreads out. After 1.5 seconds the scroll breaks down, dealing 150% of your attack. 60 second cooldown, consume 50 charm when learning. Required Level: 240, required job: All warrior-type jobs.


Lin Wan Er smiled, “Congrats piggy, you didn’t get any equipment but at least you got this, it looks quite strong!”

I nodded, “En, the killing ability and range is much better than Seven Star Fragment Slash, what a good team fighting weapon, what a skill!”

I waved and the skillbook disappeared into my palms as I learned it. Naturally, a new skill appeared in my skill column and it was a scroll of a sword and scroll intersecting. It was as bright as Star Shield. I was delighted, currently, I was probably the only person with two Star Region Skills right? Star Shield and Underworld Sword Breaking, one defence and one attack, making up for one another.

I successfully learned the skill and found an empty land to use it. I raised my right hand and power surged into it and right into Butterfly. Sword light shone and I slashed out. A golden light opened up and it was 120 yards long and 20 yards wide, opening up into a scroll. One could see mountains, rivers and beauties. 1.5 seconds later it collapsed and turned into blades and stone that smashed into the ground. In a blink of an eye, a moat was left in the tunnel. It actually had destructive abilities on the map, this skill was so strong!

“Okay, stop it.”

Lin Wan Er giggled and spread her hand, in it were three cards, “Baiqi’s card, keep it.”


I glanced. Baiqi’s general card seemed really overpowered--

Famous General Card Baiqi x3: raise attack by 150% and commanding effect by 40% (defence +80%), last for 120 minutes!


A full party buff for 120 minutes. Such a card was priceless. After all, guilds craved such a card when they fought super god bosses. Normal cards on the market could only raise commanding ability by 10% and raise party defence by 20% which was the max. These 3 could actually raise user’s attack by 150% and party defence by 80%. This was the best choice to kill bosses and for country wars!

I kept it, I didn’t need to consider selling it at all and we could just use it ourselves.

Considering the chances of Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue or Dancing Forest being party leader was low, so I only gave one to Wan Er and kept the other two. Anyways we were on the same side so we would just benefit our own people.

After keeping the card, I said, “Okay, let’s head to the next floor? Who knows what is there. Maybe the emperor would be welcoming us right away.”

Dong Cheng Yue laughed, “Anyways he is so old, we can finish him.”

“Let’s see…”

I held my sword and walked towards the fifth floor. The four girls followed carefully. When I was halfway through I activated God Form. i couldn’t be careless, who knew what was on the fifth floor.

“Sha sha…”

When my boots stepped onto the ground of the fifth floor, I was shocked by what I saw around. It wasn’t as big as I thought, I was just a small exquisite space that was similar to a hall. It was probably built using the emperor’s hall in Xianyang as a reference. A cooling dragon wrapped around a giant pillar and it looked really majestic but there were no guards here. At the end of the hall wasn’t a throne but a giant coffin.

“The emperor’s coffin…” Darling Duck was slightly emotional. After all, the Qin Emperor’s tomb was still a mystery to date and no one could find his coffin. Although this was in game but it was unavoidable for one to feel slightly emotional.

I walked closer to the coffin and my heartbeat sped up. I had a bad feeling, would the emperor come out and claw me?

Lin Wan Er followed closely and pulled my cape. Her face was covered in nervousness but she still wanted to see the emperor. It was quite amusing how she looked.

The cold wind blew and the entire fifth floor was silent.

I walked close and touched the lid. A bone chilling feeling spread over. What was inside? Not good, something was going to happen!

Right when the silence was unbearable, Dong Cheng Yue said, “Brother Xiao Yao, open the coffin to see the corpse…”


Wan Er and I laughed and the atmosphere changed.

“Hua hua…”

The sound of the coffin rubbing was really ear piercing. When I opened half of it, I didn’t look right away to see what was inside. Wan Er hugged my arm and stretched her neck. She looked inside and spat out her tongue.


“Nothing at all.”


I lowered my head and was shocked. The place where the corpse should be had nothing at all, only a decomposing pillow. A thick decomposition smell spread around.


We came here to search for the Country Jade but the emperor’s corpse wasn’t here at all so where would the jade be at. Another riddle?

Seeing how disappointed I looked, Lin Wan Er didn’t feel good either and she pushed it open fully.


A light shone at the edge of the coffin. Wan Er and I looked at the same time and saw a piece of jade. I picked it up and saw the words, “Destiny of Heaven, long life forever prosperous.A corner of it was broken and fixed with gold. It was probably smashed when the empress was furious and then the jade fell into the world and the guards sent it here. Then where were the guards? Did they die? Orr, they became a part of the terracotta warriors. Where was the emperor? It was so hard to explain.

Forget it, I got the country jade!


“This map is over like this?” Dong Cheng Yue smiled and asked.

I nodded, “En its over, although we didn’t get good equipment but the experience was good, prepare to return!”

“En en.”

We searched and there was nothing left. Time to head back!

At that moment, a bell rang in the skies above Tian Ling City--

System Notification: Players note, east ocean coordinates (38181, 17262)’s Emperor Tomb has appeared, there are 4 floors and each will have one boss. Each boss will spawn every 72 hours, ancient warrior level monsters will spawn every 60 minutes!


The map was officially released and it would be one that players fought for.

I said, “Did you remember the death timers of the bosses?’

Lin Wan Er was detailed, “En I do, I didn’t expect it to be useful.”

I smiled, “Then it should be fine, let Li Mu or Fox bring Zhan Long over and kill the monsters. Remember the boss timer, 100 people to kill the boss shouldn’t be too tough.”

“Okay, I will arrange it right away.”

“Okay then I will go upgrade my weapon.”

“We have been online for so long, go eat something and then sleep.”



But the materials were all prepared so it was impossible for me to go offline to eat. I should upgrade Butterfly first!

I looked at my friend list. It was 10 am and both Fox and Palace Spirit were online. I sent them a message to gather in Fan Shu City’s workshop.

When I rushed there, Fox had arrived. He held a bunch of tools and smiled, “200 pieces of ten thousand year iron, 3 level 19 books are prepared. Did you get your country jade?”

“Of course, if not why would the system open the map?”

“Hehe, I knew you guys were at that map, if not it wouldn’t cause such a big commotion.”

Palace Spirit arrived at that moment and leaped off her horse. She smiled, “Brother Guild Leader is it done?”


I took out the country jade and added in Fox’s materials and passed them to her.

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“Then I shall begin?”


She started to get busy. She first melted a bunch of the metal and the hot magma rolled in the furnace. She then used the molds and placed Butterfly in them. The sword was wrapped in thick light and was hanging above the furnace. It absorbed the power from the molds and the iron. Then Palace Spirit took out the jade and held it in her arms before smashing it.


This treasure turned into dust and fell into the furnace, merging with the metal and the liquid, I also saw the soul of the ancient emperor crying out in pain.

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