Chapter 105 - Aerial Attack
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Zhan Long Chapter 105 - Aerial Attack

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Chapter 105 – Aerial Attack
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On the map, Green Qilin Valley is just a giant piece of green in Ba Huang City’s northwest border. This ought to be the lush forest valley zone; a forest is a suitable environment for the growth of many herbs.

With my Jade City sword sheathed and Baby Bobo next to me, I step outside Ba Huang city. The Ice Fire Cloak ripples behind me as I move forward. My face is shrouded by the Fire Beacon Helmet. The players that are 5 levels below me will not be able to perceive my face or my ID. However, my level is not too high and therefore, the number of people that can see my ID are plentiful and can be found everywhere.


A message comes from Glass Fox: “Boss Xiao Yao, are you going out to train?

“Yes, what’s up?”

“Well…..” Fox seems to be searching for the correct words to say: “If you find a high level ore, remember to keep it. I learned metal refining, Small Wolf learned ore mining, and Old K learned metal forging. In my opinion, this game’s most precious items are weapons, accessories, and armor. Therefore I will become a top quality blacksmith and create Ba Huang City’s strongest weapons….”

I can’t help but laugh: “Ok, good luck! When I come back with ore, I will place it in my warehouse for you guys to use. Oh right! Where are you guys?”

“We’re leaving Ba Huang City to go to the highlands and level. We are also trying to farm gold. A level 27 healer is with us and he just wants every cloth armor and staffs that drops.

“Ok, you guys get busy! Go for it!”



After encouraging my studio members, I enter Ba Huang forest alone. If one wants to go to Green Qilin Valley, one would have to pass through the vast Ba Huang Forest. Dammit. It takes 90 minutes to get to Green Qilin Valley. Unfortunately, even the highest player level is still too low to trigger the mount system. Otherwise, riding a colt would get me there m

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