Chapter 50 - Mielle's Wonderful Abode
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 50 - Mielle's Wonderful Abode

After having dinner together, the two of them headed to Mielle's dormitory.

This was Dekan's first time visiting the College of Alchemy’s dormitory building.

After a simple registration with the administrator, Dekan was allowed to enter the dormitory.

The overall structure was not much different from the Knight College’s dormitory but the arrangement of shops and public facilities was slightly different.

“We won’t run into Alice, right?”

As they walked down the hallway, Dekan couldn't help but ask.

Mielle was a second-year student and had mentioned that she lived next door to Alice. They might encounter Alice.

If Alice saw her good friend bringing Dekan into her room, she would definitely display quite an entertainment expression.

Mielle: "Don't worry, Alice is currently in the library. Although she’s always been a serious student, she's been especially diligent these days.”

Dekan: "Are you sure?"

Mielle: "Don't worry, I know Alice very well."

Dekan: "That's good then."

Mielle: "...Why do I feel like you're somewhat disappointed?"

Dekan: "Why would I be?"

Mielle chuckled lightly and stopped observing Dekan's expression.

At this hour, there weren't many female students in the hallway. However, it wasn't unusual for male visitors to be around.

After all, the students at the College of Alchemy were engaged in academic research. Even during their free time, there were often classmates visiting each other to discuss research topics.

However, Dekan was quite eye-catching given his current popularity.

To avoid gossip, Mielle took a slight detour with Dekan.

She seemed to have a keen sense of whether there were people nearby.

Dekan followed her and didn't encounter anyone along the way until they reached the entrance of Mielle's dormitory.

After Mielle opened the door, Dekan finally got to see what a female dormitory looked like.

The dormitory's structure was similar to his own. It was also exceptionally neat.

It seemed that Mielle's lifestyle habits were similar to his.

"Come on in."

After gesturi

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