Chapter 1287- Smokes of war again
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Zhan Long Chapter 1287- Smokes of war again

“Li Xiao Yao…”

Lin Tiannan was on the bench near the garden, “Come and sit?”

Zhou Yang and Tang Qi were discussing cultivation, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and Qin Wen were cleaning up. I walked over and sat opposite the bench and looked at Lin Tiannan, it was obvious he wanted to tell me something.

“Sorry about Busters.” His eyes were really black like he could see through everything, “I had biases towards you and thought that Wang Zecheng was a talent. I didn’t think he was such an animal. Thanks to you, if not I wouldn’t imagine how close would Wan Er get to him.”

I smiled, “Actually you don’t have to worry, Wan Er is really smart and can discern good from the bad. Even if I don’t appear she won’t get close to him.”

“Haha.” Lin Tiannan laughed, “So you mean that she can but I am blind and can’t see through him?”

I hurriedly said, “No, I didn’t mean that!”

He laughed, “I know, but, there is something I need to tell you.”

“En, what is it?”

“Three days ago, a bunch of Artificials snuck into our base in Xiaoshan and they wanted to steal our bonearmor defense system.”

“Ah?” I was shocked, “They haven’t given up?”

“En.” Lin Tiannan nodded, “Although Wang Zecheng didn’t appear directly but he is definitely behind this. They killed 30 workers and stole the system model but they definitely didn’t expect it to have a self destruct code. We exploded it on the highway, this was what caused the highway explosion in Lukun.”

I, “Then, do you know where Wang Zecheng is?”

“Not yet, he hid really well and we used everything but still can’t find him. I think he is hiding in some corner. No rush, as long as he pops up we can capture him.”

“Then be careful.” I said, “Wang Zecheng strengthened his body and he is stronger than A grade dragonblood warriors, he can even control a bit of Blazing Sun power.”

“Is that so?” Lin Tiannan frowned, “That would be a problem, how can we kill him?”

“Nano bullets can’t pierce through his shell, Pulse Charging Cannons might have a chance or laser cannons, but they haven’t been tested.”

“En.” Lin Tiannan nodded, “In the West Lake ruins we collected some of their shells and are testing them with bullets. Very quickly we can take out a set of methods to deal with him. No matter if is he S Grade or what, as long as he dares to touch Tianjin Corporation, I will make him regret it!”

“You need to be careful too.” I looked at him, “The reason why he wants the bonearmor is too obvious, maybe if he can’t, he will just attack you.”

I looked at Zhou Yang, “Although Uncle Zhou is strong but if he faces Wang Zecheng, he doesn’t even have a 20% chance, maybe… I should leave Hangzhou and protect you?”

He laughed and tapped me on my shoulder, “Good kid, you should just stay here and protect Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue. I don’t want anything to happen to them. Wang Zecheng has a much higher chance of attacking them than me. Moreover, you should know how important Wan Er is to me.”

I kept silent for a few seconds, “You should know how important you are to her too.”

He was shocked and after a short while, he smiled, “I know, I know… You are all good kids and shouldn’t be threatened. Don’t worry, I have entered the military and they will send people to protect me. We will also get Wang Zecheng out!”

“En, you have to be careful!”

Zhou Yang walked over and tapped my shoulder, “Don’t worry, Mr Lin has joined the chinese army and two days ago he was given a general rank.

“Ah, general?” I laughed, “Congrats Uncle Lin!”

“What is there to congratulate?” He acted casual, “If not for Wang Zecheng appearing, I probably would have never joined. As compared to those cunning people, I rather have tea and fish all day long, that is the life I want.”

I smiled.

Zhou Yang said, “If not for Mr Lin wanting to be neutral, he would have gotten a much higher rank. After all, Tianjin Corporation is such a strong addition to our national defence!”

“Okay.” Lin Tiannan said, “Old Zhou, don’t praise me like that, I am not paying your salary. Let’s go, time to head back to Shanghai, there is an important meeting.”

“En, let’s go!”

Wan Er and I sent them off and there were 5 cars parked which were all filled with his men. I could tell that the few cars were special, bullet proof glass and there were many Pulse Charging weapopns inside. Lin Tiannan did need such protection. He also brought many bodyguards so I was more at ease. If they had top weapons, even if they faced Wang Zecheng they should be able to fight.


Looking at her father’s car leave, Lin Wan Er blinked. The autumn wind blew her skirts and it was a little cold so she shuddered. I held her shoulder, “Let’s go back to the room, its too cold outside.”


Although she didn’t say anything but I knew that she was worried. Artificials appearing made China much riskier. One could say that their appearance changed national security and things weren’t as safe as we thought. Maybe war wasn’t too far away. We were in a peaceful era but things might change in a blink of an eye.

Lin Tiannan was the hero of such an era, maybe to me and maybe to everyone. Others didn’t dare to offend Busters but we dared but we had to pay a price. Our lives were threatened. I was worried for Lin Tiannan and also Wan Er. They were important to me.

Maybe as my identity was special, so guardian base sent people to protect my important people. Among them was Meng Yao who was in Xiamen University. My auntie was protected in secret 24 hours. Although Wang Xinw as stingy but he did this well. Especially after Shen Bing died, he changed. He became quiet. Actually everyone knew that Shen Bing didn’t fear anything, she often joked with Wang Xin without caring about their ranks. Shen Bing’s death definitely affected him as much as it affected me.


Time passed like water and in a blink of an eye, four days passed.

Everything was like normal, Wang Zecheng still didn’t show any tracks. The Guardian Base and the military worked more closely with one another and I also went back once to execute a plan. Unfortunately, we guarded at the port for a full day and he still didn’t appear.

In game, battles became even more intense.

The second player to ascend to high grade divinity appeared, it was Drunk Maple, someone I had clashed with many times. He didn’t come out after entering SHattered Silence God World for the second time, he gathered 15 Indian experts before launching an attack on a God Emperor. 12 of them died before they killed him and obtained one ice, fire and rock law divinity. He also became one of my strongest opponents.

During these four days no one ascended to mid grade god. I heard that Earth Realm only had a few dozen mid grade gods and I killed three of them. Sky Rose, Dancing forest etc killed 10. As more players entered, mid grade gods killed one another and swallowed each other. Someone even said that there were less than 10 left so it was hard to find them, much less kill them to get their divinity. The few remaining ones were swallowing one another to get stronger so they wouldn’t be any weaker than God Emperors. It was much harder to kill them now.

So many players headed to Heaven Realm and hoped to kill God Emperors. However, most of them failed. Moreover, Frost helped Lan Kou get one more high grade divinity, thus… Shattered Silence God World which had 7 god emperors, I killed one, Frost killed two, Drunk Maple killed one, so only three remained. Even before Wan Er’s CD was over, they might all get killed.

Thinking about it,God Emperors and God Kings were like pigs to humans. As long as we had enough people, we would be able to destroy their rule.

No one ascended to mid grade but many ascended to low grade gods. Just china alone had over 20 people. The entire server had around 117 low grade gods, china had 47 of them. One could see that China players held the ascendancy in this game now.


At night, after a few days of training, I was level 248. The night was quiet so I didn’t head out to level and was just touring the city. Suddenly players pointed into the distance, “Look, there is smoke there and also horn sounds!”

“Ah? Isn’t that Fan Shu City? Is there a fire?”

“Oh my, Zhan Long’s base is on fire!”

I didn’t know why they were shouting about so I jumped on the city walls and looked into the distance. There were flames but it wasn’t on fire. It was smoked from Fire God Mountain!

Smoke pierced through the clouds and one could see some flames.

This was the emergency signal from the border, war was coming!

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Was the… Third Country War about to begin?

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