Chapter 101 - Noobs, Let’s Go!
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Zhan Long Chapter 101 - Noobs, Let’s Go!

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Chapter 101 – Noobs, Let’s Go!
TL: ZHAN LONG IS BACK! (Although 3 level 10s + 1 level 45 isn’t much)

At 11 PM, I had been online for at least 24 hours. At last, a glowing light appears as I reach level 45. The crest on my shoulder also sparkles. Above my head in a faint glimmer are the words: Ba Huang City ranked 7th!

Carrying the Jade City Sword, I enter the ruins inside Fire Stone Canyon. Looking into the distance, I can see a few monsters but I don’t have any interest in them. I want to immediately go back to Ba Huang City to equip my Purple Tier helmet!


Using a city return scroll, I appear in Ba Huang City and immediately rush to the warehouse manager. From my 1000 slot warehouse, I withdraw the Purple Tier Fire Beacon Helmet. I immediately equip it onto my headgear slot. The red helmet makes me look quite formidable and it matches my Ice Fire Cloak; the combination seems to exude a killing intent. Moreover, the Fire Beacon Helmet is a high level helmet that can shroud my face because of the light emanating from it. If people do not look at my ID, they would not notice me. Destiny even has a rule that if a player, excluding a friend, is 10 levels above another, his ID will not be revealed. Looking at the Fire Beacon Helmet’s attributes again, I can’t help but fawn over it. This Purple Tier equipment is really handsome on me!

【Fire Beacon Helmet】(Purple Tier)
Magic resistance: Reduce magic damage taken by 2%
Extra: Increases attack by 4%
Level Requirement: 45


Of course, Fire Beacon Helmet not only changes my appearance but also strengthens my stats

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 (Tomb Guardian of Dragon City)
Level: 45
Attack: 796 – 1071
Defense: 1022
Health: 1833
Mana: 696
Charm: 31


My health has reached 1800+. The number of Swordsmen and Berserkers that have reached this amount of health is really small. After all, my equipment surpasses the norm. My health capacity is equivalent to what you probably would see on a Knight or a Monk. In addition, my attack’s upper bound is 1071, but that is without the damage amplification from my equipment. I gain 3% extra attack damage from Jade City Sword, 4% from Fire Beacon Helmet, 3 % from Ba Huang City’s BUFF, 0.7% from Dragon Tomb’s Shin Guard, 0.7% from Silver Locked Battle Boots and finally 10% from my Turmoil Sword skill. In total, I gain an extra 21.4% attack damage. My upper bound of 1071 attack damage becomes an amazing 1300 with the damage increase factored in!

Even with this, I am still uneasy. The forums say that when Jian Feng Han equipped his Purple Tier Heavenly Plan Sword, the upper bound of his attack reached 1400+. This is a frightening amount of damage. With just the Heavenly Plan Sword, Jian Feng Han is doing about 300 more damage than me. At this very moment, Jian Feng Han is a killing machine. Therefore, it would be best for me to avoid [Vanguard] for a while…

If Jian Feng Han keeps looking for me, then I’d have to say, when two enemies meet, the more courageous one wins. Even if my equipment isn’t as good as his, my will won’t be weaker than him!


Opening my friends list, I see that Song Han, Old K and Fox have all reached level 10. Their speed at leveling is pretty fast. I send a message to Song Han: “How long until you guys reach Ba Huang City?”

“10 minutes. Old K, Fox and I are going there together.”


I walk over to the North doorway of Ba Huang City and wait. Within 10 minutes, 3 level 10 players with ragged clothing appear.

Wolf Totem Lv 10 Trainee Assassin

Hero Ran Min Lv 10 Trainee Berserker

Glass Fox Lv 10 Trainee Gunman


“Woosh…. “

As cold wind blows from outside the city, my Ice Fire Cloak begins to wave behind me. I look handsome. The Jade City Sword has a golden aura around it and my Dawn Breastplate shines holy rays of light. The Fire Beacon Helmet shrouds my forehead and emanates killing intent. My level 10 friends look at my name and only see a line of “???”. They did not even recognize me and continue to walk into the city.

“Ha Ha, Brother Xiao Yao will be at the North gate of the plaza. Tonight, we will reach level 20. F*ck, let’s throw caution to the wind!” Song Han laughs while holding his steel dagger.

Old K holds his rusted battle axe and laughs: “Ha Ha. Today, I am in a good mood. We get to work hard playing in a new game!”

Fox narrows his eyes: “Let us catch up to the average level first before talking.”

Song Han says: “Within 7 days, we must catch up. Even if we don’t sleep or eat, we must overtake them in levels!”

Fox nods: “ OK. That is right. The average amount of time that players spend online is about 12 hours. We will throw caution to the wind and every day we will stay on for 18 hours. Like this, I believe that we can catch up to them!


Just then, I slip in and cross my arms in front of the three of them, blocking their path.


Old K, surprised, immediately circles around. I immediately extend my arm and block his way.

“Damn, you want to die?! I’m not in a good mood today!” Old K roars while preparing to whirl his axe.


I brush off the light from the Fire Beacon Helmet and reveal my face. I snicker: “Old K, you idiot. Who do you think you’re trying to fight?”

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“I’ll say. Li Xiao Yao, you brat…” Old K laughs and inspects me: “Damn, what level are you? Your equipment is so cool…”

Song Han hesitates: “Did you really need to say that? If you search Ba Huang City’s rankings, Xiao Yao’s ranked 7th. Lv 45!”

Fox looks at me and nods: “Ah, Xiao Yao, he’s so high leveled. We Zhan Long Studio have such a bright banner of him. This will help us tremendously.”

Song Han holds his dagger: “Umm. Let’s first go to the skill instructor to learn the skills, then prepare to train, right?”

I put the three in my party and say: “You guys first go and find your job instructor to learn your basic skills. I’ll be in the plaza by the north gate waiting and prepare some things for you. “



The three go straight to the job training area. I cruise over to the plaza near the North Gate. I need to give them good conditions for their leveling. First of all, they need a pet. A high quality pet is needed to assist in killing monsters. The Killer Bee should be the pet of choice. In Ba Huang City, there are more than a few stalls carrying them.

Going back and forth, finally, I select three level 1 Killer Bee’s with 70%+ excellency. Lv 10 players can carry them. Each of the bees are priced at 10 G, equivalent to 100 RMB. In one breath, I buy three and throw them into my storage. Then, looking everywhere for equipment, I eventually lock onto three pieces ——

【Piercing Bone Dagger】: Lv 20 Silver Dagger, Attack Power 75 – 145, Agility + 21, Endurance + 14, Cost 40 Gold

【Scorching Hot Gun】: Lv 19 Bronze Gun, Attack Power 37-95, Agility + 18, Cost 40 Gold

【Savage War Axe】: Lv 22 Silver Axe, Attack Power 90 – 180, Strength + 22, Endurance + 19, Cost 60 Gold


Dammit, for these three weapons, I spent my hard-earned saving. After I exchanged most of my gold in one go, I don’t have much leftover. Currently, in my bag, it looks like I have less than 100 gold. I still need money to buy HP pots and to repair equipment. The higher the equipment level, the higher the repair costs. Heavy armor is especially expensive to repair. I need to learn to live with this!

Then, after I bought some less than Lv 30 heavy and leather armors. Basically, I selectively picked those with high defense or add endurance. First, I need to guarantee they survive to ensure high leveling speed. After all, if I can’t keep them alive, then there’s no use in talking about leveling.

Not long after, all three return. Each with an expectant look. What’s so exciting about learning the basic skills…

Opening the trading window, I give each of them a Killer Bee and then say: “This is the deadliest pet in the early game. For now, just bring them with you and they’ll level at the same pace as you. Besides that, here are also some equipment you should put in storage. When you level up, you can equip them. After probably within a day of fighting, you’ll be able to equip them…”

As I hand over the equipment to them, all three of their faces light up. Song Han fiddles with the [Piercing Bone Dagger], smiling: “Woah. 145 attack power. It’s completely better than my 1-2 damage dagger that I have right now.

“Hurry and store it. I’ll also give you all 10 gold each. We’re preparing to leave the city. Tonight, our goal is to reach Lv 20. Maybe, Little Wolf, tonight you’ll be able to equip the Bone Piercing Dagger. With that attack damage, you won’t need me to carry you and you can level on your own!”



Fox mutters to himself: “I thought of a problem…”

“What?” I ask.

“Our group has warriors, an assassin, and a musketeer. All we’re missing now is a healer. If the HP pots we bought don’t hold up, we might have no way of fighting…”

I couldn’t help but smile, as I lift my hand, my [Heal] falls over Fox’s head: “What is this?”

Fox shocked, says: “Damn…. this brat’s playing nanny to the whole guild…”

Song Han chuckles: “Okay. Let’s depart. I can’t wait anymore!”


As I lead the three rookies out Ba Huang City’s main gate, I consider for a while, what level monster should they use to level. They’re all Lv 10. I can’t do most of the damage and I also won’t be able to party with them. Since my level is too high, I’d snatch more than 99% of the experience in the party and they’ll practically get none. That method’s slower than them killing monster on their own.

After thinking for a while, the only way was for them to start attacking a monster and after each of them took out 5% of the monster’s HP, I can come in and provide the killing blow. Because, under Destiny’s parameters, in order to obtain experience from a monster, the attacks need to damage at least 5% of the total HP of monster. That way, the entire team can obtain the full 100% of the experience without me taking too much.

After contemplating the plan, I set the target as the Lv 22 Ashen Bears in Ba Huang forest. They surpass them by 11 levels, so they might be able to damage it. After all, I already gave them all Lv 10 Green Tier equipment. This shouldn’t be a problem!

TL: Apparently Xiao Yao did that – Not a translation error.


The low leveled monster regions are flooded with players. After the second batch of 500W helmets were sold, another frenzied wave of leveling had begun. As I took the three rookies deeper into a high level monster area, there were fewer and fewer players around. This is what I want.


In the distance, an Ashen Bear raises his head and roars. Song Han mutters to himself: “Crap. A Lv 22 monster? This isn’t a joke, right?”

I smile: “No. I’ll agro it first, and you three form a party. That way I won’t take your experience. But remember, in a while, I’ll let the monster hit me. Then, I’ll heal. When I’ve pulled all the agro onto me, that’s when you strike. Understand?”

“Yup.” The three nod.

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