Chapter 100 - Leveling Like Crazy
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Zhan Long Chapter 100 - Leveling Like Crazy

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Chapter 100 – Leveling Like Crazy
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Hang Zhou, West Lake District: West Stream, a residential district on the road.

Afternoon, 5 o’ clock.


“Brother Xiao Yao, how do you feel about this three-room house?” Song Han, holding the receipts, couldn’t help but say: “I feel that it’s a rip off. For 2500 a month, it’s too expensive.”

I stand on the balcony and while looking outside, say: “Pretty good. It’s the second floor and three rooms for 2500 is actually quite cheap. A convenience store and a row of stall-like small restaurants are located downstairs. Cheap food. This type of a residence is what we need the most. ”

“However, there’s not enough money left for anything else…..” Fox frowns: “Just buying food is going to be difficult. We only have 300 yuan among us. What do we do?”

Standing by my side, Lin Wan Er says: “You also need to rent a truck, if you plan to move. That’s another expense. Looks like the food that Zhan Long Studio will be eating for the first week are instant noodles….”

Old K clenches his fist: “Instant noodles are so expensive. Two yuan for a pack and I’m still hungry after a pack ……”

I nod: “Right ……”

Song Han looks at me: “Brother Xiao Yao, you’re Zhan Long’s boss. It’s your call. How do we solve his food situation?”

I think aloud: “That’s simple. Old K go downstairs and buy a bag of rice with a wholesale box of pickled vegetables. At least, that should solve the food situation until next week. Seven days should be enough time for you guys to rise to Lv 40. As soon you guys get to Lv 40, we can begin accumulating gold and equipment to exchange for real world money! ”

Old K nods: “Okay, no problem!”

Lin Wan Er looks at me and can’t help but say: “You guys really do know how to get by…..”

I grin: “We endured through rougher times, this is nothing……”

Song Han, Fox and Old K also waved their hands to express their consent. To achieve ones dream, having a little hardship is nothing. I hear t

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