Chapter 49 - Dekan's Sister From Another Mister
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 49 - Dekan's Sister From Another Mister

As he had just finished the class, Dekan was able to clearly remember every step involved in making the antidote.

Mielle, on the other hand, helped Dekan prepare the materials needed.

What surprised Dekan was that Mielle's preparations completely met his expectations, making his work twice as efficient.

However, she seemed to always observe Dekan closely when they had some free time.

Although Dekan remained focused, Mielle's movements somehow distracted his attention.

The sense of danger brought by his sense of smell occasionally stimulated Dekan's nerves.

The fragrance just now seemed to be more than just her body scent; it had a special medicinal scent.

Like... the feeling of the hypnosis gas he made himself?

Although he didn't know its effects, he was sure it wasn't good.

Dekan secretly cast purification magic on himself a few times.


"This is so simple, it looks like we have great chemistry," Mielle said with a smile.

With their cooperation, they successfully produced the antidote in less than ten minutes.

"Well done!" Dekan cleaned up the experimental table. He looked like he wanted to leave quickly.

"By the way, Dekan, I heard you're a genius at card-making?" Mielle, who was also tidying up, asked.

"It's all exaggerated," Dekan replied casually.

It seemed that news of his creation of an epic card during the third-tier exam had spread quickly throughout the capital.

"Hehe, I don't know who exaggerated it, but you certainly made Princess Alice cry."

"How did that news even spread?" Dekan couldn't help but look at Mielle seriously.

He thought those attendants wouldn't dare to gossip, and Theresa wouldn't spread Alice's embarrassment either.

Mielle seemed to sense Dekan's confusion. She remained silent for a moment before speaking meaningfully, "Alice lives next door to me, and she cried to me for quite a while yesterday. Her eyes were all swollen."

"... Hearing this from you makes me feel guilty."

To be honest, that foolish princess was a good person. At least she had a cheerful personal

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