Chapter 108 - Exterminated
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Zhan Long Chapter 108 - Exterminated

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Chapter 108 – Exterminated
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Taking advantage of Jade City Sword’s descending motion, I slashed directly into Willow Shore’s shoulder and a damage number of 1700+ burst into the air, causing a one-hit KO. Willow Shore’s eyes widened as he dropped the longbow that he was wielding. His knees hit the ground weakly and raising his head to look at me, he muttered “Such a fast sword…”


Immediately after killing Willow Shore in a single strike, I rolled away into the tall grass as several [Fireball]s flew over my head with a “Huhu” sound. At the same time, fire and ice magic struck the ground that I was standing on a moment ago. To be precise, they were [Pillar of Fire and Ice]s! The other party had 7 Mages altogether. However, I had only managed to kill two of them!

“Go die!”

A Lv 41 Berserker roared and charged towards me, his battle axe imbued with the flame aura from [Flame Axe]. It was a straightforward chop attack!


Shifting my weight, I retreated half a step. Pah! The head of the battle axe struck the ground and exploded, burning the surrounding grasses to ash. At the same time, an enormous “MISS” appeared in the air. As expected, skills like [Flame Axe] were slow in their wind up, making it especially easy for speed classes to avoid the attack.

Keng, raising my Jade City Sword, I sent a vertical slash towards the Berserker. He clumsily blocked it with his battle axe. Pressing on my attack, I overpowered the Berserker, forcing him to retreat 3-4 steps. He stood there dumbfounded, “What the heck, how is this possible? How can the strength of a Swordsman surpass mine?!”

I turned around and moved away, disengaging from the Berserker. Raising my sword, I charged towards a Mage who was busy casting a [Pillar of Fire and Ice], a

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