Chapter 103 - Pulse Severing Hands
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Zhan Long Chapter 103 - Pulse Severing Hands

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Chapter 103 – Pulse Severing Hands
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I heard a girlish giggle and felt something knock into me. Stirring, I peer through half-opened eyes and see Lin Wan Er jogging toward me, racquet in hand. She picks the ball up and then cheekily sticks her tongue out at me and says, “Sorry about that, you can go back to sleep.”

Her voice was gentle yet distant at the same time. Looking around, I see Dong Cheng Yue take a drink. Breathing in deeply, Lin Wan Er’s scent tickles my nose. Her beautiful face was speckled with small beads of sweat and her eyes shone with energy. Looks like they are experiencing an adrenaline high from playing tennis.


Closing my eyes, I continue to sleep.

After a while, I dip down lightly, as if someone had sat down beside me. But the nostalgic fragrance calms me; it was the smell of Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue. The two beauties are probably tired from all the running about and sat beside me to rest for a little while.

“Dong Cheng?” Lin Wan Er’s voice was suppressed, seemingly afraid that she would wake me up.

“Un, what’s wrong, Wan Er?” Dong Cheng Yue replies.

Lin Wan Er smiles and asks, “Umm… what do you think of Li Xiao Yao? My dad arranged for him to be my bodyguard, but I… I don’t know how I should face him. Initially I decided to torture him… But after the welcoming ceremony, I just… I just couldn’t bring up the thoughts to torture him anymore…”

“Uhh… I also don’t know how I should put it but my intuition tells me… Li Xiao Yao’s character isn’t bad. Although he is poor and stingy, brazen and crude… But, but he gives me, kind of a warm feeling, making me feel like if I were to be able to spend the rest of my life with this kind of man, I’d be happy…”

Lin Wan Er was silent for a few seconds, before asking, “It can’t be that you are in love with him, is it?”

“I am…” Dong Cheng Yue chuckles. Lowering her voice, she whispers, “Wan Er, you might think that I’m foolish but I fell in love with him at first sight. At our first meeting, wu… I felt an inexplicable sense of attachment towards him. There was never a single person before him that made me feel the same way, to be able to make my heart waver. I feel an urge to be beside him. Don’t laugh at me…”

Lin Wan Er clenches her fist, “You… you… you! Hmph, last time didn’t the girl staying in the room next to ours say that a popular actor confessed to you, yet ended up getting harshly rejected by you? What is Li Xiao Yao compared to him? Comparing their net worth, the actor is at least a few hundred thousand times richer than him. Comparing looks, that male actor is much more handsome than him. Comparing their knowledge, that actor is a student from Tsinghua University. So, say, how does Li Xiao Yao appeal to you…?”

Dong Cheng Yue stays silent, in a daze for a long moment before speaking softly, “Maybe it was… that day, at the welcoming ceremony, and do you still remember what happened?”


“Liu Ying poured the wine straight at his face; do you still remember how Li Xiao Yao gazed at Liu Ying? That look of his made my heart beat fast at that instant. I really like that part of Li Xiao Yao. He must have experienced a lot of things in the past but he still keeps that brazen and crude look of his…”

Lin Wan Er was completely silent.

After a few seconds, Dong Cheng Yue grabs Lin Wan Er’s arms and chuckles, “Wan Er, let’s discuss about something. My dad says that he also wants to find a bodyguard for me. How about… you give Li Xiao Yao to me, I will give you a Bentley and that new guy in exchange…”


Lin Wan Er suddenly stands up, her pretty face taking on a shade of ghastly white while her beautiful eyes showing the complicated feelings in her heart. Determinedly, she replies, “No!”

“Why, don’t you hate this guy?”

“I… anyway it can’t be done…” Lin Wan Er’s stands there tightly clenching her fists; her face begins to take on a bright shade of red. After a long moment of silence, she finally comes up with a reason, “My contract with him states clearly that he has to be my bodyguard for at least a year. It hasn’t even been a month and to break contracts isn’t my way of doing things. Furthermore… as a human, it is important to be trustworthy, right Yue Er?”

Dong Cheng Yue hugs both of her knees to her chest and looking at Wan Er, giggles, “Yeah right…”

Lin Wan Er, as though exposed, stands there at a loss and looks down towards her sports shoes; yet her sight gets blocked by her 34D. Embarrassed, she says, “Let’s not talk about this, have you rested enough? Let’s continue. I’m going to give it back to you in the court…”

Dong Cheng Yue grabs her racquet and replies, “Come on then, let’s see who’s afraid of who…”

The me who was pretending to be sleeping: “…”

Damn it, meeting these two beautiful ladies, I’m really blessed!


Okay, now I have finished pretending to be sleeping. Time to start sleeping…

When I woke up again, it already 4 in the afternoon. The two ladies were already fatigued from all the playing and were sticking out their tongues while resting on the field. Right at this moment, a few men walked onto the C court. There were a total of 4 people and leading them was the man who was dressed casually in a suit. His eyes were filled with arrogance but upon seeing Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue, a smile appears on his face. Walking over with his racquet, he asks, “Hey, are you two beauties playing tennis? How about… a game with me?”

Lin Wan Er politely smiles and says, “I’m sorry, we have just finished playing.”


The young man, roughly around 20 years old, walks forward and taking a name card from him pocket, says, “My name is Li Yong, this court is one of the businesses under my name. Feel free to visit our tennis courts anytime you like! If it is convenient for you, why don’t you leave your contact information so that we could do a survey on our services?”

Lin Wan Er picks up her racquet and smiles slightly, “It’s okay, shouldn’t this kind of job be left to the customer service? There’s no need to trouble manager Li over these kinds of things. Furthermore, there is no reason for me to leave my contact details. Yue Er, we are leaving, go and wake up Li Xiao Yao that lazy pig…”

Dong Cheng Yue walks towards me while Lin Wan Er bends down to pick up her backpack.

I had already entered a vigilant state of mind since Li Yong’s appeared. Before Dong Cheng Yue closes the distance between us, I sit up and grab my coat, I glance around and stare towards Li Yong, asking, “That person…”

Dong Cheng Yue faintly smiles, “It’s nothing, we are leaving!”



Walking towards the tennis court, I shout from afar, “Miss!”

Lin Wan Er looks towards me, the edges of her mouth arch upwards, “Hmm, you’re awake?”


Li Yong turns to look towards me and his eyes are filled with disdain. Turning towards Lin Wan Er, he continues, “Hm… it is already 5 in the afternoon. Seeing that both of you are regular customers, why I don’t I treat you two beauties to a meal? How about the Fragrance House just opposite to us? The Hunan and Sichuan dishes there are renowned in the vicinity. Let’s go?”

Lin Wan Er shakes her head and says, “Sorry, we still have things to do, excuse me…”

“Hey, wait…”

Li Yong stretches his arms out to block Wan Er’s path. Perhaps it was because of Wan Er’s overwhelming charm, but this Li Yong is being out of line.

Raising my eyebrows, I move towards his arms and knock away Li Yong’s arms with my shoulders.


Li Yong’s whole arm was knocked back in an instant and he was even forced to take a few steps back. Looking shocked, he says, “You… who are you? What are you trying to do?!”

“I am Li Xiao Yao. Although you might own this facility, please do exercise some self-restraint. My friends are leaving now. Whoever dares to block their way, just come and try!”

The few young men behind Li Yong who were dressed in T-shirts say furiously, “Brother Yong, who the heck is this little brat, these two girls really don’t know what is good for them. It is rare that Brother Yong is welcoming them so passionately yet they don’t even give you some face. Looks like they are really asking for it!”

Lin Wan Er stands behind me and clenching her small fists, says blandly, “Li Yong, you should exercise prudence. There are some people in this world that you cannot afford to offend!”

Li Yong rubs his own arms and grinds his teeth. However, he forces out another smile and says, “This pretty lady here, surely there is some misunderstanding here. However, this handsome lad here… just now you touched me, Li Yong, so you should know that you have to pay the price. I have to let you know whose word really counts in this tennis court. Bash him, my brothers!”

“Ha ha…”

I couldn’t help but laugh while my both of my arms hug my chest. After sleeping for 4 hours, I am completely refreshed.

Li Yong says angrily, “What are you laughing at?”

Raising my eyebrows, I say, “Come! The four of you, come together, I’m in a rush. Furthermore, with abilities like yours, if you don’t challenge me together I would feel as though I am bullying you all!”


In a rage, Li Yong came rushing at me. Simultaneously, the other three guys come from three other directions, preparing to launch punches and kicks. It was the classical type of group fights.

With a sudden movement of my arms, I slide forward. Pah, I grip Li Yong’s arms and pull. At the same moment, I lift my right leg and at a low angle and kick towards the knee area of another young man. Withdrawing my hand from Li Yong’s arm, I punch towards the face of another person.

“Peng peng…”

Two slight knocking noise sound. Li Yong and the other young man ended up punching each other. Taking a few steps backwards, Li Yong’s face clearly expressed shame and anger, especially when he was ridiculed in front of these two great beauties. If he doesn’t turn the situation around, his plan to flirt with these two would fail miserably.

“Hey, Li Xiao Yao…” Lin Wan Er slightly shouts behind me.

I understand what she was trying to say, don’t go to extremes with them. We would still meet these kinds of thugs in the future. Just dishing out a small punishment towards them to know our prowess would be sufficient, there is no need to go all out and offend them thoroughly.

I slightly nod my head and reply with an uhuh. At the instant, Li Yong punches towards me, my five fingers stretched to form a palm with my right hand and strikes swiftly at three spots on his arm. At the same moment, my five fingers gathered to form a fist with my left hand and peng, I strike at Li Yong’s chest. Li Yong was forced to consecutively take several steps back then he fell to the floor, his arm spasming and unable to move.

The other three young men were stunned for a moment and then they charged towards me together.

Both of my hands swiftly move around the air, deflecting every blow they make against me while at the same time, attacking them. A few seconds later, the three young men also ended up like Li Yong, lying on the floor groaning miserably, yet afraid to make too loud of a noise for fear of attracting more people to see this shameful sight.


“Shall we go, Wan Er, Dong Cheng?” I look towards the two ladies behind my back. They wake up from their daze and panickedly follow me out of the court.

Dong Cheng Yue seems to be interested in what I just did and asks, “Xiao Yao, those blows of yours just now, what was it? Why did it end up making them seem like they had a severe case of cramps, unable to even stand up? It is quite amazing…”

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Looking at my palm, I reply, “Pulse Severing Hands, by striking several important veins and arteries on the human body, it is possible to cause muscles to be unable to expand and contract in the short-term, causing the opponent to lose their ability to retaliate. They should be fine in ten minutes or so. I didn’t strike them too hard, so there won’t be any aftereffects.”

Lin Wan Er smiled, “That’s good. Now, shall we go back to have our dinner?”

“Yup, let’s go…”

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