Chapter 96 - The Brick Wall Ripples
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Zhan Long Chapter 96 - The Brick Wall Ripples

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Chapter 96 – The Brick Wall Ripples
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TL: The chapter title is a Chinese saying that the fortresses are coming down. Also, the donation button will be down for a period of time… maybe give thanks in a more traditional way of commenting? Thanks!

I’m completely shocked. The Lv 45 Gold Tiered axe actually sold for 4000 gold. At an exchange rate of 1:10, this would be 4W RMB (6700 USD). But if they have the money, I’ll sell even if it’s [Vanguard]. The rumor is that Jian Feng Han is the director of a real estate company. For real, I’m not exaggerating.


After a few minutes, Simple comes forward, opens the trading interface, and places 4,000G. I check and double check the number before trading the Proud Heaven Axe. Simple says: “Pleasure doing business with you!”

With a “di” sound, the transaction is complete. Simple shows me a smile:“Ah, actually, I feel very sorry for you, Xiao Yao……”

“No problem!”

I return my Jade City Sword into its sheath, and turn to leave. Behind me, Simple gives the Proud Heaven Axe to the Jian Feng Han. He glares coldly at me and says: “Ah, so with this Gray Wolf’s attack power will exceed 1200+…… ”



I act nonchalantly but am secretly scared. Who’s Gray Wolf? With the Proud Heaven Axe, he has 1200+ attack power? I add all my points into strength and combined with top tier equipment, I only have 1,000 damage. So that Gray Wolf’s equipment probably isn’t inferior to mine.

As I walk in the direction of the warehouse, I pull up the Ba Huang City rankings, and sure enough, within the first 19 positions in the ranking, the most probable player appears ——

Gray Wolf LVL 42 Silver Berserker


Barring any surprises, the guy Jian Feng Han talked about is him. He seems like a real cutting edge talent. Looks like [Vanguard] has more than Jian Feng Han and Simple.

Just then, with a “di” sound, General Li Mu came with news: “Xiao Yao……”

I reply: “Oh, you want to borrow money!?”

“How’d you know……”

“I could guess. If the General Family’s that poor, where are you going to get 10,000 gold from. That’s like 100,000 RMB worth of gold.”

General Li Mu opens up a chat, his voice full of regret:“Xiao Yao, I know that we shouldn’t bother you with these things, but we have no other choice. We four brothers, in order to buy the helmets, sold practically all our possessions, and now you’ve already helped us get the Guild Creation Tablet, but we don’t have the money to establish the guild. This is really…”

I’m speechless: “Well, tell me, how much gold are you still missing?”

Li Mu thinks a bit: “With all our efforts, we’ve gathered 7000G, but that’s our limit. We can’t even get 10 more gold coins. Wang Jian and Lian Po have already sold all their valuable equipment. If we keep going like this, we’ll be fighting monsters naked. Even if we establish the guild, we’ll still be abused ceaselessly by the others……”

After being deep in thought, I say: “Sure……I just sold the Proud Heaven Axe for 4000G, but I need to keep 1000G for buying gaming helmets. That’s the only way my brothers can return to reorganize our gaming studio. How about this… I’ll give you 3000G. This is the max I can offer. I can only help you that far…”

Li Mu excitedly says:“Okay, Xiao Yao, with an investment of a mere 3000G, you can become our new guild’s VIP! Ah no, if you join our guild, I’ll make you second-in-command! If that isn’t possible, you can be the boss and I’ll be second.

I couldn’t help but smile:“That’s enough. I don’t want to cause trouble. The guild’s also yours. Besides, I don’t have any thoughts in joining a guild. Well, at least not temporarily. Li Mu, come to Ba Huang City’s northern plaza right now. I’ll give you the gold. Establish your guild as soon as possible. Don’t let anyone else beat us to it!”

“Yes yes!”

Walking back, it hadn’t even been a few minutes before Li Mu excitedly runs around the corner towards me. He’s already sold 3 pieces of armor he had be wearing, replaced now with simple green tier equipment. With his green appearance, you’d never know that he was a top 3 expert few days ago!

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“Come on!”

I hand over 3000 gold coins directly to him. Li Mu laughs and nods: “Thank you, Xiao Yao. You will always be our brother, really. I’ve played games for several years, and never have I seen someone like you with so much loyalty!”

“Loyalty?” I smile: “I’m just stupid…”

“Haha, then be stupid. We are all dumb!”

“Go, hurry and establish your guild!”



Li Mu eagerly left and I put the leftover 1000G into the [Treasure Trove] to sell. 1G sells for 9 RMB, so they’re still relatively easy to sell. Putting a stall in the square, I sell some Green and Bronze equipment. To lend 3000G to someone in one go, I probably won’t get most of it back. I need to make some more money. Even a few G is money!

Quickly, half an hour passes.

Hugging my sword and reclining against the city wall, I wait for some proprietor to show up in my humble booth, but for a long time no one shows up. In the end, two lively girls stand in front of me. A Mage and an Assassin.

“Ahem, how did you get into the city? Wan Er, Dong Cheng?” I look at them.

Lin Wan Er, dressed in fine leather was shouldering a silver pendant. Her pretty face is smiling, arms crossed by her chest. Her curvy 34D’s shape slightly changes under the squeeze of her leather outfit. The pair of slender snow-white legs attract wild thoughts. Her red cloak gently sways behind her. Above her head is the eye-catching golden crest, signifying her top 10 rank in Fan Shu City. She grins at me:“What, this native won’t allow us travelers to rest in his town?”

I stretch my arms and say: “Well, every time you two come, Ba Huang City goes into an uproar.”

“Uh……”Lin Wan Er, in a good mood says: “What’s the matter, has the General Family established their guild, yet? It looks like they haven’t. It couldn’t be that they’re lacking money, right?”

I remember Li Mu’s frantic borrowing of money and can’t help but smile: “No. They’re all rich. They shouldn’t be lacking money.”

“I don’t believe you…”

Beside her, Dong Cheng Yue smiles and says:“Xiao Yao, you helped the General Family get the Guild Creation Tablet,what did you get in return?”

My head shakes:“Nothing, but I did pick up this piece of equipment that the boss dropped.”

“Eh, what equipment?” Lin Wan Er asks.

I open up the armor list in my inventory, and point to the famous #1 ranked Purple Tier helmet and say: “Ah, it’s this, but I need to be Lv 45 to wear it. I’m almost there.”

“Eh? Beac……the Fire Beacon Helmet’s in your hands?!” Lin Wan Er looks astonished.

“Yup.” I earnestly nod.

“Then you should treat……”

“Alright. Where do we go to eat, you choose!” I glance at the system message saying that my 1000G has already been sold. I have money!

Lin Wan Er, closing her crescent moon-shaped eyes, says: “Sure… we better go to the Pine Crane House, right? I want the somewhat nostalgic taste of squirrel mandarin fish.”


I tighten my fists and say: “Okay, just this once. Because you both went out of your way to rescue me, this will be my thanks to you.”

Dong Cheng Yue giggles:“It’s definitely necessary. You don’t know this, but Wan Er spent countless hours trying to convince Q-Sword to deploy their forces to Ba Huang City. For all we know, she might have offered him sexual favors or something……”

“Dong Cheng!”

Lin Wan Er’s face reddens, glaring at Dong Cheng Yue:“When have I prostituted myself! Hey, you shouldn’t bullsh*t. I just promised Q-Sword that we wouldn’t leave [Hero Mound] for three months.”

I’m quite moved: “Wan Er, for helping me so much…. thank you.”

“I don’t need your thanks! I only need you to take us out for food!”

“Okay, let’s go offline and eat in a few?”



Just then, a sudden burst of the system noise floats and lingers in the air. Finally, the first player in the entire server has established a guild.


System Notification:Congratulations, Player “General Li Mu” on being the first to use a Guild Creation Tablet to establish a guild. “General Wang Jian” and “General Lian Po” have been set as second-in-command. Guild name: 【Valiant Bravery】! Because they are the first to establish a guild, they will be rewarded with +1 Lv, and +7 charm!


“Woah……”Lin Wan Er looks up at the sky. Her slender neck looks extremely enchanting. She’s deeply moved: “The guild name the General Family picked sounds formidable……[Valiant Bravery]……”

Dong Cheng Yue: “Well, of course. They’re extremely formidable…”

Moving my hand through my thin black hair: “Damn, Li Mu, Wang Jian, these guys. They’re apparently a group of dumb people…”

(The name of Valiant Bravery – Literal Chinese meaning is that everyone dies to protect their clan/guild = Not a good name)

Lin Wan Er:“……”

Dong Cheng Yue giggles: “Well, there’s nothing to do here anymore. Let’s go get dinner. Xiao Yao, today you you’re taking us out to Pine Crane House. I’m really hungry today!”

“Ah, go offline?”


All three of us go offline.

Taking off the helmet, I put on nice clothes and immediately leave.The two girls were already waiting for me by the time I got to their dorm. With their perfume, boys on the street flung their attention at them enviously.

Lin Wan Er reaches into her purse, and takes out the keys to her Audi TT and with a “Shua”, throws them over.


Catching them in my hands, I ask: “Miss?”

“Today you drive! We agreed last time.”


Bringing the two girls to the school parking lot, I notice that, while Lin Wan Er’s TT is not a particularly high end car in Liu Hua University. With Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Bentleys and other international cars everywhere in the parking lot, the parking lot looks like an international high end auto show.


30 minutes later, we’re seated by a window at Pine Crane House. We could see the starry lights flickering in the night all across the city skyline.

Whatever. I give up. I should have my 23,000 yuan (6,000 USD) in my credit card. I feel that I need to thank Dragon City for giving me the opportunity to make such a big fortune!

The pretty Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue sit on the other side. I carefully look at the prices on the menu. After ordering a few dishes, it’s like my heart’s leaking blood. Finally, confirming the order, the total was about 800 yuan (130 USD).

“Li Xiao Yao…” Lin Wan Er says my name pensively.

I look up at her: “Ah, Wan Er. Is there a problem?”


Looking at her cup of barley tea, Lin Wan Er says: “First you got hunted by [Wrath of the Heroes], then you got framed by [Vanguard] and finally you got PKed when [Flying Dragon] tried to steal your loot. Do you just not feel anything?”

I tighten my fist: “How could I not feel …… I’ve found that one person cannot make a strong enough foothold in the game. I must recruit……”

“Yup. Yup.” Dong Cheng Yue nod her head repeatedly.

“What are you thinking of doing?” Lin Wan Er chuckles.

I answer: “First, I’ll reorganize the studio’s brothers from three years ago. I’ll scrape together the five person team and then we’ll grow and develop, until we gain a foothold in Ba Huang City!”

“Those friends of yours. They all don’t have gaming helmets, right?” Lin Wan Er asks.


Ms Lin chuckles, raises her phone, and says: “Well, there’s still 12 hours. Tomorrow morning, at 8:00 AM, Destiny’s second batch of helmets will be on sale. A total of 500W in outlet stores across multiple cities. I’ll give you the information for free…… ”



I suddenly stood up.

“What are you doing?” Lin Wan Er looks at me stunned.

“I’ll wait in line all night to buy the helmets!”



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