Chapter 1289- Country war descends
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Zhan Long Chapter 1289- Country war descends

I fell into a deep slumber and when I woke up it was already 10 am and it was close to noon. Lin Wan Er sent me a message half an hour ago. They were already awake. I climbed up and took a shower before heading out to eat.

The lunch was very decent, it was like the day before exams in high school when the food quality in the cafeteria increased by a large amount. The country war was similar to our exams and was even more important. We had to suppress everyone if not the plan to unify the seven empires would continue to drag. =


11:50, online!


I appeared in Tian Ling City in Overlord gear and I held the Supreme Country Weapon Butterfly. I summoned Mei Er and rode on her back. I then summoned the Ancient God Tiger. Although players’ pets at the current stage seemed weak players couldn’t abandon them. Maybe the next patch would greatly strengthen their stats.


A message came from Li Mu, “Xiao Yao, most of the Zhan Long players are gathered in Fan Shu City, the current situation is quite complicated.”

“How so?”

“Late last night, Swirling Abyss City gathered 20 million allies and gathered the Western servers that we had scattered. They crossed Ice and Fire Plains and are heading towards Fire God Mountain. So Zhan Long and our allies will gather troops in Fan Shu City to defend. But last night, Heaven Planning Hall’s Rumor felt like we should strike so he gathered 10 million players to head to Moon City and are preparing to strike Iron Skull City from there.”

“Did Fang Ge Que go?”

“No, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, and Jian Feng Han are remaining in Tian Ling City.”

“That’s good, it doesn’t matter as long as our main force didn’t get brought away.” I said, “Let’s continue to defend, defend Tian Ling City for over two days and we will then strike.”

“Attack which main city?” Li Mu asked excitedly.

“Either Iron Skull City or Swirling Abyss City.” I smiled, “Either we wipe the Americans or Russians out. The last one left will have no help so we would be able to unify everything. Defend first, if we can’t defend anything then it would be useless.”

“En then when are you coming to Fire God Mountain?”




Naturally, I couldn’t head to Fire God Mountain right away, I went to repair my equipment and buy items that I needed. I held Butterfly and flew towards the Sea of No Return. Thai country war wasn’t just a players’ attack, the Hybrid Demons and ocean monsters were aggressive towards Tian Ling City too. We had to deal with that too.

What I didn’t expect was that when we arrived on the defence line, the war had already begun. Numerous ocean monsters surged out from the water and were attacking the humans. The people defending here were from Prague, Vanguard and Soaring Dragon as well as Changfeng Army, Autumn Harvest Army and Purple Spirit Army. There were around 5 million of them but they might not be able to hold on.

I dove down and saw a bunch of snakemen holding halberds and charging to shore. They charged toward the shields of the Autumn Harvest Army and that stunned the NPCs. Some of them had just joined the army and had not seen war before. Normal people didn’t have a chance to see snakemen charging with weapons. Moreover, they were level 8 hybrid demons and were strong, they looked like they were going to roll over them.


I dove down and aimed at the place that was the densest. Before landing, I raised my sword and a beautiful scroll stretched out. The beautiful scenes collapsed and turned into stone pieces, ice blades and wind swords to attack. A few days and I had leveled the skill to level 6 god grade, the attack greatly increased and a series of high damage numbers flew up---






The soaring dragon players were stunned. They looked at me in shock, “Damn? Seven-digit damage? That is so overpowered…”

Mu Tian held a spear and gritted his teeth, “Li Xiao Yao is a high-grade god and his equipment adds 30 thousand strength. He is much stronger than other gods so it is normal that he does so much damage!”

Fierce Tiger slashed with his axe but only dealt 200 thousand damage. He went full strength but all of a sudden his face turned green. The gap was huge, so big that his pride was hit.

On the ground, ahead of Soaring Dragon, a player in God Form was flying around. It was Drunken Spear, his spear turned into light that pierced the bodies of the snakemen and that dealt 300 thousand. The attack was not bad. This kid, but what shocked me was when his body stopped and a green mountain image appeared on his palm. He waved it and he dealt a stone attack towards snakemen in a 20 yeard range!

Scattered Stone Strike, a one star Star Region Technique, each strike could deal 400 thousand damage. Without the God Killing Effect, his skill damage wouldn’t be much lower than my Underworld Breaking Sword.


I didn’t think too much, kill them and I could get a bunch of points. This time the hybrid demons and players were attacking together so the points were combined.

I activated God Form and charged around the snakemen. Especially when I used Wind Carrying Slash, the sky changed color. A series of damage numbers wiped them all out in one shot. The snakemen had 5 million health and couldn’t even handle half of Wind Carrying Slash’s damage before they were killed. I just used the sword to use basic attacks, using Butterfly’s strong attack to deal damage.

At the same time, I activated country war mode and my buffs were shared with the players around such that Prague and Soaring Dragon players were all shocked--

After Yan Zhao Warrior sliced, he looked at his sword in shock, “what is going on, usually, my damage is around 180 thousand, how did it become 220 thousand? That is so weird…”

Six Ya nodded, “Right, my basic attacks are usually 20 thousand more than you, now it is 30 thousand…”

Drunken Spear held his spear and walked about on the frontlines and he said loudly, “I am the same, the damage increased by 15%, really weird…”

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Very quickly, a few people looked at us and smiled, “Look at the top Supreme Country Weapon’s stats, there is an effect that increased the equipment strength of allies around, which means that attack and defence would increase by 20%. This is the reason why your attack increased.”

“So that is the case…” Yan Zhao Warrior laughed, “Xiao Yao just stay here and fight with us here, this is the mission that Heaven Planning Hall gave us, we have to complete it…”

I continued to kill the monsters, “Let’s wait and see, I will help you for a while before I need to go. The battle at Fire God Mountain might be more intense than this. Don’t forget, the Russians brought cannons over, long-ranged explosions can’t be handled.”

“En, that is true, good luck!”



As expected, in an hour the battle in Fire God Mountain started. Li Mu, Song Han, and Lin Wan Er sent me a message to head over to the command. During the war, guilds would always lack commanders. Although Mocha, Wan Er, and Li Mu were all talented, Zhan Long had over 100 thousand players online. After all not everyone was like Han Xin that could command many troops. At most one person could just command around 1000+ if not it would get messy.

I waved at Yan Zhao Warrior, Drunken Spear, Jian Feng Han and Simple before leaving. Fire God Mountain was my battlefield. But after an hour here, I gained many points and was in the top ten. I was ranked seventh because I joined a little late but that didn’t matter. It would climb up.



I flew full speed ahead and under God Form my hidden speed increase much more so my speed was close to the speed of sound and I could hear the sound of sound booms.

A few minutes later, we arrived at Fire God Mountain and realized that it was about to become a sea of flames. I was in the sky and looked over. The south of Fire God Mountain was filled with people from Swirling Abyss City and also their NPC troops. On rough look, their army pretty much went all out, there were over 1 million of them with many cannons that were going against the Tian Ling City army.

“Peng peng…”

Two mushroom clouds appeared along with an eye-catching flame light. That was from the God Dragon Cannons! 



One could hear the sound of dragon roars and many dragonriders appeared. They weren’t from China but Swirling Abyss City. They finally had dragonriders, a total of 7 f them. The giant dragons were mid grade Holy element ones, red and green ones. I hid in the clouds and was thinking about how to kill them. I heard Li Mu’s voice, “Damn, these Russians are treating Fire God Mountain as theirs, even sending Dragonriders. Are they asking to die? Wang Jian, Mocha, Old K prepare to fly and kill them!”

Dragons roared as four dragonriders flew up. Zhan Long’s four dragonriders were about to strike.

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