Chapter 1288- 3rd country war
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Zhan Long Chapter 1288- 3rd country war

“Messenger officer, sound the drums!”

“I ordered towards the NPC messenger.

He nodded, “Yes The Executor!”

The drums on the west gate started to sound out. The Guards Army troops headed towards the palace and the entire Tian Ling City entered war mode.

Fan Shu City was well defended and there were many NPC troops there. Lan Kou was staying there too along with Chi Yuhan and Chi Yuqing. I had absolute confidence in its defence so it was not possible for them to conquer it. After the previous time, I believed that Iron Skull City and Swirling Abyss City would remember what happened and think of Fan Shu City as a god fortress.


“What happened? What happened? What happened in Tian Ling City?” Li Mu asked hurriedly in the guild channel.

Yue Qing Qian said, “Swirling Abyss City’s NPC army is getting close to Fire God Mountain and they are 3 hours from Tian Ling City. Which is why the Royal Army lit the smoke.”

“Is the country war beginning?” Lin Wan Er asked.

“It is about time.” I said.

Yue Qing Qian giggled, “The notification isn’t out yet but in truth, the game is run by the main system and the company people wouldn’t know the exact time and they can only wait for the main system to decide.”

“Qing Qian is so smart, that is indeed the case.” I praised.

Yue Qing Qian was extremely happy, “Brother Xiao Yao, you are one of the two high grade gods and will definitely be able to kill many. You will definitely be the MVP!”

I said, “There is still Drunk Maple. The Indians are at Seven Shine City and they probably want to charge out. Drunk Maple will definitely want to battle me.”

Li Mu said, “Even if he comes out he can’t beat you.”

I laughed, “I am just humble don’t take it seriously. Unless he gathered a bunch of strength equipment if not one set of my skills will wipe him out.”

“Your sister…”

Li Meng Yao, “Why did you call me?”

Li Mu, “No… Nothing…”


Not long later, as expected the notification was out. The third country war was beginning but not now and had to wait until 12 tomorrow. At least we had some time to decide troop allocations.

I raised my head and saw many war hawk knights flying above. These went to scout out the enemy and only by grasping their situation could we deal with them.

The players were all excited and actually many people were looking forward to the day. Especially those that ascended and were waiting to use God Form to kill many people. Many level 235 players were still fighting in Shattered Silence God World and there were many such people.

Shattered Silence God World’s first layer’s scattered spirits were all killed so it was quite pitiful. They had to wait for a long time before new slaves evolved into Scattered Spirits. This also meant that the number of players that could ascend was controlled.

The country war was about to begin so it was a good time for a patch, it would close for 2 hours at 12am tonight. There was a piece of bad news for players. The news was that the scattered spirits, hunters and God Ancestors were all refreshed back to previous levels. The bad news was that God Kings and God Emperor numbers were fixed and wouldn’t be increased. They could only wait for God Ancestors to evolve into God Kings and God Kings to evolve into God Emperors but this process was really slow and many players probably weren’t able to take it.


I held Butterfly and walked towards the Tian Ling City Palace. Actually, I wasn’t in a rush and had much time. The country war would start the next day and before that players couldn’t cause much commotion. Kills wouldn’t give points at all. I looked at Butterfly, this Supreme Country Weapon had really strong attack and IMBA special skills. But thinking about it, its evolution was far more than Overlord Rebirth’s debuff. After all, deaths to increase stats was just a dumb performance. What I chased now should be to kill without taking losses- I won’t die, enemies will all die!

On the main hall, many officials gathered. Even Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Yan Zhao Warrior and Drunken Spear were all here. The scenes were a mess. Lochlan just sat on his throne quietly and just watched.

“The Executor Li Xiao Yao enters the hall!”

The sound of the gate was really loud and it was quite deafening. These NPC generals all quietened down and stopped debating. After all, my power here was undeniable!


“Master Li you are finally here!” Lochlan stood up, “Tian Ling City’s situation will be risky.”

I said, “What is the situation? I don’t understand it yet.”

“Lin Qiong, tell Master Li about it!” Lochlan said.

Lin Qiong cupped his fists, “Yes!”

He turned around, “The Executor, Swirling Abyss City’s 500 thousand troops are west of Fire God Mountain. Scouts brought back intel that the emperor has personally led his troops. The vanguard army has moved out and is heading towards Moon City. There is also news that Sea of No Return has some movement. Numerous Yasha and Snakemen have moved ashore and they might attack us at any moment. Further away, Hybrid Demon Territory seems to have some plans.”

I frowned, “are you sure they have some movement too?”

“Yes.” Lin Qiong said, “Her Lady Pearl… No, that Hybrid Demon Territory commander Pearl has been moving the troops. Seven Shine City that had 100 thousand troops originally now have over a million.”

I squinted my eyes, “So you are saying that she wants to go around Dragon City and attack Tian Ling City from Sea of No Return?”

Lin Qiong nodded, “Yes general, Dragon City has Frost and Queen Zhi Shu there. Pearl has to judge her own strength first so I think she plans to go around the sea to attack us.”

Ouyang Di who was the Violent Thunder Army commander cupped his fists, “That is a problem. Swirling Abyss Empire, Iron Skull Empire, Sea of No Return and Hybrid Demon Territory attacking at the same time, even if we have many hands we might not be able to stop them!”

“Don’t panic!” I looked at him fiercely, “As a general how can you panic?”

Ouyang Di kept silent.

Lochlan said, “Master Li then what should we do?”

“Stop whatever comes and don’t panic.” I smiled, “Tian Ling City has developed and although we don’t have as many troops but our troops are good at fighting and can clash with the Hybrid Demons. Along with weapons, grain and cannons, if we just defend the city they will retreat in defeat.”

Earth Ocean Army general Qin Yi shouted, “The Executor, since you are so calm, I would like to ask. With Iron Skull Empire and the ocean demons of Sea of No Return attacking Moon City, what should we do?”

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Zhu Hai cupped his fists, “Your Majesty, I request we send three fearless troops to support Moon City. They are our city but they are too far away. If we don’t send troops now, they will fall to the hands of Iron Skull City. We have to do something!”

Lochlan frowned, “I know, let me think about it!”

Shao Shiyang said, “Your Majesty, don’t doubt yourself, I am willing o lead the Fire Rhino Army to assist!”

Lochlan said, “Master Li what do you think?”

I kept silent, “I have no ideas now, how about you ask the others.”

Lochlan looked around and Guard’s Army General Situ Xin cupped his fists, “Although Moon City is important but it is far less important than Tian Ling City. It is our base and we can’t lose it. If we send too many troops, the enemy will attack.”

Yan Zhao Warrior said, “Anyways it will begin tomorrow. Wait and see, it is too early to send troops.”

Fang Ge Que smiled, “General Zhao’s words are true, hehe…”

Fang Ge Que teased Yan Zhao Warrior and the uncle was unhappy, “Deputy Fang stop joking around…”

Drunken Spear laughed too, “Two generals please stop it…”

Lochlan saw that there was no conclusion so he asked me, “Master Li what do you think?”

I roughly understood the situation, “Moon City is led by Queen Fiona and she has 500 thousand Moon Elves and also 500 thousand humans. Their archery skills are really good and are good at defending. They might not be able to attack Iron Skull City but they have more than enough o defend. At least for a couple of days it would be fine. I suggest sending a message to Queen Fiona to tell her to defend it.”

Lochlan said, “Master Li… Do you think that their target isn’t Moon City at all?”

“Right, if I were them, I will just attack Tian Ling City to take down the empire. There is no need to spend so many troops on the thick walled Moon City.”


Lochlan nodded, “Let’s follow Master Li’s words, prepare to fight!”


Finally, the third country war was about to begin!

At 10pm, I monitored Royal Army and told Han Yuan and Jing Yin to lead 50 thousand troops to guard Fire God Mountain. The others were in Fan Shu City. Han Yuan was courageous and smart while Jing Yin was detailed so with them defending I would feel very much at ease.

As for me, time to get a good sleep and wait for the country war to begin. Who knows when the next time I could sleep be? 

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