Chapter 102 - As Tired as a Dog
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Zhan Long Chapter 102 - As Tired as a Dog

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Chapter 102 – As Tired as a Dog
I advance towards the bear with my Jade City Sword sheathed, but the Grizzly Bear immediately bellows and charges at me, brandishing his sharp claws.


Ha. My 1022 defense is too high and the bear can only take 1 point off of my health.

Immediately, I unequip my Dawn Breastplate and Fire Beacon Helmet. My defense steeply falls. Now, the Grizzly Bear’s attacks do 10 or more points of health. After it hits me several more times, I use [Heal] to fill my HP back up which attracts a great amount of aggro. I keep an eye on the aggro bar and once it reaches 40%, I yell: “Start attacking now!”

Old K raises his battle axe and uses [Fire Axe] & [Heavy Strike] on the Grizzly Bear’s head. It seems to tickle it——


Song Han remains silent and brings his dagger up to the Grizzly Bear’s back. He quickly stabs the bear on the back while using the skill [Bleed]. The dagger tip shines and stabs into the back of the Grizzly Bear. As expected, an Assassin’s penetration really does surpass that of a Berserker.


From far away, Fox aims his firearm which is quickly loaded with gunpowder and then is fired. With a “Bang”, a bullet bursts forth. The air fills with the smell of gunpowder as the Grizzly Bear howls in grief. The Bear’s HP falls by 12. It seems that Fox’s attack power is the worst of the team, but nothing can be done as a musketeer’s advantage is in its superiority in range. In the early levels, his attack power is pretty bad.

Looking at the Grizzly Bear, I see his HP falls below 95%!


I unsheathe my Jade City Sword and behead the bear with a Level 4 [Wind Blade]!




They stare at me with a stupefied expression. Song Han asks: “Brother Xiao Yao, what was that attack? That was so strong! What is your upper bound for attack damages?”


“OP!” Old K sticks up his thumb at me.

Fox laughs: “This way of leveling is pretty good. In that one kill, I got 30+% of my Level’s Experience. Let us continue!”


I step forward, attract the attention of anothe

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Novel Notes

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