Chapter 1289- Country war descends
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Zhan Long Chapter 1289- Country war descends

I fell into deep slumber and when I woke up it was already 10am and it was close to noon. Lin Wan Er sent me a message half an hour ago. They were already awake. I climbed up and took a shower before heading out to eat.

The lunch was very decent, it was like the day before exams in high school where the food quality in the cafeteria increased by a large amount. The country war was similar to our exams and was even more important. We had to suppress everyone if not the plan to unify the seven empires would continue to drag. =


11:50, online!


I appeared in Tian Ling City in Overlord gear and I held the Supreme Country Weapon Butterfly. I summoned Mei Er and rode on her back. I then summoned the Ancient God Tiger. Although players’ pets at the current stage seemed really weak but players couldn’t abandon them. Maybe the next patch would greatly strengthen their stats.


A message came from Li Mu, “Xiao Yao, most of the Zhan Long players are gathered in Fan Shu City, the current situation is quite complicated.”

“How so?”

“Late last night, Swirling Abyss City gathered 20 million allies and gathered the Western servers that we had scattered. They crossed Ice and Fire Plains and are heading towards Fire God Mountain. So Zhan Long and our allies will gather troops in Fan Shu City to defend. But last night, Heaven Planning Hall’s Rumor felt like we should strike so he gathered 10 million players to head to Moon City and are preparing to strike Iron Skull City from there.”

“Did Fang Ge Que go?”

“No, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han are still remaining in Tian Ling City.”

“That’s good, it doesn’t matter as long as our main force didn’t get brought away.” I said, “Let’s continue to defend, defend Tian Ling CIty for over two days and we will then strike.”

“Attack which main city?” Li Mu asked excitedly.

“Either Iron Skull City or Swirling Abyss City.” I smiled, “Either we wipe the Americans or Russians out. The last one left will have no help so we would be able to unify everything. Defend first, if we can’t

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