Chapter 1280- Like a drawing
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Zhan Long Chapter 1280- Like a drawing

I activated Star Shield and charged forwards. I used Great Realm of Desolation and the shell of the boss started to break apart revealing a very majestic and stern look. He didn’t look like how General Family’s Baiqi who randomly smashed his axe around. This Baiqi looked like a killing god. He used a blood sword and the horse he was on was black like rock. His eyes were shining like flames and just one look and one knew that he wasn’t easy to deal with.

“Come, Great Qin army, attack alongside me!” Baiqi raised his sword and shouted.

Behind me, the Qin Terracotta warriors were summoned. The dirt layer tore off and they rode their horses forwards, charging alongside Baiqi. Horse hooves shook the four floors and this was quite a sight.


Lin Wan Er raised the dragontooth blade and used her special effect. She released Black Dragon King Igoras and numerous blades descended from above. Cavalries attracted the aggro. Lin Wan Er jumped up and flew into the distance in God Form. The 300 cavalries charged after her.

I used Bladespin to draw Baiqi’s aggro. He was one of the top four generals of the warring states period and he roared as he charged at me. At the same time, Dong Cheng Yue shared his stats with the party. She had the highest level so she could read the Boss’s stats---

Wu An Lord Baiqi (7 star god boss)

Level: 255

Attack: 114000-147000

Defence: 70000

Health: 650000000

Skill: ???

Introduction: Baiqi, a famous Qin Country general, the head of the four generals. He went through many battles and led the army to attack Zhao and Wei Countries and also saved the Han Country. He killed 130 thousand people. Nine years later he attacked Han Country and killed 50 thousand. During the battle of Changping he went against the Zhao Country and 150 thousand troops surrendered. He had a total of 1.65 million kills and was called the killing god. After dying, Baiqi’s soul remained and he was willing to guard in the tomb to be used by the emperor.


“This introduction, really…” I praised.

“How is it good…” Wan Er flew in the sky and smiled, “e

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Novel Notes

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