Chapter 109 - Flamed Fan Dance
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Zhan Long Chapter 109 - Flamed Fan Dance

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Chapter 109 – Flamed Fan Dance
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After walking for a few minutes along the edge of the forest, I arrived at the edge of the Green Qilin Abyss. It really was a bottomless void, with no apparent way to reach the base. The walls of rock were smooth,sleek, and covered with moss. The rock underneath also seemed to be pretty solid; hardly cracking at all when tested with my Jade City Sword. My plan of slowly climbing down into the Abyss by stabbing into it’s walls was a bust.


I sat at the Abyss’ edge and peered into its depths. I could make out faint red dots deep inside. These must have been the monsters that spawn in the Green Qilin Abyss. Unfortunately, the distance that separated us was too great. That was fine though. What I had cared about most as of then was finding the Green Qilin Grass. Since the time I entered Green Qilin Valley, I had not seen even a single blade of it. If Green Qilin Grass really does grow in this region, then it must be in the Green Qilin Abyss.



It was a message from General Li Mu, who I had not talked to for quite some time. “Haha. Brother Xiao Yao. I hear you PKed against players from [Wrath of the Heroes] in a remote region?”

I replied: “Hmm? Your connections are pretty good….”

Li Mu laughed, “Actually… It was a member of [Wrath of the Heroes] who announced the news. There’s already a video of the fight on the forums. You youngsters are really popular…”

I paused for a second, speechless, “Hey, don’t mock me! I’m being hunted to my wit’s end. This is the kind of popularity that I really don’t want. Oh right! Your guild has been established for quite some time already. Is it doing well? How’s recruitment going?”

Li Mu replied with a hint of pride, “ Over the past few days, we have organized small parties to level up our guild. We’re

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