Chapter 102 - As Tired as a Dog
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Zhan Long Chapter 102 - As Tired as a Dog

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Chapter 102 – As Tired as a Dog
I advance towards the bear with my Jade City Sword sheathed, but the Grizzly Bear immediately bellows and charges at me, brandishing his sharp claws.


Ha. My 1022 defense is too high and the bear can only take 1 point off of my health.

Immediately, I unequip my Dawn Breastplate and Fire Beacon Helmet. My defense steeply falls. Now, the Grizzly Bear’s attacks do 10 or more points of health. After it hits me several more times, I use [Heal] to fill my HP back up which attracts a great amount of aggro. I keep an eye on the aggro bar and once it reaches 40%, I yell: “Start attacking now!”

Old K raises his battle axe and uses [Fire Axe] & [Heavy Strike] on the Grizzly Bear’s head. It seems to tickle it——


Song Han remains silent and brings his dagger up to the Grizzly Bear’s back. He quickly stabs the bear on the back while using the skill [Bleed]. The dagger tip shines and stabs into the back of the Grizzly Bear. As expected, an Assassin’s penetration really does surpass that of a Berserker.


From far away, Fox aims his firearm which is quickly loaded with gunpowder and then is fired. With a “Bang”, a bullet bursts forth. The air fills with the smell of gunpowder as the Grizzly Bear howls in grief. The Bear’s HP falls by 12. It seems that Fox’s attack power is the worst of the team, but nothing can be done as a musketeer’s advantage is in its superiority in range. In the early levels, his attack power is pretty bad.

Looking at the Grizzly Bear, I see his HP falls below 95%!


I unsheathe my Jade City Sword and behead the bear with a Level 4 [Wind Blade]!




They stare at me with a stupefied expression. Song Han asks: “Brother Xiao Yao, what was that attack? That was so strong! What is your upper bound for attack damages?”


“OP!” Old K sticks up his thumb at me.

Fox laughs: “This way of leveling is pretty good. In that one kill, I got 30+% of my Level’s Experience. Let us continue!”


I step forward, attract the attention of another Grizzly Bear and repeat our strategy from before. This strategy is pretty unusual. First, it requires that I have a high enough attack power. Then, I need a way of substantially attracting aggro while not attacking the monster with any skills. Only two types of skills can fulfill this requirement. One is my [Heal] skill or any Healer’s ability; the other is a Monk’s [Put Down Your Sword]. With any other skill, it would not attract enough aggro and when the novices attack, they would take aggro and die in an instant.

When the third Grizzly Bear fell, the three got to Level 11. Song Han adds all of his stat points into agility, because the main damage of the Assassin class comes from their agility. For Assassins and Musketeers, the ten stat points in agility not only raises their attack speed and critical strike chance but also increases about 5-8 points in attack which is why they add their points to agility.

Slowly killing our way through the jungle, we made our way up to monsters that were Lv 34…


Seven o’clock AM arrives.


A light glows around them and my three friends reach Lv 19. Everyone looks so excited. Song Han laughs: “I would not have expected our levels to rise so rapidly. At first, I had thought we needed 24 hours to reach Lv 20 but it only took 10 hours!”

I look at my bruised body. The one who has been taking the brunt of the damage all night was me!

Fox laughs and pats my shoulder: “There is no other way. Since you are [Zhan Long]’s boss, you have to pay the price…..”

I wave my hand: “Let’s keep going. We will strive to raise you guys above Lv 22 by this morning. After that, you guys can go back to the city to equip the equipment that I gave you. With the new equipment, you should not need me to help leveling anymore. Oh right! Did you guys get the Ba Huang City crest yet?

“Yes, we all acquired the crest!”

“Very well, lets continue!”


In a flash, it was 10 in the morning. The three of them were all Lv 21 and not far from Lv 22 but I had fallen into a semi-conscious state. I haven’t slept for a very, very long time and my mental state just cannot stand up to this abuse. This was very much like in the past where I had to wait while not moving a single muscle for 48 hours without moving to ambush drug lords. My body had have been covered in dew and when snakes started to slither in front of my face, it became even more unpleasant. Finally I completed the mission with a ultra long-ranged snipe that killed the drug lord. Just talking about it makes me miss my AWSM Arctic Sniper Rifle; I haven’t touched it in several years, I don’t know if I’m rusty or not..

Thinking about this, I can’t help but laugh. Haven’t I given up such a blood drenched life? Moreover, playing with a few brothers in game, conquering the world, this easy life is the life I really want. Not to mention that I also have a beautiful lady by my side. I wouldn’t trade this life for anything!

Thinking about Lin Wan Er, I can’t stop but smile as I remember our encounter at the company. Thinking about it, it was actually pretty sad that she had never had a boyfriend before and I had already seen her naked. Then she was forced to hold her grudges toward me as I became her bodyguard. I really don’t know how she got through that but at least her mood toward me is starting to change, this is a good beginning.


Fox’s voice brought me back to reality, he smiles slightly: “Boss, you’ve finally finished fantasizing, now you can continue leveling up.”

My face turned red: “Leave!”

“Ha Ha Ha….”


After killing only a few more monsters, a message arrives from the beautiful Miss with a “beep”: “Li Xiao Yao, did you stay up the entire night?”

“Wan Er, whats wrong?” I ask.

Lin Wan Er reluctantly says: “Are you trying to kill yourself? When was the last time you slept? Go log off and sleep for a bit!”

“Later I need to play an hour more…..”

“Are you with, Glass Fox, Ran Min, and Song Han leveling?”

“Yeah, I’m the leader of [Zhan Long], so I have to take responsibility…….”

“So, what level are they at?”

“They are at Lv 21, I probably don’t need to help them to Lv 22, and I gave them some pretty good equipment. Rushing to Lv 30 in three days is no problem, and after that, I won’t be of much use helping them.”

“Ah, umm ……” The beautiful Miss hesitates.

I cannot help but smile: “Wan Er, whats wrong?”

“Well ……” Lin Wan Er leisurely says: “I made an appointment with Dong Cheng Yue in the afternoon to go to a gym outside of the school to play indoor tennis. We will go by ourselves, you should have a good rest!”

I immediately say: “No, I will go with you. If your Dad found out that I let you go alone out of the school, I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to kill me, and I don’t want to die young ……”

Lin Wan Er after a while says: “You’re already as tired as a dog, I don’t want to keep bothering you…..”

“I’m fine, isn’t it a indoor tennis court? I can nap on the sidelines ……”

“Okay, we’ll meet up at 11 and go eat first, then we will head over!”



At exactly 11, Glass Fox, Hero Ran Min, and Wolf Totem all reached Lv 22.


Returning my Jade City Sword to its sheath, I inhale a deep breath of fresh air: “Wan Er was right, I’m tired. Let’s return back to the city to equip the new weapons and armors. You three, with a random healer can level in decent maps around Ba Huang City unhindered. Keep it up. In three days time try to rush to Level 30. In addition, pay attention to your Skill Proficiency Level. In order to keep up at high levels, you cannot neglect any skills. Since < > made the skill, it certainly must be useful. When you’re Lv 30, all the skills need to be at Level 4. This is a necessity!”

Song Han nods: “Yeah, Xiao Yao is indeed tired. We’re going offline to rest for a while too and we’ll continue training in the afternoon. Xiao Yao, have a good sleep!”


Taking out a [City Return Scroll], the four return back to town together. I immediately go offline. They go to equip their new equipment, each eager to give the new equipment a try. Next, they’ll each go their separate ways to level.


I went offline and underneath the girl dorm were two female students, Li Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue. They were standing alongside under the street light discussing and smiling pleasantly. Combined with the withered maple leaves by the roadside, an extraordinary aesthetic scene forms.

I look at the distance, rooted at the spot and my heart aches. Hopefully this beautiful scene will never be torn apart. Unconsciously clenching my fist, the bottom of my heart secretly reminds myself: Protect this with your life.

“Xiao Yao?” Dong Cheng Yue finds me and waves her hand toward me: “Don’t just stand there in a daze, come to lunch with us. I’ll pay today…”

I approach: “Well this is rare, I didn’t know Dong Cheng’s dictionary would actually have the words: I’m paying ……”

Dong Cheng Yue’s cheeks redden: “Of course, I’m getting embarrassed from leeching off you guys. The girls in the girls’ dorm call me Leeching Cheng. Hmph, am I that kind of person?”

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The corners of Lin Wan Er’s mouth raise: “Stop chatting, lets go to lunch already …… Li Xiao Yao, I asked around and it seems that next to the tennis court there is a resting area which provides blankets, beds, and other things where you should go have a good rest. Dong Cheng Yue and I will play for a long time. ”

I nod: “Okay, Wan Er~”


After eating and 1 o’clock in the afternoon, at the tennis court on XiXi Street, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue had rented out the VIP area for 4 hours at an extremely expensive price, but the two young ladies apparently did not care so I sleepily follow them.

In the arena, the two ladies were dressed in sportswear. From their white sky blue T-shirt and skirts, to their long hair tied, they revealed a deep sense of youth. Next to the stadium, a curved bed was set out and next to this was a blanket along with other things. I walked over to lie down and pulled up a blanket to cover my body. Looking at the two ladies and hearing them wheezing, what a beautiful sight, but sleep is more important!

TL: Xiao Yao logic – Game > Sleep > Girls

I did not dare to sleep too deeply and retained a bit spiritual sense. If there is any danger I would wake up at the first moment, this is one of the reasons as to why Lin Wan Er’s father asked for me to become her bodyguard.

Qi practitioners are above the ordinary population. Most of them don’t bother with mundane problems and practitioners like me who sell themselves for a 10 thousand Yuan air conditioned bed are extremely rare…

Lin Tian Nan is also a practitioner and he clearly understands that from the ancient times until now, the spirit realm is divided into: Body, Qi, Blaze, and God realms. According to ancient books, Laozi, Mozi and a few other prominent figures in China have reached the God realm and in the several thousand years, one barely finds any Blaze level practitioners. Till now, various schools fell and became extinct one after another. A Qi level practitioner like me is already very rare and those so called “Martial Arts Masters” are still in the Body realm. Their training is only for the body and they can’t even understand nor grasp the three powers of the sky, earth, and people.

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