Chapter 106 - Nature’s Aggression
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Zhan Long Chapter 106 - Nature’s Aggression

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Chapter 106 – Nature’s Aggression
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To avoid all the monsters between the levels of 47-49, I took a big detour while traversing over the plains. After an entire half hour, I stood at the borders of a verdant valley. Looking downwards at the valley, which was shrouded in mist, and from afar I could hear the primal cry of birds. I have finally arrived at the Green Qilin Valley, the destination of my trip!

I grab my Jade City Sword tightly as Baby Bobo flies happily around my shoulder. Before entering the mountainous region, I check the area around the valley but there doesn’t seem to be a route that leads straight into it. Just a step away is a cliff that is around 200 meters in height. However, the Green Qilin Abyss lies within the valley, if I don’t find a way to get down, I won’t be able to find my Green Qilin Grass.


Sheathing my sword, I took a closer look at my surroundings. The cliff is indeed too steep, if I were to try to jump down, I would definitely die.

Looking around again, I suddenly found my ray of hope. There were strand after strand of thick and strong green vines growing in the gaps between the rocks. If I were to tie these green vines together to form a rope, I could slide my way down and not die from the height.

Walking forward, I grab a strand of vines and pull down with great force and confirm that the vines are quite firm. So, I pull up about 10 meters of vine and then severe it before pulling up another strand and continue the entire process until I had roughly 200 meters worth of woven green rope. Tying them together, I hook the end of the vines onto a gigantic rock and start to slide my way down along the cliff. As the green vines shake, I shook along with them. Actually, this was quite a dangerous feat as there is a limit to the strain wild vines can take and they could rip apart quite easily. There have been many adventurers that died in the wild under such circumstances.


With force, I step away from the face of the cliff using my boots and at the same moment, my body slides down a few meters. By following the process continuously, I swiftly descend to a height that was 50 meters below water level. At this moment, my body was shrouded by damp mist as I felt a fine moisture settling onto my two legs. Looking upwards, the mist has already obscured my vision of where I originally came from.


Suddenly, my instincts told me that there was danger lurking around and at the very next moment, a giant black snake appears from one of the cracks along the face of the cliff. Opening its large mouth, it viciously bites onto my shoulder!



It was quite a painful attack, the snake’s level must be quite high!

With my left arm grabbing onto the vines, I unsheathe my sword with my right arm to prepare for battle. At the same moment, with a glance of my eyes, the stats of the monster appear in front of my eyes–

【Mysterious Cliff Snake】 (Elite Monster)
Skills:【Swallow】【Tail Whip】【Toxic Spray】

Description: Mysterious Cliff Snake, a type of snake possessing deadly poison that lives in the cracks along the face of a cliff. It was said that the snake is a descendant of an ancient beast. Due to countless years of traversing along the mountain, it possesses extraordinary defensive abilities. Also, the Mysterious Cliff Snake is innately greedy and savage, countless have fell under their poison.


It wasn’t surprising that with its 1000 base attack power coupled with its high level which suppresses my stats and its hidden properties, its actual attacking power is above 1300, which explains why the snake was able to break my defense of 1000.

A golden hexagram appears on my Jade City Sword, shua shua shua, I continuously strike four times on the body of the Mysterious Cliff Snake. Since my other hand is busy grabbing onto the vine, I was unable to build up power to use 【Strength of a Thousand Men】, thus I could only dish out a 【Fierce Ice Blade】. A few damage number pop up-


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Under the series of attacks, the health of the Mysterious Cliff Snake drops by 40%. Along with Baby Bobo’s Lv 5 【Combo】 attack, the health of the Mysterious Cliff Snake drops below half and it cries out in agony. Entrenching its body between the cliff, its tail suddenly whips towards me!



I felt a burning pain on my face. Furthermore, it was still a critical hit, excruciating pain!

I hurriedly heal myself and slash the snake several times with my Jade City Sword, averaging around 1.2 attacks per second. Not long afterwards, the monster was at a near death state. Before dying, the Mysterious Cliff Snake opens its wide mouth and sprays out a green fluid towards me!


With the green fluid splattered all over my face, I feel another burning hot sensation on the skin of my face.

System Notification: You have been poisoned. You will lose 3000 HP within 60 seconds.


“Damn it…”

Losing 50 health every second, this 【Toxic Spray】 is really deadly!

With another 【Fierce Ice Blade】, I slash through the snake’s body and following its ssss cry in agony, the gigantic snake fell motionless between the cracks of the cliff. At the same time, it dropped 7 silver coins. Not bad, it was quite generous!

Stretching my hand to grab the silver coins, I look at my experience bar. The experience I earned from killing the Mysterious Cliff Snake was a whopping 400 points! The experience gained from killing Elite Monsters is always abundant. Today, I can earn a plentiful sum of experience points here, but that is if I am able to survive. As my level rises higher, I should avoid dying at all costs. Otherwise, my level could end up behind others for a long period of time.

Continuing on my descent, my face remains green and my health continues to drop, making me glad that I have a 【Heal】skill with a 6 second cooldown. Otherwise, a 【Toxic Spray】 would be enough to kill me from full health. A health potion has a 60 second cooldown time, which means in 60 seconds, one could only heal around 600 health which is completely insufficient to survive the 3000 damage per minute of the Mysterious Cliff Snake’s poison. This means that if one doesn’t come with a Healer, any player at our current stage would probably end up dying. After all, even a Monk who adds 5 endurance every level might not have 3000 health.

After descending for a short while, a second Mysterious Cliff Snake appears and uses 【Toxic Spray】 right from the start in my face. I angrily retaliate with 【Combo】 and 【Fierce Ice Blade】. Using myself as a tank, Baby Bobo continues to deal out large amounts of damage. In a mere 10 seconds, we kill this Mysterious Cliff Snake!


This time, along with 7 silver coins, the snake drops an additional blood red card which looks strangely familiar. Looking at its description, my heart begins to beat faster–

【Pardon Card】: This card prevents the user from gaining any sin points after killing any players for 12 hours.


Silently putting the Pardon Card into my bag, I look towards the sky. Tyrant of Western Chu is the type of person to go all out and after killing his Lv 41 Archer Willow Shore, the 【Wrath of the Heroes】 is bound to continue to pursue me. Once they lock onto my position, they would definitely not let me off easy. I understand that the one who strikes first lives. So, assuming that Tyrant of Western Chu really comes pursuing me, I shall take the initiative to get rid of him. At that point in time, I would require a card like the 【Pardon Card】, otherwise I stand to lose a lot while being killed as a Chaotic Player.

As the mountain wind blows, I sway along the cliff face of Green Qilin Valley. After getting rid of nearly a hundred of these Mysterious Cliff Snakes, I could finally see the ground 50 meters below me. Seeing the lush green that hints of spring, this place has a scenery that belongs to a deep mountain. The sight was one to behold and it would be even better if there was pretty lady here to train with me.

Suddenly, the image of Lin Wan Er flashes across my mind and I immediately shake my head to lose that thought. Damn it, why am I thinking of her. I can’t afford to flirt with this kind of woman, I better think of others, such as… Tsk, forget it. I don’t have any money right now, I can’t afford to flirt with any woman. Let’s focus on refining my 【Green Qilin Pill】 to earn money before thinking about other matters.



As my boots steadily land on the ground, I’ve finally reached the bottom of the valley. Holding my Jade City Sword in one hand, and my other hand pulling apart a curtain of vines, I move forward carefully. This Green Qilin Valley is an entirely unexplored map, who knows what could be hidden within it.

“Sha sha…”

There’s something moving in the grass! I immediately heighten my awareness. It’s definitely another monster, yet on my map, it doesn’t indicate that there is a monster!


A shadow suddenly launches an attack towards me. I hurriedly raise my arms to block it!



I lost quite a lot of health. As the green leaves in front of me parted, I could see what attacked me. It was actually an extremely large “Big Tree”, but maybe it couldn’t really be considered a big tree. It was more like a monster formed by a bundle of vines and in the middle, a pair of savage eyes could be seen. On its sides were two thick and strong arms, and what that just attacked me was one of the vines on its arms–

【Dark Green Vine Monster】 (Elite Monster)
Skills:【Furious Whip】【Entangle】【Poison Sting】

Description: Dark Green Vine Monster, a type of monster that once grew in ancient forests. Initially a type of plant, but after it absorbed evil energy, it gained consciousness. With a brutal innate personality, it likes to feed on the nutrients on animals to nourish itself. Once the Dark Green Vine Monster manages to entangle itself around you, it would suck all your blood dry.


Looking at its skills, I shiver. To dare to latch onto me?! It must be courting death…

Baby Bobo flies forward and launches an offensive while I prepare my stance and cast a 【Fierce Ice Blade】!


My 【Fierce Ice Blade】 penetrates the body of the Dark Green Vine Monster, causing ice to form on him. On top of dealing 900+ damage, its speed is also lowered. A skill just isn’t the same as a normal attack. At the same time, I activate 【Combo】 to kill it as fast as possible.

The Dark Green Vine Monster groans in pain and raising both of its arms, pah pah pah, it starts on a flurry of whip attacks against me. In no time, my face reddens and swells up from all the beating. Both the human and the monster looked tattered with the beatings!


When his health reaches around 40%, the Vine Monster opens both of his arms and countless vines stretch out from his arms. Shua shua, and in an instant, I’m trapped in his vines. Without doubt, this is his 【Entangle】. Although I try to break free with all my strength, I’m unable to pry away from his grip. At the same moment, the Vine Monster made a ji ji sound and points many small poisonous vines towards me, each stabbing into areas where I was unprotected by my armors, directly piercing my skin. It’s sucking my blood!?



My health dropped steadily. 100 damage every second, dammit!

In a rage, I activate my combo attack — 【Strength of a Thousand Men】!


A whirl of air gushes up from my feet, immediately pushing away the vines of the Vine Monster. Swiftly, I deal strike after strike on the vines. With my 【Wind Blade】, the Vine Monster cries wretchedly and his large body falls apart, leaving behind a pile of broken twigs. As it died, it dropped 9 silver coins. Awesome, the monsters here are seriously generous!

Picking up the silver coins, I continue to venture forward. This time, the Vine Monsters who are hiding below the trees are unable to hide from my sight. I picked them out one after another and got rid of them cleanly. Using a [Combo] skill to free myself from their【Entangle】 by making use of the surge of air effect before the combo, I’ll be honest here, it was something I would have never thought of. The only thing is that the cooldown time for 【Strength of a Thousand Men】 is rather long, thus I can only depend on Baby Bobo to dish out damage. On average, I could get rid of a Vine Monster in around 18 seconds.

While I was busy slaughtering the Dark Green Vine Monsters, with a ding, I suddenly receive a message coming from Yue Qing Qian, “Brother Xiao Yao!”


“You are at the Green Qilin Valley northwest of Ba Huang City, right?”

“Yeah, how did you know…”

“How I know about it isn’t important. What is important is that the Tyrant of Western Chu is bringing a 200 man team towards Green Qilin Valley saying that they are going there to hunt. I knew it, your position must have been compromised! What to do now? Shall I bring my men from 【Prague】 to kill them?”

I unconsciously smile, “There’s no need for that. Just wait and see, Qing Qian. They have nothing to earn from coming to Green Qilin Valley.”


I looked up towards the Vine Monsters and the Mysterious Snakes between the cracks of the cliff and laughs, “Because the indigenous population of the Green Qilin Valley is extremely aggressive…”


”… ‘

Yue Qing Qian chuckles and says, “Fine, be careful brother Xiao Yao, I’m going back to train.”


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