Chapter 106 - Nature’s Aggression
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Zhan Long Chapter 106 - Nature’s Aggression

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Chapter 106 – Nature’s Aggression
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To avoid all the monsters between the levels of 47-49, I took a big detour while traversing over the plains. After an entire half hour, I stood at the borders of a verdant valley. Looking downwards at the valley, which was shrouded in mist, and from afar I could hear the primal cry of birds. I have finally arrived at the Green Qilin Valley, the destination of my trip!

I grab my Jade City Sword tightly as Baby Bobo flies happily around my shoulder. Before entering the mountainous region, I check the area around the valley but there doesn’t seem to be a route that leads straight into it. Just a step away is a cliff that is around 200 meters in height. However, the Green Qilin Abyss lies within the valley, if I don’t find a way to get down, I won’t be able to find my Green Qilin Grass.


Sheathing my sword, I took a closer look at my surroundings. The cliff is indeed too steep, if I were to try to jump down, I would definitely die.

Looking around again, I suddenly found my ray of hope. There were strand after strand of thick and strong green vines growing in the gaps between the rocks. If I were to tie these green vines together to form a rope, I could slide my way down and not die from the height.

Walking forward, I grab a strand of vines and pull down with great force and confirm that the vines are quite firm. So, I pull up about 10 meters of vine and then severe it before pulling up another strand and continue the entire process until I had roughly 200 meters worth of woven green rope. Tying them together, I hook the end of the vines onto a gigantic rock and start to slide my way down along the cliff. As the green vines shake, I shook along with them. Actually, this was quite a dangerous feat as there is a limit to the strain wild vines can take and they could rip apart quite easily. There have been many adventurers that died in the wild under such circumstances.


With force, I step away from the face of the cliff using my boots and at the same moment, my body slides down a few meters. By following the process continuously, I swiftly descend to a height that was 50 meters below water level. At this moment, my body was shrouded by damp mist as I felt a fine moisture settling onto my two legs. Looking upwards, the mist has already obscured my vision of where I originally came from.


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