Chapter 107 - Wrath of the Heroes Again
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Zhan Long Chapter 107 - Wrath of the Heroes Again

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Chapter 107 – Wrath of the Heroes Again
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“Ka cha!”

With a slash, I sliced apart the body of the Vine Monster, removing the last sliver of his health. Along with 10 silver coins, it dropped an Illustration of the Vine Monster that had 4.5 stars in endurance and 3.5 in attack, quite normal stats. Let’s just leave it there; there was probably no Lv 1 Vine Monster here and also, that kind of stat growth didn’t interest me at all.

Continue killing!


The Jade City Sword pierced through the body of a Vine Monster. With a 【Wind Blade】, it was immediately shredded apart!


A crisp sound of something dropping could be heard. I turned to see what happened, and the Vine Monster seemed to have dropped some kind of an equipment, something shiny. Previously, the equipment that had dropped were useless Green-tiers or Black Iron Tier equipment. What could it be this time?

As I stretched out my hand to grab the 10 silver coins, beside them, I saw a small shiny ring that silently laid in the grass. As I placed it in my palm, heat flew from the ring and sinked into my skin. My heart began to beat wildly as I looked at the properties of the ring, —

【Man Luo’s Ring】(Silver-Rank Equipment)
Extra:Increases the user’s attack by 40 points
Special Effect:Life Steal, converts 1% of damage to the user’s health
Level Requirement:45


Life Steal!!

My eyes widened into two big circles. A ring with 1% Life Steal, Damnit! I actually got a 1% Life Steal ring? Awesome!

1% Life Steal, although it didn’t seem like much, in reality, it helped immensely. Furthermore, Life Steal’s effects could be stacked. If a player could obtain around 10% Life Steal, he would be godlike! This was how the Battle Reflux Style originated, to continuously attack the opponent while recovering one’s own health; Jian Feng Han and Q-Sword were all grandmasters of this style.

Well, who cared, let me equip it first!

“Pa ta!”

Both of my hands had a ring on them, one of them being the Green Stem Ring and the other was the Man Luo’s Ring. Both were silver-rank equipment. A player could equip only 2 rings at a time, so my ring collection was now complete. My attack damage had risen to 1138 and my health had reached the 2000 range, granting me even greater survivability!

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