Chapter 51 - Dekan and Mielle's Crystal of Wisdom
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 51 - Dekan and Mielle's Crystal of Wisdom

"In that case…"

Dekan's expression at this moment was more serious than ever before.

It surprised Mielle slightly.

Obviously, Dekan didn't treat Mielle's "fantasy" as a joke.

It seems he values me quite a bit.

"Purification magic can only cleanse negative effects, but it can't cleanse positive buffs, right?" Mielle asked with a smile.

"That's right," Dekan replied.

Dekan had thought about using this method to bypass purification, but it hadn't yielded any practical results.

Mielle continued, "I've devised a poison magic, alpha. It can provide continuous healing to the opponent but accumulates a toxin with a small positive effect in their body."

"Could there be another poison magic, beta, that, when it encounters the toxin created by alpha, triggers toxicity, causing the accumulated toxin to explode completely?"

Dekan was extremely familiar with the concept of stacking poison before triggering.

But compared to traditional poison stacking and triggering, Mielle's improved poison magic alpha prevented the opponent from purifying the stacked poison.

Once the poison ultimately detonates, it would achieve a massive burst of damage.


Can this really be called poison?

The process of stacking poison is too gentle.

A poison without a process of pain and torment has lost the essence of poison magic.

Although Mielle's poison magic was an innovative leap, it didn't serve Dekan's purposes well.

He had never sought the damage of poison magic.

"Heh heh, it's not that simple," Mielle teased, wiggling her index finger mischievously.

"This can't be considered the ‘uncleanseable poison' we're after. Poison, you see, is about a continuous process of tormenting the enemy."

She continued. Dekan's eyes lit up at her words.

Indeed, Mielle was a colleague who hadn't given up on the essence of poison magic.

"Please, go on," Dekan earnestly requested.

Mielle asked, "Based on your understanding, would the poison magic beta used to trigger poison damage be a one-time burst type?"

"Yes, since its purpose is to

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