Chapter 98 - Gathering of Heroes
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Zhan Long Chapter 98 - Gathering of Heroes

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Chapter 98 – Gathering of Heroes
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Tian Shui Church. Under the sound of continuous firecrackers, a long limo slowly pulls up and parks in front. It’s followed by a long convoy full of A8s, M7s, and other luxury cars behind it. In front of the auditorium there are many guests who are waiting for the bride and groom to come out of the limo.


The Audi TT speeds past the church and stops on the side of the rode. Lin Wan Er, carrying a white purse, opens the car door: “Let’s go. We’ll walk there! Hehe, today I get to see exactly what kind of people Zhan Long, a fifth rate gaming studio, has as their top assassin.”

I grin: “You can insult me but you can’t insult Zhan Long which is a dream of our youth. I won’t tolerate your bad mouthing……”


Lin Wan Er stands outside the car putting her head through the window to see me. She grins: “A dream of your youth? Does this mean brother Xiao Yao is admitting he’s gotten old? Have you already decided you’re no longer young?”

I don’t answer her questions and only say: “Compared to you, a 19 year old girl, I can’t count as a young guy. And the youngest member of Zhan Long Studio is Song Han, 24 years old. The oldest is Fox, 27 years old…..”

“Let’s go. We’re going to visit Song Han!”



Getting out of the car, I straighten my collar and discover that what I’m wearing is definitely not suitable for this occasion. In contrast, Lin Wan Er looks like a fashion model. She’s wearing a pink T-shirt, white coat, plus a small light blue skirt. Her long hair flutters in the wind and her two slender legs look elegant in those snow white high heels. In her hand is a white purse. That pretty face perpetually bears an alluring smile. While not losing the charm of a young girl she has the makings of a successful woman. She’s a ten. She obviously looks like she should not be by my side.

Walking towards the church, the bride and groom had already stepped out of their car and entered the church’s assembly hall in the middle of the colorful firecracker fanfare. While the guests continuously applaud, Lin Wan Er and I slip in but Lin Wan Er attracts the sight of almost all of the male guests. They could not bear to look away. Anyone would give her a ten.


Lin Wan Er coughs and awkwardly grabs my right hand by the sleeve and pulls me forward. She did not directly touch my hand which left me a little disappointed. But just by imagining her taking my hand I could die happy. Oh well, that’s just an illusion. I should just focus on being the bodyguard!

Entering the church as guests take their seats, Lin Wan Er and I just stand to the side. As the music softly plays, the guests’ eyes follow the bride as she slowly makes her way to the end of the hall where a faintly smiling priest is wearing a black robe and holding a bible. It’s Song Han. Believe it or not this kid really does look like a priest.

“In God, the Almighty Father, I trust……”

Little Wolf (Song Han) begins reading the bible. After reading a long passage he turns and smiles gently at the two soon-to-be newlyweds saying: “Today in the face of God and all those before us bear witness—— the groom, the handsome Mr. Zhen, and the beautiful bride, Ms. Hao are here to enter into sacred marriage……”


Before another word takes place, with a “bang”, the auditorium door flings open. A murderous-looking fat man with sunglasses rushes in with at least a dozen people behind him. Pointing at the bride he yells: “Hao Mei Li, you bitch! You said we’d be together for a lifetime. I bought you a house and a car and now you’re actually marrying this pretty boy. I’ll kill you!”

The fat man lunges forward with his fists raised: “And you priest. Do you understand who this woman is? You dare preside over my girl’s wedding with this other man, go die!”

Little Wolf’s hand jerks and the bible lands on the floor: “Crap, what’s happening?!”

Adjusting his robe, Little Wolf backs up half a step. His skills don’t appear to have diminished over the past few years and he lifts his legs to kick the fat man heavily in the stomach. Seeing the groom’s purple face, the bride turns pale: “Zhang Da Long, you …… you actually found out …… ”

The groom: “Mary, you really had an affair with him! I…I’m going to die…..”

The scene dissolves into chaos.

I reach out and grab Lin Wan Er’s hand and dash forward. With a light bump with my shoulder, I knock out a black suited guy who came following the fat guy to start a fight. He’s out cold on the floor without even knowing what hit him.


“Brother Xiao Yao?!” Song Han’s eyes widens: “Haha, you came!”

I stare: “Still smiling? Hurry up. Are you waiting to get beat? Don’t get us mixed up in this. Walk faster. You got the paycheck right??”

“I got it. I got it. The 1500….”

“Haha, let’s go!”

Leading Song Han with one hand and Lin Wan Er with the other. I push my way through the crowd. While running, Song Han didn’t overlook the girl by my side and couldn’t help but ask: “Damn! Brother Xiao Yao, this beautiful girl is your…..”



Lin Wan Er’s face reddens: “No! Don’t misunderstand….”

“Ah, I see it’s still not working out….”

“Little Wolf, keep talking and I’ll kick your ass!”

“Alright, I’ll stop talking…..”


Our trio runs out of the dining hall and stands outside on the grass. Song Han breathes heavily and Lin Wan Er is clutching her stomach, laughing uncontrollably.

“Laughed enough?” A few minutes later, I look at Lin Wan Er.

She seems to notice me and Song Han looking at her and immediately adjusts her skirt: “Hehe, we didn’t come here today for nothing. How amusing…… um, time to go to the next destination, right?”

I nod: “Ah! Little Wolf, next…. let’s go find Old K (Ran Min). You know where he is?”

Song Han still wearing his priest robes and says: “Uh …… the other day I heard Old K lost his job and has nothing to eat. He told me before the temple provides free porridge and water to pilgrims. So he will probably go to the temple to scrounge for food. If we go directly there, we should be able to find him…… ”

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I nod: “Okay!”

Lin Wan Er is petrified like a beautiful sculpture: “A beggar… beggar … Zhan Long Studio really is full of exotic weirdos……”

Song Han grins: Piece of cake ……”

Instantly I feel that I just lost all of my face.


In the Audi TT, we return to the West Lake district. Since the temple’s not too far away, we park the car in a nearby parking lot and walk into the temple.

Since today’s not a weekend, there aren’t that many tourists. In the distance, at the end of a long line, are large pots from which a few monks are handing out porridge. Even a hundred meters away we can still smell the plain rice porridge aroma.

“Old K’s over there!” Song Han points after scoping out the place.

Lin Wan Er and I immediately look over and sure enough standing there in the crowd is a man with short hair, wearing a plaid shirt. He’s about 1.85 m with a rough and famished look. While rubbing his hands, he grumbles: “So hungry. No food for three days. Finally, I’ll be able to eat a decent meal……”

Before Song Hang can go over to say hello, Lin Wan Er stops him: “Wait, not yet. First, let’s observe. I want to see the quality of a member of Zhan Long Studio…..”

I want to say something but one look at Lin Wan Er’s curious little face and I hold back.


“Sir, give me another bowl please!” The Old K said patting his stomach.

That young monk gives him another bowl. After he finishes it in one gulp: “Master of compassion, please another bowl……”

The monk gives him another bowl and Old K finishes it again: “I am a compassionate Buddhist……”

We look from afar as Old K drinks 9 bowls one after the other. I see Lin Wan Er’s face looking a little purple from watching this. She looks at me and says: “Originally I thought you ate like a slob, but compared to him, your table manners are reserved…”

I look down at my collar: “Of course, I’m an intellectual……”

“Yeah right…..”


After drinking the 9th bowl Old K looked like he wanted to keep eating but he got his bag and went to the back. Inside, several senior monks were sitting there listening and offering advice to the pilgrims. This is also free today.


Old K sits down in the chair and begins to cry. The monk smiles invitingly and Old K says: “Monk, I have recently been especially depressed. I’ve had difficulty sleeping soundly every night. Even if I find work I’ll always just get fired and sometimes I even have suicidal thoughts. Sir, what’s the clear path for me?!”

The smiling Buddhist looks at Old K: “Young man, I can understand your feelings. Come take this cup ……”

Old K hesitates but takes the cup from the hands of the monk. The monk then picks up the kettle next to him and begins to pour into the cup while saying: “Your mind is like this glass of water. Seemingly it’s never full. But once the water overflows you will naturally know when to put it down. This is also true in life. If you know how to put it down then you’ll be at ease…… ”

Water overflows down the cup and splashes on Old K’s hands.


Old K feels pain and is seemingly disillusioned. He jerks his hand and the mug falls to floor: “I understand what you said, but …… but ……”

Suddenly making a fist, Old K starts violently beating the bald monk. As he hits him, Old K curses: “Bastard. You burned my hand. You burned my hand!!”



I rush to Old K’s side and grab his hand: “Well I’ll be d*mned. Old K, you bastard!”

“What the heck?! Who dares…”
Old K turns and finds only me. Suddenly the anger in his eyes is swept away. With eyes red with tears, he rushes over and hugs me shouting: “Damn, Xiao Yao, is that really you!?! I’ve missed you…… ”

I shake myself free from Old K’s tough bear hug. Floating my way back to Lin Wan Er’s side, I sternly say: “Old K, the reason why I found you today is because I want to rebuilt Zhan Long Studio and recreate our gaming dream!”

Old K says with a hint of despair: “But the game helmet’s so expensive …… Wait, isn’t that Song Han over there? Hurry up and come here to give me a hug……”

Song Han hugs him and with an impressively painless face: “No problem the helmet’s taken care of!”

“Nice! Then I’ll do it. If I can have a bite to eat then I’ll be fine!” Old K is ecstatic.


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