Chapter 101 - Noobs, Let’s Go!
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Zhan Long Chapter 101 - Noobs, Let’s Go!

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Chapter 101 – Noobs, Let’s Go!
TL: ZHAN LONG IS BACK! (Although 3 level 10s + 1 level 45 isn’t much)

At 11 PM, I had been online for at least 24 hours. At last, a glowing light appears as I reach level 45. The crest on my shoulder also sparkles. Above my head in a faint glimmer are the words: Ba Huang City ranked 7th!

Carrying the Jade City Sword, I enter the ruins inside Fire Stone Canyon. Looking into the distance, I can see a few monsters but I don’t have any interest in them. I want to immediately go back to Ba Huang City to equip my Purple Tier helmet!


Using a city return scroll, I appear in Ba Huang City and immediately rush to the warehouse manager. From my 1000 slot warehouse, I withdraw the Purple Tier Fire Beacon Helmet. I immediately equip it onto my headgear slot. The red helmet makes me look quite formidable and it matches my Ice Fire Cloak; the combination seems to exude a killing intent. Moreover, the Fire Beacon Helmet is a high level helmet that can shroud my face because of the light emanating from it. If people do not look at my ID, they would not notice me. Destiny even has a rule that if a player, excluding a friend, is 10 levels above another, his ID will not be revealed. Looking at the Fire Beacon Helmet’s attributes again, I can’t help but fawn over it. This Purple Tier equipment is really handsome on me!

【Fire Beacon Helmet】(Purple Tier)
Magic resistance: Reduce magic damage taken by 2%
Extra: Increases attack by 4%
Level Requirement: 45


Of course, Fire Beacon Helmet not only changes my appearance but also strengthens my stats

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 (Tomb Guardian of Dragon City)
Level: 45
Attack: 796 – 1071
Defense: 1022
Health: 1833
Mana: 696
Charm: 31


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Novel Notes

Hi all Zhan Long is back :D

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