Chapter 110 - CBN Leaderboard
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Zhan Long Chapter 110 - CBN Leaderboard

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Chapter 110 – CBN Leaderboard
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After killing a dozen or so Flaming Cat Spirits, I finally got to the mouth of the cave in the Green Qilin Abyss. Here, piles of black limestone were stacked into a precipitous, jagged slope. My heart raced anxiously; I had high expectations and would hate to be disappointed. If I can find some Green Qilin Grass here, there’s a good chance that I could make a lot of money. If I go back empty-handed then I will have no way to fund my studio.



As I made my way through the grass, I caught a glimpse of a Flaming Cat Spirit in the distance. It hasn’t seen me yet, so I continued on cautiously. I clambered over the pile of black limestone at the edge of the cave and became sorely disappointed. There wasn’t even a single blade of Green Qilin Grass. Damn, is it possible that the legendary Green Qilin Grass really doesn’t grow in the Green Qilin Valley? Or perhaps my method of searching is flawed?

I reached out with my hands to feel the wet stone walls and let the cool feeling spread in my palm. I clenched my teeth in frustration. I just can’t figure it out! Why can I not find the Green Qilin Herb? Even if it is a Lv 6 herb, I should be far enough in the map for Lv 6 herbs to spawn. Maybe the system is intentionally preventing players from crafting Lv 6 pills at this stage of the game?

No, that’s not right. The <> system is controlled by the main computer; even the company can’t interfere with it. There has to be something I’m missing here.

I silently stood and my eyes wandered over the terrain for a long time. Suddenly, I saw something out of the corner of my eye; something poking out of a piece of limestone. I kicked the rock, cracking its surface to reveal a seed-like object breaking through the rock. My heart sunk. My first impression was that some kind of monkey would jump out at me but of course that’s impossible. With the help of a little poking and prodding, the rock

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