Chapter 97 - Recruiting Old Pals
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Zhan Long Chapter 97 - Recruiting Old Pals

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Chapter 97 – Recruiting Old Pals
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“Don’t rush….” Dong Cheng Yue helplessly says: “We’ll make it even if we go after eating get dinner. ….”

“Okay then…”


Sitting down again, I grab my phone and give Song Han a call.

“Brother Xiao Yao!”

“Little Wolf, the game helmets are on sale tomorrow. How prepared are you?”

Song Han says: “I was fortunate enough to draw a purchase number. So I have one helmet already. But we still haven’t found a reliable source for Old K and Fox’s helmets. After I finish eating, I’ll go stand in line. But I only have enough money to buy one more. We’ll have to wait until the next batch for the other one, should be about one month later!”

“No need. I’ll wait in the line all night to buy the other one!”

“Brother Xiao Yao, you have money?”

“Ah, I’ll contact you tomorrow. Within three days, Zhan Long Studio will be back in business!”

“Ah, okay. Excellent. Hehe!”

The food starts to arrive as I’m hanging up.

Lin Wan Er tilts her head and looks at me: “Do you want me to take you to the outlet store? It’s not far away from here but on foot it’ll take more than an hour. It’s around 5 km…..”

I glance at her: “That’s alright. Walking there’s just fine. Back in the old days, some woman threw me 20 km away from the city at the top of some desolate mountain. I walked back all the same…”

Dong Cheng Yue curiously asks: “Oh, what was the situation? Who dumped you in the mountain 20 km away?”

I don’t respond but Lin Wan Er lowers her red cheeks.

Dong Cheng Yue angrily says: “Wow, exactly what have you two done that I don’t know about!?”


After eating a sizable dinner, I swipe my credit card while really regretting it. Leaving soon after, I drive Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue back to school. Because I need to look over their safety, I leave the campus after I make sure that they’ve gone upstairs. I ride a taxi over to the outlet store.

Late night 11:00PM. When I arrive at the outlets, with the dismal cold, there’s practically nobody in line. Don’t t

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