Chapter 105 - Aerial Attack
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Zhan Long Chapter 105 - Aerial Attack

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Chapter 105 – Aerial Attack
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On the map, Green Qilin Valley is just a giant piece of green in Ba Huang City’s northwest border. This ought to be the lush forest valley zone; a forest is a suitable environment for the growth of many herbs.

With my Jade City sword sheathed and Baby Bobo next to me, I step outside Ba Huang city. The Ice Fire Cloak ripples behind me as I move forward. My face is shrouded by the Fire Beacon Helmet. The players that are 5 levels below me will not be able to perceive my face or my ID. However, my level is not too high and therefore, the number of people that can see my ID are plentiful and can be found everywhere.


A message comes from Glass Fox: “Boss Xiao Yao, are you going out to train?

“Yes, what’s up?”

“Well…..” Fox seems to be searching for the correct words to say: “If you find a high level ore, remember to keep it. I learned metal refining, Small Wolf learned ore mining, and Old K learned metal forging. In my opinion, this game’s most precious items are weapons, accessories, and armor. Therefore I will become a top quality blacksmith and create Ba Huang City’s strongest weapons….”

I can’t help but laugh: “Ok, good luck! When I come back with ore, I will place it in my warehouse for you guys to use. Oh right! Where are you guys?”

“We’re leaving Ba Huang City to go to the highlands and level. We are also trying to farm gold. A level 27 healer is with us and he just wants every cloth armor and staffs that drops.

“Ok, you guys get busy! Go for it!”



After encouraging my studio members, I enter Ba Huang forest alone. If one wants to go to Green Qilin Valley, one would have to pass through the vast Ba Huang Forest. Dammit. It takes 90 minutes to get to Green Qilin Valley. Unfortunately, even the highest player level is still too low to trigger the mount system. Otherwise, riding a colt would get me there many times faster.

After a little while of walking, I hear another “Ding!” sound. A message comes from Yue Qing Qian: “Brother Xiao Yao!”

“Hmm? Qing Qian, what’s the matter?


Yue Qing Qian opens her calling function and her sweet voice comes through: “Brother Xiao Yao. I control the entirety of Prague’s information system. A few minutes ago, I received news that a 10 man team from [Wrath of the Heroes] have set their sights on you. You need to be careful. No matter where you are going to level, the Tyrant of Western Chu will chase you and try to kill you…”

I raise my eyebrows: “Wow, They really have a lot of dedication to kill me.”

“Where are you going?”

“A very far away place that takes approximately 100 minutes to walk to. There will probably be monsters ranging from Lv 40 – 70.”

“Hehe!” Yue Qing Qian laughs: “Great! It seems like I was worried for no reason. The [Wrath of the Heroes] guild has over a 1000 members. It is said that the Tyrant of Western Chu gives his members wages every week. However, their average level is only about 39. They shouldn’t be much of a threat to you right now. Furthermore, they probably won’t chase you too far. I estimate that only a few men would even dare to try to follow you. I’m relieved!”

“Haha. Thank you for worrying about me. It’s nothing that I can’t take care of.”

“Ok. Good luck leveling!


Closing the calling function, I see that Yue Qing Qian has already reached Lv 47. She levels so fast. I am only Lv 45 and ranked 45th in Ba Huang City. I must work harder!


My Silver Locked Battle Boots step on jungle bushes as I proceed forward. At the same time, I look behind me and see a group of players. Two Assassins carrying daggers shadow me while a Wind Elf Archer flies in the sky. The Lv 41 Wind Elf can fly up to a height of 20 yards, so finding me was inevitable.


I let out a slight groan. Without acknowledging my stalkers, I pick up the pace. My sword waves back and forth as I activate my Lv 5 [Haste]. I immediately gain 5% movement speed and 10 % attack speed. The Assassins notice this and start running after me. Their steps start gaining on me. Their speed is indeed worthy of Assassins, the quickest class in 《Destiny》.

I look around and see that there seems to be something inside the forest!


My Boots land on a fallen tree trunk covered with vegetation then I turn my body and roll into a patch small white flowers. Catapulting forward and kicking up a cloud of dust, I, wisely break from my straight path.


The two assassins look around confused and rush over to chase me!


The two Assassins pause and one of them gets hit by a Lv 47 Ashen Bear in the head and falls to the ground. It bites the Assassin 3 times and the Assassin dies.


The other assassins turns to fight the bear. With a stab, a MISS appears. The Ashen Bear bites down on the Assassin and with a swipe of its sharp claws, the other Assassin dies.

Listening to the screams from behind me, I can’t help but laugh. This verifies my calculations. Being Lv 45, I would attract aggro from the monsters 25 meters around me. Unfortunately for them, the Assassins have not even reached a 40 yet thus attract aggro within 30 meters. With the help of the Lv 47 power-type Ashen Bear, the two block heads are dead. I let someone else do the dirty work for me!

In the sky, the Lv 41 Wind Elf archer flies into a rage. As he readies his bow, he angrily yells out: “Those two blockheads unexpectedly got themselves killed. Dammit. Xiao Yao, where can you escape to? Do you really believe that the [Wrath of the Heroes] will let you stay in Ba Huang City free and undisturbed?”

[TL: This is a pun on his name since his name Xiao Yao also means free and unfettered.]


In the sky, a [Fire Arrow] flies through the air. I am not fast enough to dodge it. As my back warms up, a big number appears—


Although unimpressive, the Archer’s attack couldn’t be considered low. He probably pumped all of his stats into agility or otherwise he wouldn’t have this kind of attacking power.

Immediately, the Archer continues to fire. The bow string’s “Twang!” echoes through the air. He uses his 2nd promotion skill —— [Triple Arrow]. Each arrow does a different amount of damage, 55%, 65% and 75% damage each. My back receives a series of arrows. It really hurts.



Watching my health drop as I endure the attacks, I could not restrain myself. With one [Heal], I gain 750 HP, filling up my health bar.

The Archer in the sky is angry enough to almost vomit blood. However, he kept his alertness and continued to fly around at 15 yards above ground. That’s the ideal height for Wind Elves to travel at the fastest speed in the skies, any higher and their speed would take a toll.

“Damn it, his defense stats are really high. However, don’t expect to survive my attacks just like that!”

I hear the whisk of the wind behind me and the Archer began a series of vicious arrow attacks. Simultaneously, a few visible blue dots on the map appear to be coming towards me at a rapid pace. Without doubt, they are the Wind Elf players in [Wrath of the Heroes], the other races are definitely incapable of that kind of speed.

Taking a glance, I finally see the guy’s ID–

Willow Shore Lv 41 Silver Archer

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No, this cannot go on. I must find an opportunity to get rid of this guy as soon as possible. Otherwise, once the other players come his aid, I won’t be able to get away easily. Saying that, it would still be difficult for them to kill me with my 1022 defense.

Squinting my eyes, I find a tree, uprooted by the wind, and lying slanted on the slope just in front of me. Immediately, an idea comes to my mind, I could make use of the terrain here!


Recalling Baby Bobo back into my inventory, I lower both of my knees and slide swiftly towards the tree, leaving a deep trail in the grass behind me. My whole body goes through a gap beneath the big tree, instantly causing the Archer above to loose vision of me.

“Trying to run away?I will drag you out and slaughter you even if you dig a hole in the ground!”

From the sky, Willow Shore shouts furiously and flies over with his longbow, his body positioned in the sky just above the big tree.



Suddenly, I slide out from beneath the tree. Carrying my Jade City Sword, I step on the tree branches and rush towards him. Pah pah pah, my boots leave scar after scar on the tree branch. Pah! Making use of my great strength and agility, I leap and surge towards him with great speed like an arrow being shot into the sky. I jumped almost an entire 20 yards up. Who says that Human Swordsmen are unable to fly!


My Jade City Sword quivers, charging for two seconds!

Willow Shore widens his eyes in shock. Seeing me jump up into the sky right in front of him, the longbow in his arms shivers. His face stiffens up as he says, “Crap, I fell into his trap…”

The edges of my mouth arch upwards as my [Wind Blade] tears through in front of me: “Die!”


Hearing the crisp sound of the blade of the sword tearing through his body, Willow Shore’s body seemingly shreds apart in an instant with a large damage number floating upwards–


It is a fatal blow, the defenses of these cloth classes are unable to withstand my attacks!


Sheathing my sword, I summon Baby Bobo and dive into the bushes filled with wild flower behind me. Crawling forward a few meters, I enter the forest and thus managing to shake the [Wrath of the Heroes] players off my trail. Those flies are really annoying.


Indeed, after killing a Wind Elf Archer, the other Wind Elves of [Wrath of the Heroes] dare not be arrogant enough to think that the skies are a completely safe territory for them. Also, the fact holds that I could simply use Baby Bobo’s ability to fly to get rid of them but I chose not to and instead, using my Jade City Sword to strike fear into the enemy.

On the big map, the small blue dots gradually disappear. Most of the monsters in the region are around Lv 45-48 range, considerably high for our current stage. Ordinary players are probably unable to get by in this area. After much consideration, I look around for monsters that are between Lv 50 and 55, as for me, killing monsters that are around 5-10 levels above my level can be considered relatively safe and the efficiency in which I can earn EXP is also high.

After around an hour, I walk out of Ba Huang Forest.

Standing at the edge of the forest, a large plain appears in front of me. Beyond the plains, slightly further, would be the mountainous regions formed in the ancient times and the Green Qilin Valley lies in the midst of these mountains.

On the plains, there are many wolves that are howling. Lv 49, looks like the monsters within the Green Qilin Valley would definitely be over Lv 50. Damn it, looks like it will be another journey that is filled with danger. However, for the Lv 6 Green Qilin Grass and gold coins, everything will be worth it.

Carrying my Jade City Sword, I determinedly surge forward.

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