Chapter 96 - The Brick Wall Ripples
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Zhan Long Chapter 96 - The Brick Wall Ripples

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Chapter 96 – The Brick Wall Ripples
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TL: The chapter title is a Chinese saying that the fortresses are coming down. Also, the donation button will be down for a period of time… maybe give thanks in a more traditional way of commenting? Thanks!

I’m completely shocked. The Lv 45 Gold Tiered axe actually sold for 4000 gold. At an exchange rate of 1:10, this would be 4W RMB (6700 USD). But if they have the money, I’ll sell even if it’s [Vanguard]. The rumor is that Jian Feng Han is the director of a real estate company. For real, I’m not exaggerating.


After a few minutes, Simple comes forward, opens the trading interface, and places 4,000G. I check and double check the number before trading the Proud Heaven Axe. Simple says: “Pleasure doing business with you!”

With a “di” sound, the transaction is complete. Simple shows me a smile:“Ah, actually, I feel very sorry for you, Xiao Yao……”

“No problem!”

I return my Jade City Sword into its sheath, and turn to leave. Behind me, Simple gives the Proud Heaven Axe to the Jian Feng Han. He glares coldly at me and says: “Ah, so with this Gray Wolf’s attack power will exceed 1200+…… ”



I act nonchalantly but am secretly scared. Who’s Gray Wolf? With the Proud Heaven Axe, he has 1200+ attack power? I add all my points into strength and combined with top tier equipment, I only have 1,000 damage. So that Gray Wolf’s equipment probably isn’t inferior to mine.

As I walk in the direction of the warehouse, I pull up the Ba Huang City rankings, and sure enough, within the first 19 positions in the ranking, the most probable player appears ——

Gray Wolf LVL 42 Silver Berserker


Barring any surprises, the guy Jian Feng Han talked about is him. He seems like a real cutting edge talent. Looks like [Vanguard] has more than Jian Feng Han and Simple.

Just then, with a “di” sound, General Li Mu came with news: “Xiao Yao……”

I reply: “Oh, you want to borrow money!?”

“How’d you know

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