Chapter 108 - Exterminated
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Zhan Long Chapter 108 - Exterminated

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Chapter 108 – Exterminated
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Taking advantage of Jade City Sword’s descending motion, I slashed directly into Willow Shore’s shoulder and a damage number of 1700+ burst into the air, causing a one-hit KO. Willow Shore’s eyes widened as he dropped the longbow that he was wielding. His knees hit the ground weakly and raising his head to look at me, he muttered “Such a fast sword…”


Immediately after killing Willow Shore in a single strike, I rolled away into the tall grass as several [Fireball]s flew over my head with a “Huhu” sound. At the same time, fire and ice magic struck the ground that I was standing on a moment ago. To be precise, they were [Pillar of Fire and Ice]s! The other party had 7 Mages altogether. However, I had only managed to kill two of them!

“Go die!”

A Lv 41 Berserker roared and charged towards me, his battle axe imbued with the flame aura from [Flame Axe]. It was a straightforward chop attack!


Shifting my weight, I retreated half a step. Pah! The head of the battle axe struck the ground and exploded, burning the surrounding grasses to ash. At the same time, an enormous “MISS” appeared in the air. As expected, skills like [Flame Axe] were slow in their wind up, making it especially easy for speed classes to avoid the attack.

Keng, raising my Jade City Sword, I sent a vertical slash towards the Berserker. He clumsily blocked it with his battle axe. Pressing on my attack, I overpowered the Berserker, forcing him to retreat 3-4 steps. He stood there dumbfounded, “What the heck, how is this possible? How can the strength of a Swordsman surpass mine?!”

I turned around and moved away, disengaging from the Berserker. Raising my sword, I charged towards a Mage who was busy casting a [Pillar of Fire and Ice], a skill from the second Mage promotion, against me. As I raised my sword to attack the Mage, with a bang, a spark appeared on my shoulder and the scent of gunpowder lingered heavily in the air. Piggy started shooting at me! However it wasn’t much of a problem; My 1000+ defense meant that his attack could only deal a damage of 200+.

In addition, a large army of Wasps, Vampire Bats, Praying Mantises and other pets came rushing towards me. The Praying Mantises had slow movement speed, and thus, were unable to keep up with me. Although the Wasps had high mobility, their attack damage wasn’t even in the 700 range, and thus, couldn’t break through my defenses. Ding ding, each and every of their stings struck my Dawn Breastplate and caused less than 50 damage!



With a [Heal], my health bar was restored back to full. In a few quick steps, I suddenly appeared in front of the Mage. He tried to retreat but it was too late. A surge of air suddenly emanated from my feet and I activated my S-rank combo skill [Strength of a Thousand Men]! One attack followed closely after another, and another and yet another. Pah pah pah pah, the initial 4 strikes shattered the [Mana Shield] of the Mage. Then, with a roar, I charged up my energy and sent a [Wind Blade] right at him!



The Mage whose [Mana Shield] was broken stared blankly as his knees hit the ground. He died in an instant and even dropped several Indigo Sea Pills. Players from the [Wrath of the Heroes] indeed had no lack of money, to be able to use Lv 5 pills!

Feeling an intense heat on my back, I turned around to see Piggy crouching some distance away while holding a rifle in his hands, that seemingly like an illusion, became bigger and bigger, with its aim directed right towards me. It was the skill from the second job promotion for Musketeers!

The sky turned fiery-red as the land all around me was hit by explosions from Piggy. It was a 7×7 meter AOE attack, a skill from the second job promotion for Musketeers – [Bombardment]!


A damage number appeared in the air and I felt a chill. That was really scary; if seven or eight Musketeers were to use [Bombardment] on me at the same time, even with my movement speed, it would be impossible for me dodge their attacks. I would probably just die on the spot. These kinds of AOE attacks were seriously too frightening!


Lowering my sword, I decided to ignore Piggy and pulled a Lv 5 Health Potion from my bag, recovering 750 health points. In the sky, Baby Bobo fluttered around and went for the same target as me. It was a Lv 39 Mage who hadn’t undergone the second job promotion yet and thus did not possess the [Mana Shield] skill. Forcing him backwards with my Jade City Sword, I directed Baby Bobo to send a deadly sting towards him, killing him in a moment!

“Healers, heal everyone properly!” Piggy’s eyes reflected his anger. “Archers, what are you waiting for, use [Shatter Shot] to lock his movements! Berserkers and Swordsmen, surround him and block his path, we must get rid of Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”

In the sky, three Wind Elf Healers gritted their teeth, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s style of attacking is brutal. All of his skills are one-hit KOs, so we don’t even get a chance to heal his victims. His attack power is too high!”

From the opposite direction, a Lv 42 Swordsman swung his sword towards me and laughed, “What’s so impressive about him, watch me as I get rid of him!”



As the Jade City Sword pierced through the chest of the fifth Mage, I felt a strong wind behind me. The Lv 42 Swordsman was about to launch a Lv 5 [Combo] attack!


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I immediately turned my sword to meet his, dragging the Mage’s corpse along with my sword. Keng, I deflected the Swordsman’s first strike. However, the other three strikes managed to land on the area near my neck, and I wasn’t able to avoid them–



“What the heck!” The Lv 42 Swordsman’s face turned green, “This… What the hell is wrong with your defense? Do you need to be that strong!?”

I smiled and ordered Baby Bobo to kill the Swordsman while I headed in another direction to kill off another Mage. Breaking his [Mana Shield] with my [Combo] skill, I followed up with a [Fierce Ice Blade], dropping his health to zero in an instant. At the same time, I finally felt some relief. With only a single Mage remaining, my chances of death were extremely low with my 2000+ health.

Now, it was time to begin the massacre. My first target would be the mastermind, Piggy!


My war boots stepped purposefully on the grass while my Jade City Sword reflected a chilling glow.

Piggy shivered and grabbed his rifle while retreating hurriedly. At the same time, he shouted, “Knights, block him, don’t let him get near me!”

A Knight with at least 3000 health rushed towards me with his spear. Activating his skill, he launched a [Fire Spear] towards me. I received his attack on my chest and a damage number of 221 appeared in the air. The Knight’s face went pale. Having pumped so many of his stats into defense and endurance, there simply wasn’t any possibility of him breaking through my defense.

Peng. Raising my arm, I knocked the Knight out of my way. In the same motion, I stooped down and punched the ground. Peng. Metal chains burst forth from the ground, trapping Piggy. Awesome, this [Binding Chain] skill was really useful!

Piggy’s face turned purple, “Crap, now I’m done for…”


Leaping forward towards Piggy, I charged my attack for 0.2 seconds while I was flying through the air and sent a Lv 5 [Wind Blade] right onto Piggy’s shoulders. I followed up immediately with a normal attack, depriving him of any chance to regain his health!


He died right away. Piggy, being a Musketeer, added most of his stats to Agility and as a result, his health couldn’t be higher than 1100. With such low health, he couldn’t possibly take on my attacks.


Kicking Piggy’s corpse away, I turned to check on Baby Bobo. Baby Bobo had been bombarded by the sole Mage for a while and was left with barely 10% health. I hurriedly cast [Heal] on him to raise his health.

Up in the air, several Wind Elf Healers stare at the scene, shocked, “We… What should we do… We…”

There wasn’t any chance for them to slip a heal in between my attacks. At most, they could only cast buffs such as [Encourage]. Amongst them, there was a Lv 40 Healer with the second job upgrade. Looking at the players on the ground, he couldn’t help but ask, “Should I revive brother Piggy?”

The one remaining Mage immediately replied, “Don’t revive him, we have already lost. All our other Mages are already dead and we can’t kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai like this. His equipment is simply too good. Inform the others of his coordinates so our guild leader can bring some men over. With over a hundred people, we can definitely kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai in an instant!”


My blade penetrated a player’s chain-mail and stabbed into flesh; yet another Swordsman had died to my Jade City Sword. However at that very moment, my body quivered, it was a stun! A shadow appeared, it was a Lv 41 Assassin!

I could feel a bone-breaking pain on my back. The Assassin’s [Backstab] + [Bleed] skilled attacks were very strong!


Turning swiftly, I slashed my Jade City Sword in a sweeping arc. To my surprise, the Assassin leapt backwards and successfully avoided my slash. He must possess exceptional speed and agility. He looked at me provocatively and said, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, prepare to die!”

The edges of my mouth curve upwards into a sneer, “The one who should prepare to die is you!”

“Hm?” A look of shock flashed in his eyes. Despite his speed, he could only watch as my Bee Overlord descended from above and sent a combo of stings into his chest!

“Pu tong…”

The Assassin knelt onto the floor, his eyes showing that he was unable to accept such an outcome, “Dammit, the pet’s flying speed, how unfair…”


I moved on to my next target. Within 6 seconds, I killed another Berserker while healing myself and ensuring that my health was constantly above 40%. Having lost too many of their Mages and Archers, the surviving players from the [Wrath of the Heroes] had lost their advantage over me. Depending solely on heavy-armor classes wasn’t sufficient to get rid of me. Furthermore, the abilities of these Swordsmen and Berserkers were simply too limited. If it was Jian Feng Han here in place of them, with his current attack power, my situation would be extremely unfavorable.

“Retreat! Don’t sacrifice your levels for a lost cause!” One of the enemy’s Berserkers shouted as he held his battle axe and backed away.

The other 9 remaining players, as though just waiting to hear ‘retreat’, immediately turned tail and fled, leaving the 12 bodies of their comrades behind.



I returned my Jade City Sword to its sheath and laughed. 1v22, yet the outcome was the enemy retreating after 12 casualties. Although part of the victory had to be attributed to the success of the surprise attack, the crucial factor that led to my victory was my current stats and skills, coupled with the timing and usage of my combo attacks. Despite their large numbers, by taking advantage of every advantage I had, I won the fight.

Bending down, I picked up all the equipment that the enemy had dropped. As none of them were red-named chaotic players, the drop rate was really low. Dying once had a 15% probability of dropping 1 piece of equipment, 3% probability of dropping 2 pieces, and no chance of dropping 3 equipment. Thus, even though I killed 12 of their players, they only dropped 3 pieces of equipment, even after taking my high charm into consideration.

Willow Shore had dropped a longbow “Sweeping Wind”, a Lv 37 Silver Rank equipment. Attack 197-275, Agility +27, Endurance +25. The stats were not bad, so the bow could probably be sold for a good price. Another piece of equipment was the “Runoff Cloak” that was dropped by one of the Mages, a Lv 40 Bronze Tier equipment. It increased magic attack by 1%, which wasn’t too bad either. Finally, a Swordsman dropped his shoes, “Riverbed Boots”, a Lv 36 Bronze Tier equipment which had average stats.

I placed the 3 pieces of equipment into my bag. The Sweeping Wind could probably be sold for quite a bit of money. As for the other two, well, it was hard to say. Anyway, the price I paid for these was only a single Pardon Card, so I guess it didn’t really matter.


Checking my own status after the intense battle, I found that although I still had 57% of my health left I only had 31 mana left, which wasn’t sufficient to even cast a single [Wind Blade]. Damn it, high level skills really required too much mana. Looks like in the future, on top of pursuing equipment with good Endurance, Strength and Agility stats, I must also look at the Magic stats. Being able to sustain my attacking prowess was the path to the top!

It would take them at least 20 minutes to get to my current location, so I had no reason to hurry. However, since my position was now known, there was no reason for the [Wrath of the Heroes] players to not come and cause trouble for me, so I decided to move and not idle around any longer!


Checking my surroundings, I ventured forward. Not long after, I stumbled upon a gigantic pitch-black abyss. As I closed in on the abyss, I felt a ferocious aura emanating from it. I had finally reached my destination — Green Qilin Abyss!

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