Chapter 103 - Pulse Severing Hands
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Zhan Long Chapter 103 - Pulse Severing Hands

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Chapter 103 – Pulse Severing Hands
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I heard a girlish giggle and felt something knock into me. Stirring, I peer through half-opened eyes and see Lin Wan Er jogging toward me, racquet in hand. She picks the ball up and then cheekily sticks her tongue out at me and says, “Sorry about that, you can go back to sleep.”

Her voice was gentle yet distant at the same time. Looking around, I see Dong Cheng Yue take a drink. Breathing in deeply, Lin Wan Er’s scent tickles my nose. Her beautiful face was speckled with small beads of sweat and her eyes shone with energy. Looks like they are experiencing an adrenaline high from playing tennis.


Closing my eyes, I continue to sleep.

After a while, I dip down lightly, as if someone had sat down beside me. But the nostalgic fragrance calms me; it was the smell of Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue. The two beauties are probably tired from all the running about and sat beside me to rest for a little while.

“Dong Cheng?” Lin Wan Er’s voice was suppressed, seemingly afraid that she would wake me up.

“Un, what’s wrong, Wan Er?” Dong Cheng Yue replies.

Lin Wan Er smiles and asks, “Umm… what do you think of Li Xiao Yao? My dad arranged for him to be my bodyguard, but I… I don’t know how I should face him. Initially I decided to torture him… But after the welcoming ceremony, I just… I just couldn’t bring up the thoughts to torture him anymore…”

“Uhh… I also don’t know how I should put it but my intuition tells me… Li Xiao Yao’s character isn’t bad. Although he is poor and stingy, brazen and crude… But, but he gives me, kind of a warm feeling, making me feel like if I were to be able to spend the rest of my life with this kind of man, I’d be happy…”

Lin Wan Er was silent for a few seconds, before asking, “It can’t be that you are in love with him, is it?”

“I am…” Dong Cheng Yue chuckles. Lowering her voice, she whispers, “Wan Er, you might t

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