Chapter 98 - Gathering of Heroes
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Zhan Long Chapter 98 - Gathering of Heroes

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Chapter 98 – Gathering of Heroes
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Tian Shui Church. Under the sound of continuous firecrackers, a long limo slowly pulls up and parks in front. It’s followed by a long convoy full of A8s, M7s, and other luxury cars behind it. In front of the auditorium there are many guests who are waiting for the bride and groom to come out of the limo.


The Audi TT speeds past the church and stops on the side of the rode. Lin Wan Er, carrying a white purse, opens the car door: “Let’s go. We’ll walk there! Hehe, today I get to see exactly what kind of people Zhan Long, a fifth rate gaming studio, has as their top assassin.”

I grin: “You can insult me but you can’t insult Zhan Long which is a dream of our youth. I won’t tolerate your bad mouthing……”


Lin Wan Er stands outside the car putting her head through the window to see me. She grins: “A dream of your youth? Does this mean brother Xiao Yao is admitting he’s gotten old? Have you already decided you’re no longer young?”

I don’t answer her questions and only say: “Compared to you, a 19 year old girl, I can’t count as a young guy. And the youngest member of Zhan Long Studio is Song Han, 24 years old. The oldest is Fox, 27 years old…..”

“Let’s go. We’re going to visit Song Han!”



Getting out of the car, I straighten my collar and discover that what I’m wearing is definitely not suitable for this occasion. In contrast, Lin Wan Er looks like a fashion model. She’s wearing a pink T-shirt, white coat, plus a small light blue skirt. Her long hair flutters in the wind and her two slender legs look elegant in those snow white high heels. In her hand is a white purse. That pretty face perpetually bears an alluring smile. While not losing the charm of a young girl she has the makings of a successful woman. She’s a ten. She obviously looks like she should not be by my side.

Walking towards the church, the bride and groom had already stepped out of their car and entered the church’s assembly hall in the middle of the colorful firecracker fanfare. While the guests continuously applaud, Lin Wan Er and I slip in but Lin Wan Er attracts the sight of almost all of the male guests. They could not bear to look away. Anyone would give her a ten.


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