Chapter 99 - The Might of the Boss
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Zhan Long Chapter 99 - The Might of the Boss

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Chapter 99 – The Might of the Boss
“This girl…….”

Finally after the excitement of our reunion settles down, Old K notices the beautiful girl beside me. With shiny eyes, he says: “This girl is……. d*mn, Xiao Yao, your luck isn’t mine. You even found such an angel-like girl……..”

My mouth twitches: “No, she is not mine… Stop talking……”

Lin Wan Er: “……”

Looking at these guys, Lin Wan Er’s face gradually turns green.


“Okay now we’re only missing one: Fox!” I look into the distance.

Song Han says: “Brother Xiao Yao, I have Fox’s contact information. Currently he’s staying near our old middle school in Yu Hang. He’s an accountant at a plastic factory there…….”

“Ah, let’s go get him!”


Getting back into the Audi TT, Lin Wan Er is driving while I ride shotgun. In the back Old K and Song Han laugh while telling stories about their tumultuous years. Like the time we massacred those people and made a bloodbath in Newbie village. Then getting all chased by a rank 270,000+ player….”

Soon after the Audi TT enters into the town of Yuhang. Looking to the left side I spot an old school standing there, Yuhang High School.

“School……..” Little Wolf smiles and says: “Brother Xiao Yao, do you still remember the days when we skipped class together?”

I nod: “Definitely!”

As Lin Wan Er drives, she turns to look at Yu Hang Middle School. Then turning to look at me, her face was clouded with doubt.

“What’s wrong miss?” I ask surprised.

“You really went to Yu Hang High School?” She asks.

“Yup.” I nod and smile: “But when I was 13 I was expelled because of a fight. After that I traveled around the world…..”

Lin Wan Er became deep in thought and drove very slowly: “Okay, I understand…….”

“Miss, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing……..where’s the plastic factory?”

“Drive straight for 3 km and it’s on the right…..”



A few minutes later the TT drives up to a near deserted plastic factory. We all get out of the car. Lin Wan Er looks at me and asks: “Xiao Yao, what’s the story behind the last member of Zhan Long Studio?”

“Before he went under the ID of Glass Fox his name was Liu Yong. He was always good at computing and finance so… he is now this place’s accountant, adviser, assistant director….”

“Uh, really extraordinary…..”

“Er, yes..…..”

We step inside and find the factory is practically deserted apart from a few workers. It was almost impossible to find the finance office but there was the sound of talking in the factory director’s office. Walking over, we spied at the office through the windows. Inside is a chubby man that was definitely the director and sitting on the other side of him was a dark-toned, honest-looking man. It’s Fox.


“Ah, Liu this is not how accounts are filed!” Director earnestly cries: “Whatever the circumstances, the plastic must be produced within 20 days. Otherwise these production orders are worthless. After 20 days we will breach our contract. We’re not in the position to be throwing away 200,000 yuan’s worth in orders…. ”

Fox speaks hesitantly: “Boss, those 3 girls that came to work in the factory…. It hasn’t been a few days and you’ve already taken one. There is also one that went over with a Fujian boss. The last one had only been working for a few days before she got pregnant. Now every day the workers go into an uproar when there aren’t any female workers. Because of limited production we cannot complete that order in 20 days.”

The director tightens his fist: “Regardless, settle this business!”

Fox said lightly: “That……. I contacted boss Wang. We’ll invite him to dinner and relax at the Song Feng Club and then help him pick up some cute girl. That should delay it by around 10 days. It should be enough…….”

The director bites his lip and says: “How much money will you spend this time?”

“Around 5,000.”

“Damn, that’s too much. Get it down to 1,000!”

Fox shivers: “How am I supposed to get it down? Should I pay it?”

The director smiles: “You always have a solution!”

Fox angrily pounds the table: “Even the smartest people can’t make something from thin air. This has gone too far. I quit!”

“Liu Yong, your generation has no sense of appreciation. In the first place, wasn’t it me who recognized your worth? Look at you now. If you don’t work in my factory then what would you have?!”

“I might be killed but I won’t be humiliated. I don’t need to put up with this anymore!”


Fox suddenly stands up and flips over the director’s desk: “Day in and day out, I have to wipe your ass. You find a new girl every three days and you blame the factory’s inefficiency on the workers. Bastard!”

He turns to leave. The director is only left with the image of his unrestrained figure.

The moment Fox left the door Song Han, Old K and I rush up to him.

I wave and smile: “Hey Fox, been well?!”

Fox’s face reddens: “Xiao…. Xiao Yao? ….Ran Min… Song Han…..Damn you guys………Why are you guys here?”

I said: “Don’t get too excited…The reason we’re here is because we want to reorganize the Zhan Long Studio so that we can fight together in < >. Even we have to sell gold coins to get boxed lunches, it would still fulfill the dreams we had in our youth!”

Fox’s eyes redden: “Yes! I’m in! Done! Wait, did you mean that I’m old……”


Lin Wan Er squints and says: “Okay….. another expert just joined. Zhan Long Studio, hm….. how promising……”

I glance at her: “Miss, you’re dedicated to ridiculing us aren’t you?”

“Is this everybody? What are we going to do now?”

“Let’s go. We’ll find a restaurant, have a meal, and then discuss what our next step will be.” I look at Lin Wan Er: “Miss, do you have nothing important to do?”

Lin Wan Er stretches her hands: “Nothing……”



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20 minutes later in a small restaurant in Yu Hang, Zhan Long Studio’s big four had assembled. With Lin Wan Er, this table was actually very eye-catching.

Fox stares at a glass of white wine and after thinking for a while, asks: “As far as I know a helmet costs 10,000 RMB. Are we prepared?”

I nod: “Ah, my helmet was a gift from Lin Wan Er. Little Wolf’s helmet is already ordered. Last night I bought two more and they’re in the trunk. Everything’s ready.”

Fox smiles: “Ah, that’s good. But……. a studio needs to have a big house at low rent. We’re four people so we need at least two bedrooms. The monthly rent would be 2000 RMB. To rent, we need to pay three months of rental fees as a deposit so it’s 8,000 RMB. Then…. considering water and electricity costs for the studio, we need to reserve at least 10,000 RMB for rentals. I can’t possibly have that much money. I only have 1000+…….”

Old K said: “I have 7.50…….”

Song Han: “I have 5000+…….”

I am speechless: “Alright, my credit card still has 3,000+. If we collect everything then this should be enough. We’ll search for a house this afternoon! It needs to be in East Lake District, preferably near Liu Hua University…..”

Song Han: “Ah, I’ll take charge since I’m familiar with the area……”


“First let’s drink! No resting until we’re drunk…..”



After finishing the meal and looking at the prices, I realize that this meal is going to cost at least 500+. Feeling into my pocket, my heart sinks. Crap, only a little over 40 yuan. Not enough money!

My eye shifts towards the direction of the restroom…. maybe….

By my side Lin Wan Er sips her tea. She glances over and whispers: “Stop looking at the restroom. Unless you want to jump down from that 3rd floor window, there’s no way you can run from this feast…….”

I’m, how’s she able to know what I’m thinking?

Lin Wan Er whispers: “Stop guessing. I really can read your mind…….”

While I look at her with some anger, suddenly I start thinking about some rated M stuff…


Lin Wan Er’s face reddens and glares at me: “Xiao Yao, do you want to die?! If you dare think that again, I’ll throw you straight through the door!”

My heart sinks. Lin Wan Er might appear to be a beautiful vase on the outside but she has a hidden ability——Mind Reading! Dong Cheng Yue didn’t lie. Her insight into other people is exceptional. Well… terrifying. I need to be careful about what I think when I’m around her……


From a small white bag Lin Wan Er pulls out 5 red bills and hands them to me: “Well I suppose I’m paying for this meal……..”

I take the money embarrassingly: “I will pay you back……”

Lin Wan Er: “Really? You are wondering when I will forget that I loaned you 500 yuan, hmph…….”

Someone kill me.


2:00PM in the afternoon, everybody is tipsy. Old K shouts: “For us brothers to reunite is a rare sight. But for this game studio to survive it must have a boss…. or else we’re just dragons without direction. We must decide now. Exactly who is going to be the studio’s boss?”

Fox squints and smiles: “This…. depends on who’s the smartest and most cunning. Since I’m the oldest, my IQ’s the highest and I’m the best at balancing the books, I should be best suited for the boss position……”

Song Han smiles: “You might be better off as the accountant. As for the boss……. I feel like the strongest person is most fit to lead Zhan Long studios. Since my online battle ranking is the highest, I should be the boss…….”

Old K pounds the table: “You two, who do you guy think you are? Because I am the most compassionate it should be me who serves as the leader. As the old saying goes the most virtuous should lead. I…I…”

I glance over at him: “You’re virtuous?”

Song Han tightens his fist and says: “If that’s the case then the old rule applies right?”

Lin Wan Er is completely clueless: “Uh, what is the old rule?”

Song Han laughs: “We fight it out. Whoever is the victor becomes our leader. This is the old rule!”

I said: “Okay, if this is the only way!”


And the scuffle begins…

Five minutes later Song Han, Old K, and Fox’s faces are black and blue and kneeling before me, they say in unison: “Our great leader!”

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